Wednesday, 13 June 2012
Pakistan Cleric declares jihad against polio campaign

From the Express Tribune

MUZAFFARGARH: A cleric in Muzaffargarh declared the polio campaign ‘un-Islamic’ and announced at the local mosque that Jihad should be carried out against the visiting polio vaccination team.

According to details, the local polio team entered Muzaffargarh’s rural Khan Pur Bagga Sher area and asked local families to cooperate with the campaign.

When the local cleric, Maulvi Ibrahim Chisti found out about the campaign, he immediately went to the biggest mosque in the area and declared that polio drops are ‘poison’ and against Islam. He added that if the polio team forced anybody to partake in the vaccination campaign, then Jihad was ‘the only option’.

As a result, the polio team returned to Muzaffargarh city without carrying out immunisation . . .  A police inquiry was ordered, after which a raid was carried out in the cleric’s area. However, Chisti had already escaped by the time the police arrived. Residents said the cleric had tried to convince them that the polio campaign was a ‘western conspiracy’ to render the population impotent.

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13 Jun 2012
Hugh Fitzgerald

All Western medicine is against Islam. Even pills are made using pork products. Don't go near any of it.

13 Jun 2012
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Polio Imbroglio
And a cartridge (or a capsule) in a pork-T.
- T-Bone Pickens
To those Hindoos who would abdicate their responsibilities to the British Raj: Don't have a cow, man!
- Wallis "Bart" Simpson
Hey Mr. Taliban, tallow me banana clip.
Now Toting An AK-47,
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Dr. William Brydon
Monkey see, Monkey Sepoy.
Btw., I enjoyed the Queen's Diamond Jubilee more than this one:
- Alice Roosevelt Longworthless
Would thou wert
Wearing hair shirt,
Polio shirt,
Or polo shirt,
Oh, my god,
It Salks to be me
- Your Polio Team Players,
  The Jonas Brothers
- Prester "Paresis" John
Don't let them cut off the legs of the Presidency.
- Dick "Deep Vein Thrombosis" Nixon &
Franklin Delano "Post Polio" Roosevelt
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