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Saturday, 7 July 2012
Hillary Clinton Ensures Chinese, As Well As Russian, Refusal To Cooperate On Syria

The other day Hillary Clinton, at one of those many, interminable, and misnamed  "Friends of Syria"  meetings, demanded that Russia and China be made to pay for their continuing refusal to join the West and the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda in wanting to overthrow the Alawite despotism that, whatever else it does, keeps the Sunni Muslims down and the Christians reasonably well off, in Syria. By doing so, she ensured that the Russian government, enthusiastically backed in this even by opponents of Putin, will not abandon their defense of the Alawites.

Now it seems that the Chinese government is not impressed, either, with Clinton's attempt to bully China:

Clinton's criticism of China over Syria "unacceptable"

Xinhua -
BEIJING, July 7 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Saturday said that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's criticism of China at the latest Friends of Syria meeting is "unacceptable."
It's wonderful that her misguided policiesin Syria, where one wishes the Alawites to hold on, just, but to be forced to pull back from supporting Hezbollah or standing by their man in Iran, and to be unable to project power beyond Syrian borders (thus ensuring that Israeli defense planners, now that they must worry more about Egypt, will be able to worry less about their northern front) are themselves vitiated by her own diplomatic maladroitness. That  maladroitness is born of the hectic vacacny of her day-to-day existence, that life that guarantees that thought cannot take place, a life  consisting of those plane trips, those endless meetings, those briefing papers and those briefings, those executive summaries, those smiling advisors with the proper degrees, but degrees that now are a guarantee of nothing, , that impossibility of finding time to read and think and take stock and question authority, including her own, on the matters that matter most, that readiness to rent foreign friends with constant infusiions of foreign aid, that naivete about the world,  that failure even to  recognize the permanent threat of the ideology of Islam, that deterministic and idiotic mantra about "getting on the right side of history," that... oh, fill up the paragraph or the page yourself.
 Her name has been bruited about as a future presidential candidate. The scandal of her husband's avarice as reflected in his non-stop and unapologetic accumulation of wealth since leaving office, so that he reportedly has "earned" over one hundred million dollars.  by him, for her use too, of more than $100 million dollars. The scandal of having two Bushes then followed by pair  of Clintons  would  be too much for this put-upon Republic to bear. The Clintons  are not, after all, on the same intellectual or moral level as John and John Quincy Adams. In the case of the Clintons, the couple that comes to mind are -- to quote a student I once had, who didn't understand why i objected to his choice of words in his Shakespeare essay -- Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth.
Posted on 07/07/2012 7:19 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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