Thursday, 6 September 2012
A Tale of Two Countries

Thanks to Maggie's Farm for this compare and contrast story. First from Kentucky:

Ninety-two year-old World War II veteran Earl Jones of Kentucky served in the Air Force and worked on the Enola Gay at one point.

Jones told The Kentucky Enquirer he heard a noise in his basement around 2 a.m. Monday and grabbed his .22-caliber rifle. He sat in a chair with a clear view of the door, saying he fired when the intruder burst in.

“I aimed right for his heart,” said Jones, who served in the military from 1941 through 1946. “I didn’t go to war for nothing. I have the right to carry a gun. That’s what I told the police.”

Jones said he had no fear as he waited for the intruder.

“Was I scared? Was I mad? Hell, no,” Jones said. “It was simple. That man was going to take my life. He was hunting me. I was protecting myself.”

Mr. Jones will not be charged. Meanwhile in Great Britain a couple living on an isolated farm were threatened by four intruders. The husband shot two of them non-fatally. The couple was arrested and held for three days before being released on bail "pending further investigation."

Posted on 09/06/2012 7:32 AM by Rebecca Bynum
6 Sep 2012

Let's compare and contrast:

Earl Jones of Kentucky can rely on the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution - which of course is why he won't be charged.

The so-called Bill of Rights of 1689 is virtually useless as a safeguard of life, liberty, and property in the UK - which is why Mr and Mrs Ferrie are "under investigation" by the police.

(Excuse me for stating the obvious.)