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Kahlili: Iranian Defense Minister said Big War Means Mahdi is coming

Iran's President Ahmadinejad and
Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi

When we interviewed Reza Kahlili, ex-CIA agent who went undercover inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, he made note of the Twelver doctrine of Shiism behind Iran’s leadership quest for nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons threatening both the ‘big Satan’ America with a potential disabling Electronic Magnetic Pulse attack and the ‘little Satan” Israel with a possible incineration in a Second Holocaust.

He called Iran’s leadership “crazy”; consumed with the Twelver end of times apocalyptic vision that a nuclear triggered war might bring about the re-appearance of the Imam Mahdi. The Mahdi would be given the flag of Islam by the Supreme Leader Khamanei to lead a conquest of the world to be ruled under Islam.

Kahlili published a translation from a Revolutionary Guard publication in a WorldNet Daily  article, “Iranian Official Big War means Mahdi coming”, confirming  the Twelver apocalyptic  vision articulated  by Ahmad Vahidi, Iran’s Defense Minister. Vahidi  was the intelligence officer involved with planning of murderous bombings of the Israeli embassy in 1992 that killed 29 and the AMIA Jewish Community Center in 1994 in Buenos Aires that killed 85. Vahidi has also been implicated in the 1995 Khobar Tower bombing in 1995 that killed 19 American servicemen. Vahidi is still the subject of an Interpol warrant for his arrest in connection with both Argentinean  plots alleged carried by the late Imad Mughniyeh Hezbollah terrorist mastermind  who was assassinated in a car bombing in Damascus in 2008.

Note what Vahidi said:

“With having the treasure of the Holy Defense, Valayat (Guardianship of the Jurist) and martyrs, we are ready for a big war,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said, according to Mashregh news, which is run by the Revolutionary Guards.
“Of course this confrontation has always continued; however, since we are in the era of The Coming, this war will be a significant war.”

Speaking at a mosque in remembrance of the martyrs who died in service to Iran, Vahidi stated that, “The Islamic republic is going to create a new environment on the world stage, and without a doubt victory awaits those who continue the path of martyrs. … we can defeat the enemy at its home and our nation is ready for jihad. Martyrdom has taught us to avoid wrong paths and return to the right path. Martyrdom is the right path; it’s the path to God.”
Vahidi said Iran’s enemies would have taken action in Syria in the past couple of years if they had the capability. Iran is a much more formidable power than Syria, he said, and concluded that Tehran can easily wipe out the “Zionist regime” of Israel.

Kahlili notes that the Quds force have deployed assets in Middle East and specifically in Latin American poised to enter the US. That threat was confirmed by the FBI official in a recent Senate Government Affairs and Homeland Security Committee hearing:

Meanwhile, a Revolutionary Guards report quoting the head of the Guards’ public relations, Ramezan Sharif, revealed that Iran has military assets in several countries.

The presence of Quds Forces in Syria and Lebanon, Sharif said, is with the goal of supporting the Islamic nations and for the special situations that exist in those countries.

Sharif said Iranian presence is based on international laws and that, “Currently the Revolutionary Guards has presence in 15 countries, among them Syria and Lebanon, while the Iranian military also has presence in some other countries.”

As revealed recently, terrorist assets of the Islamic regime have been put on high alert for attacks on Israeli and U.S. interests. This extends from the Middle East to Africa, Latin America and the United States.

In a report Thursday in the Washington Times, Kevin L. Perkins, deputy director of the FBI, told a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that the agency considered Iran’s assets a “serious threat.”
“Quds Forces, Hezbollah and others have shown they both have the capability and the willingness to extend beyond that (Middle East) region of the world and likely here into the homeland itself,” he testified.

Guard commanders have openly stated that they have recruited assets from Latin America and even some from European countries to avoid suspicion by intelligence agencies and will target America should it get involved militarily against Iran.

This threat from a Twelver obsessed Revolutionary Guard leadership who have carried out murderous campaigns in the Western Hemisphere against Israeli and Argentine Jewish targets is now poised to enter the US  using assets in Latin America.

A major motivation behind the Never Again Day protests at local President Obama campaign offices on Thursday, September 27th is the demand that President Obama set ‘red lines’ against threats from a nuclear armed Iranian Islamic Republic against both America and its ally Israel.

Posted on 09/22/2012 10:01 PM by Jerry Gordon
23 Sep 2012
Ruth Ben-Or

 Isn't it nice to know that all the fundamentalists are on the same page when it comes to going gung-ho for WW3? I'm sure everything in this article is true, and I appreciate the support of friends of all faiths who believe in telling the truth, but you know what, speaking as a believing and practising Jew, I nevertheless do not want to be squashed flat between Rapture-ready Christians and Mahdi-awaiting Muslims, or exploited like some Leninist useful idiot in somebody else's battle.

30 Sep 2012
Christina McIntosh

' Ruth': you will not find many 'Rapture-ready' Christians in this website, nor indeed amongst the Islamosavvy worldwide.

 And I would hazard the guess that the much-caricatured 'rapture-ready Christians' are far, far fewer in number, than  Muslims who firmly believe that the Day of Judgement will not come until the Muslims slaughter the Jews (see Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari: hadiths that are, by the way, read and taken as authoritative by Sunni Muslims as well as by Shiites).

Read Australia's Rev Dr Mark Durie (an Anglican priest): read his book on the dhimma, 'The Third Choice: Islam,dhimmitude and freedom', which gratefully acknowledges and intelligently builds upon and extends the pioneering work of the Jewish scholar and historian Bat Ye'or,   Or read Robert Spencer, 'The Truth About Muhammad'; Spencer is a devout practising Melkite Catholic, fully aware of Islam's Jihad against everybody (which includes Islam's jihad against Jews ).  

You will not find anything at all about 'Rapture', nor any feverish attempts to fit modern history into assorted elusive and allusive prophetic writings from the Old Testament, in the works of either person.  

What you will find is a stone cold sober analysis of the Meaning and Menace of Islam: Islam which has been persistently and mass-murderously attacking Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Confucians, Taoists, animists, Zoroastrians and, well, anybody and anything not-Islam, for 1400 years, with a guesstimated resultant body count of some 270 million...and counting.  Islam - the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob - which has enslaved millions, castrated millions, raped millions, and laid waste enormous regions of the earth (see Tidiane N'diaye on the depredations of Islam in black Africa, and K S Lal and V S Naipaul on what Islam has done to India: ruin and desolation both physical and spiritual; and then there is Emmet Scott's book, 'Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited' which catalogues the physical and spiritual and intellectual ruin wrought upon eastern and western Christendom, by the Ummah, the Mohammedan Mob).

I am a practising Christian. Strictly speaking, the only thing that orthodox Christians believe definitely ought to happen before 'the end', is that the story of Jesus must be offered to all persons of all nations under heaven.  Since there are still tribes aplenty who have never heard the Christian message, and since many  Christians also feel that people haven't had a chance to properly hear and assess the story till it is presented in a person's mother tongue, far from wanting the world to end in a MidEast conflagration anytime soon,  let alone working to hasten such a conflagration, those Christians who most devoutly desire the Lord's return are  likely to be found ...beavering away in jungles and deserts and in the urban slums of the Third World, preaching the gospel (including, in many dark and dangerous places, preaching the gospel to...Muslims), teaching and healing, performing the works of mercy (for in our lord's parable of the sheep and the goats the 'sheep' who receive commendation on the Day of Judgement are those who 'feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, welcome the strangers, visit the sick and those in prison') and earnestly translating the Scriptures (both the TaNaKh and the Christian scriptures, that is, the Gospels and Letters) into the mind-boggling number of human languages that do not as yet possess such translations.

Orthodox Christians also take very seriously the saying of our Lord's, recorded in the Gospels, which states categorically that (re the hour of his returning): 'No-one knows the day or the hour (except God the Father, in heaven)".  That is, this One whom Christians regard as the Son of God excludes even himself from this knowledge; it is as if, even within the Godhead, mysteriously, there is a self-limitation.  Which ought to have been a strong curb upon the imaginations of all who might claim to offer detailed 'readings' of contemporary events, trying to force them into the grid of either the prophetic writings of the Hebrew scriptures or of the Christian book of Revelations'...and many such have popped up throughout christian history and have always ended with egg on their faces.

Anyway, 'Ruth'.

Do you or do you not believe that Shiite Iran appears to be flying as high as a kite on frankly genocidal Jew-hatred, largely focused upon the world's one Jewish state?

Do you or do you not believe that it appears highly probable that Shiite Iran, should it obtain nukes, will use them upon Israel?

And if so - if you think there is a high probability that Shiite Islamic Iran will get nukes and then use them upon Israel - how do you propose that Shiite Islamic Iran be prevented from so doing?

Me, I happen to think that the best way to prevent WWIII - or, more precisely, to deliver a major setback to the Global Jihad, currently making its third great push toward Total World Domination, would be for the USA and (in a sane world) other non-Muslim Powers to turn Iran's key nuke sites into a series of enormous smoking holes in the ground.  Without warning and, afterward, without either explanations or apologies; and certainly with no attempt at 'boots on the ground', 'nation building' or anything else.  Fly in, hit hard and precisely, and then just get out..  and then not just Israel but every non-Muslim country on planet earth would be just a little bit safer.

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