Saturday, 1 September 2012
EDL in Walthamstow.

To Walthamstow with the EDL to protest against the islamisation of this London district, formerly part of Essex, which with Leyton and Chingford form the London Borough of Waltham Forest.   The many reasons to do so were covered here, last month.

The original request was for a march to leave Walthamstow Central Station, marching north up Hoe Street, past the top of the famous Walthamstow High Street Market, turning right at Bell Corner into Forest Road and thence to a site by the Town Hall and Assembly Rooms for a rally and speeches. The Town Square is in use as a large screen public viewing area for the Paralympics.

The authorities said no. Instead the EDL agreed to muster at Kings Cross in north London (as happened last year for the Tower Hamlets demo) then travel by tube to Blackhorse Road (one stop on the Victoria line from Walthamstow Central) then a  march the length of Forest Road, crossing the Bell corner junction on the way to the Town Hall.

I decided to start at Walthamstow Central to see what was happening at the rally by We Are Waltham Forest in support of multiculturalism. This was due to begin on the Arcade Site opposite the Town Square at 11am and they had been promising choirs, music and celebration etc. for weeks.. The Arcade site used to contain a rather good shopping arcade; this was pulled down and is now concreted over while the council wrangle about which redevelopment deal will pay them the best backhanders.

To my surprise (not) the Town Square was given over to a large political rally featuring the usual suspects – Socialist Worker, the Socialist party, various trades Unions, and Solidarity with Palestine. A sound stage and PA system drowned out the Paralympic commentary which many people still endeavoured to watch.

These photographs show a selection of the sorts of groups taking part.

I didn’t catch this woman’s name but I believe her to be a trade union official from a Public Service union – from her cherry pink tabard I suppose that she is a dinner  lady. Her speech criticised the EDL as football hooligans and thugs – racists. Do not be fooled, she said. They say they are not but they are made up of the core of the old British Nazi Party – the old National Front. And if you do not believe what they have in store for us look at Europe. Look at Marine le Pen in France. Look at Sweden where they have Nazis in Parliament again. And it is not just the EDL that we are against. We are against those politicians who are letting this happen. David Cameron HOW DARE YOU CRITICISE MULTICULTURALISM. She is proud to stand with her Muslim brothers and sisters.

Ladies and gentlemen, fresh from their triumphant politically correct re-writing of English history at the Olympic opening ceremony, we present, on drums, the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

This young man claims that he was born in Waltham Forest, not 15 minutes from this site. Which begs the question why doesn’t he have the local accent? Notice that Costa Coffee did a roaring trade.

An announcement that the rally was to line up ready to march was rescinded, come back we are not ready to go yet.

I decided to walk to Forest Road to see the EDL coming along. I passed the Arcade Site. There was a belling ringing demonstration in aid of the Parish church and the choir Waltham Forest Voices were singing very sweetly about Sunshine in your Life to an audience of 5 people. That was a shame, but bashing the fash obviously held more appeal.

I walked along Forest Road until I could see the march in the distance. The police were clearing the pavements and after being moved along several times I took an officer’s direction that behind the railings of the garden surrounding the William Morris gallery was an acceptable and safe place for me.

After the march passed, progress being rather slow, I decided to slip down some side streets and get ahead of them as I wanted to see them pass Bell Corner. I came up Hoe Street to find that the WAWF rally had been allowed the Hoe Street route to march and they were blocking the junction. I found out later that missiles, bottles and bricks had been thrown at the EDL and WAWR had sat down blocking the street. The EDL were taken along some back streets crossing Chingford Road behind the Bell and reaching the Town Hall by a side entrance.

The police had the way forward completely blocked so I tried to reach the Town Hall down more of the little back streets. Many individuals of the WAWF had the same idea.

The main body of their counter demonstration were then moved by the police to a space to the front of the Town Hall, which the EDL were at the side. I have heard that the stage had to be dismantled due to more flying missiles and there were no speeches. It was expected that speeches would be made by Tommy Robinson, Kev Carroll, Paul Weston, and a Walthamstow resident. Down the back streets the students and teacher looking types started to drift away, dumping their flyers and placards in hedges, on the floor, anywhere as they did so.

Their place was taken by car loads of young men many in Islamic dress. I managed to get in front of the Town Hall but again the police blocked both the road and the pavement and were letting no one through.

I went back the way I came but turned left earlier and found myself right opposite the Bell. This is how the area was left.

Hoe Street was blocked and WAWR were contained behind a row of police vans.

You can see the unholy alliance of Islam and Trade Unionists.

Weyman Bennet leader of the SWP tries to pick up another dinner lady.

Gradually more and more young men arrived. Some had taken the card off their placards and were brandishing the sticks. As fast as police were confiscating the sticks more young men and boys appeared. They shook their sticks at the police, jeering.

The EDL march could be seen in the far distance crossing Chingford Road on their way back to Blackhouse Road Station.

Allah Akbar – it’s time for prayer – and if the road is closed – use it.

I didn’t like the atmosphere and decided it was time to leave. Making my way up the hill more and more young men with sticks were coming down. By the time I got to my car the police helicopters were circling above and I could hear sirens.  I left at 6pm and got home at 7pm. At the time of writing this it is 9.30 and I read that the EDL have been held at Blackhorse Road all this time. Members of the Underground Train drivers union are believed to have refused to drive the trains to take them to the dispersal point.

At 10.30 I am told that many have been arrested under the new favourite police trick 'potential breach of the peace' taken in vans to outlying police stations at the very edges of the Metropolitan area, and de-arrested to make their way home with difficulty.

Photographs E Weatherwax September 2012

Posted on 09/01/2012 3:40 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
1 Sep 2012
Christina McIntosh

 Thank you for that very detailed and interesting - and disturbing - account. 

1 Sep 2012

 i am a partner of one of the edl members and I can confirm that they were held by the police for numerous hours which resulted in their bus leaving without them,. They are now looking for alternative ways to get home. I hope they all get home safely.

2 Sep 2012
Send an emailHissing sid

 I’ll start at the begining. I arrived at Kings Cross at around 11 am, met up with some familiar faces and we went to the dolphin pub for a drink.

At 12 we left for the tube station to catch our ride to Blackhorse Rd station, good atmos. Left station and was corraled by the police until all had arrived. We were than marched in fits and bursts towards the demo point. Police had to clear the road ahead of us of muzzies and unwashed UAF types. Nearing our rally point we came under attack from missle (Bricks bottles etc) so mthe police diverted us down a side road. where we were kettled for several hours without toilet facilities, not a pretty sight while 3-400 muslim youths were pelting the stage with more bricks etc causing the stage to be taken down while tempers started to flare in frustration.
Some of the lads attempted to charge the police causing the cops to baton several skulls. A while later Kevin Carroll turned up and explained to us that we would be heading back to the tube station (And he looked none too happy about this). The walk back to the station took a couple of hours as the police had to clear the Muslim defence league scumbags ahead of us.
Upon reaching the station we saw it was blocked off the a combination of UAF and MDL so the police marched down a side road where we were kettled again with toilets, until around 10 pm. The police called a section 60 and we were all searched had our details taken for the police national computer handcuffed and bundled into various police vehicals/buses 1 EDL to 1 cop and dropped off at kings cross where we were de-arrested and told to go home. This is a new tactic by the police, we think it was to get us so pissed off that we wont go on future demos.

2 Sep 2012
Send an emailmourad khada

It's a shame! Who, yes , who was violent, hypocrite, divisive that day? Not, definitely the EDL. Who acted, perpetrated miscondonduct, littering, abuse and libel? Not the EDL!

Shame to the RMT, a so-called union, who should spare its aggressivity and needless hatred of the patriots to defending its followers. Shame to the so-called unionists who certainly don't have to cope with the roun-thebend demands of the islamists!

Shame to le leftist rabble who, for sure, didn't benefit of a proper child-raiding to learn not to litter everywhere thay come round!

Shame to the so-called moderate Muslims we never hear...

2 Sep 2012
M. Walther

 Dear Esmerelda:

As a disinterested foreign observer, my attitude toward the EDL is at best ambivalent and much of the time simply dismissive. Coverage of the EDL tends to leave a bad taste in my mouth. EDL protestors' signs are frequently misspelled (e.g., "RELIGOUS HATRED" in one of your photographs), and protesters' appearance is often slovenly. The mission statement on the EDL's website is incomprehensible: look at the cloying language of " rights" and “democracy,” the risible quotes from the European Court of Human Rights (a supra-national institution that, as you and I know, undermines British sovereignty), and the calls for a “reform” of Islam “to make it more relevant to the needs of the modern world.” (Go ahead: square that circle. . .)

Scottish nationalists are on the verge of dissolving Great Britain, a course of action to which I suspect many EDL members would not object. (In The Abolition of Britain, Peter Hitchens bemoans the increased use of the St. George Cross at the expense of the Union Flag, wryly noting that when the former is flown at English churches, many hooligan types probably think that the vicar is a football fan. . .)

As for the EDL's leadership, Tommy Robinson is a thug who beats women and uses illegal drugs, a specialist in the favorite exercise of the English underclass, namely, head-butting. Though Mr. Robinson's behavior is neither here nor there in reference to ordinary EDL members, I cannot say that the respect he seems to command is not dismaying.

Maybe you can help me better to understand the “on the ground” situation in the EDL.



2 Sep 2012


I have to say I share your impressions of the EDL. However, I find it hard to disagree with Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party.

Please feel free to contribute over at the forum dedicated to the writing of Theodore Dalrymple. We have a topic on the BFP among many others.


2 Sep 2012
Linda Rivera

To Matthew and Gavin:

The EDL (and British Freedom) are my BIG heroes! Tommy
Robinson who Matthew LIES about and insults so horribly, spoke out publicly against the EVIL raping, sexual enslavement and forcible prostitution by Muslim gang predators of defenseless, terrified Britsh non-Muslim female children.

The EDL have demonstrated in the streets against this wicked crime against humanity. As a woman this means everything to me. Thank God for the EDL! They are REAL MEN. What are you doing to protect women and children from devout, Quran-obedient Muslims?


Centuries ago, Egypt was a Christian country that was invaded by Muslims. The horrors, atrocities, murders,  kidnappings of female Christian children, rapes and enslavement of Christians continues.

Because non-Muslims don’t worship the deity Muslims call Allah, terrible suffering; physical, mental and emotional agony is perpetrated by Muslims on non-Muslims.

The pain is beyond bearing for the Christian parents of their precious daughters who have been kidnapped by merciless Muslims.
The video of Egyptian Christian suffering made me weep.

The Passion of the Copts

A comment by an Egyptian Christian Copt, underneath the video:


2 Sep 2012
Send an emailLinda Rivera

Bible, Exodus 21: He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

Barbaric mass murderer and HUGE slave trader, founder of Islam, Mohammad, married a six year old child when he was in his fifties. Mohammad murdered/beheaded seven hundred Jewish men because of the Jews enormous love for, and allegiance to our Wonderful Creator. The Jews refused to follow another god and the new religion of Mohammad. The Jews’ wives and children were seized for slaves.

Mohammad is regarded as the PERFECT man and role model for devout Muslims who follow their religion. There is no love, mercy, or compassion for innocent humanity in Islam.

The agony and terrible suffering of non-Muslims kidnapped and taken for slaves by Muslims continues to this day:

Hundreds of thousands of Black Sudanese Christian children and women have been taken for slaves by Sudan’s Arab Muslims.

Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

2 Sep 2012
Send an emailLinda Rivera

FRONTPAGEMAG: Pakistan’s Christian ‘Sex-Slaves’: A Case Study
To better demonstrate that this Sharia-induced worldview permeates the Muslim world—that infidel women are seen as little better than sex-objects for Muslim men—let us briefly focus on one Muslim nation: distant Pakistan, where Christians make a tiny minority of less than 2%, and where at least 700 Christian girls are abducted annually.

Consider the following stories that never make it to the MSM—a sampling limited to just last month’s grab-bag of atrocities committed against Pakistan’s Christians (since anymore than that would be too immense to list):

A 9-year-old Christian girl was abducted, gang-raped, and murdered by repeated blows to her head, and then dumped into a canal.

A 24-year-old Christian woman who was kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, and forced to marry a Muslim, is now reportedly on the verge of being “sold abroad.”

At the same time that Muslims were desecrating a Christian cemetery, a Christian mother was abducted, drugged, and gang-raped all night long.

After brutally attacking a priest and his family, another young Christian woman was abducted and raped over several days by a man claiming to be a police officer.

Yet another Christian girl was raped by a Pakistani army major at gunpoint and then dumped off.

A powerful Muslim businessman had two Christian sisters kidnapped, forced them to convert to Islam, and marry him.
…if you go to the links of these anecdotes, you will find that in every single case the Pakistani police either did nothing to apprehend the culprits or, more often, actually helped them while turning against the victims.

Prostitutes, Pimps & Kerb Crawlers Shamed in Waltham Forest

The above Muslim video is utter hypocrisy, and DECEPTION. Barbaric mass murderer and huge slave trader, founder of Islam, Mohammad, who married a six year old child when he was in his fifties, declared:

There are no Muslim street demonstrations protesting the evil gangs of Muslim inhuman monsters – cruel, filthy predators who target non-Muslim, defenseless British female children who they rape, sexually enslave and force into prostitution.

2 Sep 2012
M. Walther


I've got neither the heart nor the stomach for so-called flame wars, but I should like to say that the hysterical tenor of your response suggests that, at least in the matter of the EDL, you are more interested in emotions than facts.
I challenge you to name one "lie" that I have told. Everything I wrote about Robinson (or Lennon or Yaxley-Lennon, or whatever he's calling himself these days) is a statement of fact.

3 Sep 2012
Send an emailLinda Rivera

To M. Walther:

I gave fully documented FACTS on Muslim violence and atrocities. Barbaric Muslim cruelty and violence are FACTS. They are REAL things, NOT emotions.

Yesterday, Sunday, I attended a protest demonstration from 12 noon to 2 p.m. with Hindus, Sikhs and other human rights activists about the atrocities, murders and constant jihad committed by Muslims in India. WE WERE NOT PROTESTING EMOTIONS. WE WERE PROTESTING FULLY DOCUMENTED FACTS!

Later in the month we will be protesting against atrocities and violence against non-Muslims in Pakistan. We will be protesting FACTS - NOT EMOTIONS!

3 Sep 2012
M. Walther

 Ms. Rivera,

I am not a fellow traveler with the "religion of peace." Hard to see why I would be a New English Review contributor if I were.
My actual claim: "[A]t least in the matter of the EDL, you are more interested in emotions than facts."
NB: "at least in the matter of the EDL."
I did not dispute the factuality of your claims about Islamic militancy. But I do fail to see how your EDL-related statements such as "The EDL (and British Freedom) are my BIG heroes!" and "They are REAL MEN," with their crude capital letters (the equivalent, if we were in a physical forum, of shouting!), are anything but pure emotion. In your earlier post you accused me of lying about Robinson, yet you have not responded to my challenge to present one instance in which I have actually done so.
This shall be my last post on this thread. I urgue you (and anyone else who has not done so) to look at the facts about Robinson, who has among other things 1) proudly borrowed his non de guerre from a known rioter, 2) previously been active in the BNP, 3) lied about the races of a group of men who assaulted him to bolster his loathsome views about Asians, and 4) been convicted of assault multiple times times (including assault of a police officer, which was once a hanging offense!).
This also touches Gavin's point about the BFP. Though I agree with some of the things one sees in their party manifesto, I could never lend my (meaningless, as I am an American citizen) support to any political party that has football hooligan Tommy Robinson as its deputy leader. (If point eight of the BFP's 20 point plan, "Drastically reduce crime – criminals should fear the consequences of their behaviour," were put into action, Robinson would be behind bars as we speak!)
Instead I find myself oscillating between lending my support to UKIP (following Simon Heffer) and quixotically hoping that violent Tories of the old school like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Peter Bone, and John Redwood can save the Conservative Party.

6 Sep 2012
Linda Rivera

To M. Walther,

One of the very top priorities in my life is human rights and that is why I make the comments that I do to draw attention to the horrendous suffering of non-Muslims under Islam.


Human rights is why I attend street demonstrations with others and why I sign petitions, etc.

From your responses, it is more than obvious that human rights is not something you care about. How sad.

 I have the deepest respect and admiration for EDL and British Freedom who are human rights activists:

ALL people must have human rights, and

ALL people must have equality before the law.

6 Sep 2012
Send an emailLinda Rivera

To M Walther,

EDL leaders have been demonized and LIED about. It is SOP (Standard operating procedure) when a nation's leaders and  cooperative mainstream media desire to destroy a person, organization or even an entire race of people (as has been done to the Jews for thousands of years).

In Arab Muslim countries, the vicious lies and horrible blood libels about Jews are as bad as they were during the time of Hitler. In Arab Muslim countries, the book "Mein Kampf" is a top best seller.

7 Sep 2012
Send an emailLinda Rivera

EDL and British Freedom believe very strongly that

ALL people must have human rights, and

ALL people must have equality before the law.

Islamic sharia law treat women as inferior beings and in Muslim contries non-Muslims have NO rights. The suffering of non-Muslims is beyond bearing:

LAHORE: As many as 2,000 women and girls from various minority sects were forcibly converted to Islam through rape, torture and kidnappings...

These are some of the horrors that will take place in our countries once the number of Muslims reaches a certain point.

The Quran teaches hate, violence and murder of non-Muslims and commands Muslims to wage jihad against hated non-Muslims and conquer all nations.

11 Oct 2012
Send an emailLinda Rivera

A link I gave is no longer working! This is a working link:

In PAKISTAN: Nearly 2,000 women and girls from various minority sects were forcibly converted to Islam through rape, torture and kidnappings, and 161 people were charged with blasphemy in 2011, according to a report.

Stop the suffering! PROTECT BRITISH CHILDREN! Stop importing Muslims!

Join leaders of the American Middle Eastern community to endorse

Donald J. Trump
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Dr. Walid Phares
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