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Philippines: Catholic School Says No to Hijab

This story was brought to my attention by one 'Alfred Sanchez', who sometimes posts in the comments at jihadwatch.  I thought it deserved a wider audience, for it deals with an issue that has come up in many other places, and it depicts a group of Filipino nuns displaying a commendable resistance to the incessant Mohammedan demands for special treatment.

As published in the 'Filipino Daily Inquirer', a Filipino English-language news outlet, earlier this month.

'Catholic School Bans Scarves For Muslim Students'

'Zamboanga City - A Catholic-run school here has caused a controversy by banning Muslim students from wearing the hijab headscarf.

'Mehol Sadain, who heads the National Commission on Muslim Affairs, said Sunday he had written to Pilar college in this mixed Muslim-Christian port city to demand that it reverse its policy.

'While the school was right to claim it could exercise academic freedom, Sadain said it should do so with "justice and fair play".

And we all know what 'justice' and 'fair play' mean in Islamspeak..they mean that Muslims do whatever they want and everybody else has to let them do it, no matter what it is. - CM

"Pilar College should realize that while educational institutions can formulate their own policies, the same should not run counter to existing laws and state policies", Sadain said.

'The complaint has reached the local city council, which asked the school to reply to the allegations.

'Pilar College is believed to be the first in the Philippines to enforce an outright ban on wearing the hijab.

Perhaps the good nuns who run the College have been doing their homework as to what the female Islamic Slave Rag really represents.  Sharia, and the demand that the world should comply with Sharia. - CM

'Sadain noted that a Department of Education (DepEd) policy states that Muslim girls should be allowed to wear head coverings in school and may be exempted from non-Muslim religious rites.

Sounds as though the Department of Education has already been dhimmified.  The school, however, is not. - CM

'Education Undersecretary for Programs and Projects Yolanda Quijano confirmed the DepEd's policy that allows Muslim girls to wear their traditional headscarves (that is, their "I am a Mohammedan Gang Moll" Slave Badges - CM) in school regardless of what school they attend.

"She (Quijano) confirmed that that is indeed the policy and it still exists", DepEd communications officer Tina Garuon said in a text message Sunday.

'Western Mindanao State University Professor Alih Aiyub, secretary general of the National Ulama Conference of the Philippines, said the problem caught the public's attention when a parent brought the matter to City Councillor Melchor Sadain, who then authored a resolution asking the city government to verify with Pilar College if it had such a policy.

'Avoiding Conflict'

'"It turned out that they had such a policy.  But still we don't want to make it a big issue at this time because...we are still conducting an internal, low-level dialogue with the school administration", Aiyub, coordinator of the peace group Salam, said.

'Coordinator of the peace group, Salam'.  Getting people to submit to dhimmitude without a fight.?..- CM

'Aiyub admitted that they were the ones who advised the parents not to speak to the media, "Because we don't want the issue to end up like it's a conflict between Muslims and Christians."

Suuuure.  But what it is, is Muslims trying to strongarm a Christian school into doing what they want. - CM

'But Aiyub said that they advocated religious freedom.

Pull the other leg, mate, it's got bells on.  Religious freedom in any real sense of the word does not exist in any country where Muslims rule. - CM

"It is not just about Christian schools imposing such a policy, but also Muslim schools (madrasah) that offer special classes on Arabic for non-Muslims (in other words; da'wa - CM) and may have been imposing such a policy", he said.

Just exactly how many Catholic Christian girls, in the Philippines, would be likely to enrol in a Muslim madrasa to learn Arabic? Not many, I suspect.   As opposed to how many Muslim girls would be enrolled in the manifestly-academically-superior Catholic schools...? - CM

"If there are Muslims who don't want to wear the hijab, it is their right (add, sotto voce: but we won't be answerable for the consequences to them if they do so refuse...CM), if there are Christians taking Arabic classes (and could we have some numbers on those? - CM)  who are not comfortable using the hijab inside the Madaris, it is also their right. What we are opposing is the imposition of a policy where a student is banned if she goes to school wearing a hijab", he said.

Wearing the hijab, which has never - according to Chahdortt Djavann, whose work is discussed in N Maruani's excellent article, 'Outlaw the Hijab" which appeared in Jerusalem Post, in June 2009 -

"been innocent or innocuous.  It has always signified the submission of women to men and the denial of legal rights to women in Islamic countries".  Maruani summarises: "Addressing the growing phenomenon of veiled women in Europe, Djavann points out its centrality to Islamist propaganda: "The political, ideological and psychological impact of the veil goes far beyond its appearance...If this weren't the case, why would the Islamists (that is, the sharia-pushers - CM) make it their main focus? ...It constitutes a constant call to order by Islamic law."  More, says Djavann: "the veil is the symbol, the flag, and the keystone of the Islamic system".  Djavann points to Iran, which "Imposed the veil on all women, including Christian and Jewish women, and has deployed its paramilitary forces to enforce the wearing of the veil".  In other words: the Islamic female slave rag, whatever form it takes, all the way from the faux-modesty of the headscarf to the faceless, eyeless blob of the burqa, represents the total antithesis of religious freedom or indeed of any other kind of freedom. - CM

'But the school, run by the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary, who incidentally wears veils (but the veil that the Virgin, the Theotokos, frequently but not always wears in Christian art has an entirely different meaning from that of the Mohammedan Slave Rag - CM), said in its letter to the council that it could not "deviate" from its Catholic leanings.

It said that students from other religions were welcome to enrol, but must strictly follow the school's no-hijab policy.

"Rules and regulations are explained to them, particularly the non-wearing of the hijab or veil", the school said.

"This is part of academic freedom in connection with which the school has the right to choose whom to teach", it said.

And since Muslim parents are plainly told about the school's no-hijab policy beforehand, then they are free to enrol their daughters somewhere else. But Muslims simply cannot abide that there should be any place on earth where the writ of sharia does not run. And so they are targeting this school, to force it to change its policy; to force the nuns to Submit. -  CM

'It was not clear what percentage of students were Muslim, but it is fairly common that children from different denominations or religions mix at school in the country, particularly in the provinces.

'More than 80 percent of the Philippines' nearly 100 million population are Catholic, while Muslims form a large minority in the south of the country."

There are quite a lot of Comments attached to this report, some in English and some in Filipino language or languages, and they predictably fall into three categories: Muslims alternatively obfuscating or whining and demanding; dhimmi enablers siding with the Muslims; and a percentage of Islamosavvy non-Muslims who are steadfastly supporting the good nuns and insisting that the school should be free to maintain its hijab ban.

A sample of the Islamosavvy commenters:  

"Why make a big fuss...when the policy was already set prior to this Muslim student's enrolment?  This student has no right to complain when he or she has already [been] given an orientation about the school policies".

 Another: "Before students enrol in a private school, they must have been informed of the school policies and must agree to these policies. Why complain now?"  

And another: "In Saudi Arabia, foreign christian women are force to wear black dress or burka by the authorities otherwise you will be send to jail. the question is, is Islam the dominant religion? don't we have the rights to impose our rules and regulations?"  

And 'Vic' said: "The parents of that girl knew all along that that Catholic school bans scarves yet they continue to challenge the school's policy.  That is not fair for the school.  The school did not force the Muslim parents to enrol their daughter in that school; they voluntarily enrolled their daughter there, hence, they should comply with the school's policy, otherwise, they should transfer their daughter to another school where scarves are allowed.  The school is not creating controversy, it is the Muslim parents who are".

Exactly. - CM

Posted on 08/15/2012 1:52 AM by Christina McIntosh
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