Saturday, 8 September 2012
Nashville: Muslim Woman Charged with Attempted Terrorism
ABC news affiliate WKRN did not shy away from using the word Muslim in the title.

A Nashville woman was charged with attempted terrorism on Friday for allegedly making statements intimating bodily injure to coworkers.

The incident involving Amal Ahmed Abdullahi, occurred at the Dell facility in south Nashville where she is employed through CEVA Logistics.

According to police, the 29-year-old allegedly told another CEVA employee last weekend that her people were dying for Allah everyday, as well as she was ready to die for Allah and that this whole country will be Muslim soon, among other comments.

"She said allegedly that she should pick up a gun and shoot people there," police spokesperson Don Aaron told Nashville's News 2.

Police were notified of the incident after the employee reported what was said to his supervisors.

Metro police told Nashville's News 2 they began their investigation on Thursday.

Authorities said Abdullahi initially denied the reported conversation, before later changing her story.

"During further questioning [she] ultimately admitted to having a conversation of a religious nature," Aaron said.

In a statement to Nashville's News 2, CEVA said Abdullahi was a temp worker and that the company takes employee safety very seriously.

"We investigate all safety-related incidents and when necessary contact law enforcement," the release read in part.

Aaron added, "It's very important to emphasize that this investigation and prosecution involves one individual and is in no way reflective of Nashville's Muslim community."

No other arrests are expected in the incident.

Abdullahi is being held in lieu of $50,000 bond.

Posted on 09/08/2012 8:52 AM by Rebecca Bynum
8 Sep 2012
Hugh Fitzgerald

How much is this one tiny incident costing the state? How much anguish did it cause the reporting employee? How much disruption to the workplace, and economic cost, to the employer? 

Why is this person in the United States? Who let her in? On what theory? Is she now, will she ever be, a useful, productive, loyal citizen of the United States? Could she possibly be, given what she believes in, what she accepts, what she parrots? 

How many other Amin Ahmed Abdullahis are there, in posse or in esse, in the United States, in Canada, in Great Britain, in France, in Germany, in....fill in whatever name of an advanced, because non-Muslim, state, you wish? Why were they ever permitted to settle deep within the lands that they think belong to them, for the whole world, in their view, belongs to Allah and to those who believe in him and, even more, in Muhammad as the Model of Conduct (uswa hasani), the Perfect Man (al-insan al-kamil).

We don't have to continue to be stupid. We can be just as easygoing, funny, tolerant in the correct undiseased sense of the word, as all get out, and still be implacably opposed to Islam, and all of its works and days, and all of those who are its adherents and who, therefore, constitute a permanent danger to all non-Muslims.

8 Sep 2012
Send an emailSue R

If only she had gone to Maha ElGenaidi's lecture, she wouldn't have felt like this!  Silly girl.

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