Thursday, 20 September 2012
Video of Charlie Hebdo Cartoons on Innocence of Mohammed Film in Translation

Charlie Hebdo publisher, "Charb"

Once again, the French satiric journal Charlie Hebdo has outraged the Muslim Ummah by publishing cartoons parodying, the  film, The Innocence of Muslims. Charlie Hebdo publishing these cartoons has raised the ante about the lack of humor, let along Free Speech in the Muslim Ummah. The French Foreign Ministry has closed 20 embassies in the wake of the Charlie Herbo cartoons threatened by angered Muslim fundamentalists. Nevertheless, the French government is defending the right of Charlie Hebdo to publish the cartoons. Hebdo you may recall had its offices fire bombed  last November after it published a mocking cartoon of Mohammed under the faux heading Sharia Hebdo. It also had published  the Danish Mohammed cartoons in 2006.

For the latest batch of  Charlie Hebdo cartoons, we searched for translations. Our colleague Vlad Tepes sent us this video which has all of them in translation. Watch the You Tube video and news report..


Vlad Tepes also referred us to this South Park episode on free speech in the wake of the 2006 Danish Mohammed Cartoon, “ Head in the Sand." You may recall the controversy in the wake of  their 2010, Mohammed in a bear costume incident . The 2006 South Park segment  brilliantly captures the dilemma that the West faces intimidated by the threats of violence from angered Muslim communities both domestically and in the Muslim Ummah. The South Park episode brilliantly portrays the extremes that some in the West go to accommodate  Muslim blasphemy outrage effectively abdicating free speech rights guaranteed under our First Amendment. When we interviewed Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist who drew the most offensive of the cartoons published by Danish newspaper, JyllandsPosten, he said bluntly; “Free Speech, Use It!”  

Watch the South Park episode on the satiric reaction to the Muslim Cartoon controversy of 2006, “Head in the Sand.”

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