Friday, 9 November 2012
Jihad Against the Jews in Israel, Status Report: Rockets, Rocks, Knives, and Riots

The first item is from the excellent Israeli English-language blog, 'This Ongoing War', which I recommend to our regular readers.  It is maintained by two Aussie Jews, now resident in Israel, whose teenage daughter was murdered in the attack on the Sbarro pizzeria, some years ago.  This particular entry lists Arab Muslim rock attacks on Jewish drivers and passengers which are known to have taken place between Sunday October 28th and Thursday November 1st.

The second and third reports are from the Israeli English language press: they describe a Muslim stabbing of  a Jew in Jerusalem, and an Arab Muslim riot in the heavily Islamised Shuafat district of Jerusalem.

And so, to item number 1.

'2 November 2012: Scenes From the Front Lines, Courtesy of the Tayar Report'

"The chronology below is a continuation of the reports we have published in recent months, based on information received via the Tayar Security Report, with some editing and annotating by us.  Yehudit Tayar produces her invaluable bulletin on the basis of first-responder, police and army reports.

'Sunday October 28, 2012.

'Benjamin Regiion: Highway 443, near Bir Nabala, on the northern fringe of the capital, Jerusalem, Arabs attack Israeli vehicles with rocks.

That should be, 'Arab Muslims throw rocks at Jewish travellers' - CM.

'Border policemen arrest two of the rock throwers'.

'Vicinity of Ain Yibror, north-east of Ramallah.  IDF spokesman reports that Arabs (that is, Arab Muslims - CM) attack yet another Israeli bus, causing damage.

It's not the bus the Muslims are after; it's the Jews inside that they intend to harm or kill. - CM

Monday, October 29, 2012.

'Gaza: Multiple rocket attacks on Ashkelon, Sderot, Be'er Sheva and the Eshkol region.  Thousands of innocent Israeli citizens are under constant threat from the terrorist cells in Gaza.   (That is: the Gazan Muslims are constantly attacking and trying to kill Israeli Jewish and non-Jewish civilians - CM)  In response to the continued rocket attacks from Gaza, IAF carried out counter-attacks against terrorist positionsi n the Gaza strip.

'Near El Fuar, in the Southern Hevron [Hebron] Hills, Arabs (that is, Arab Muslims - CM) attack Israeli vehicles (that is, Jewish travellers passing by - CM) with rocks, causing damage.

'Near the Israeli village of Ma'aleh Shomron, close to Azun: Arabs attack Israeli vehicles with rocks (that is: Muslims throw rocks at Jews who are driving past - CM), causing injuries to one of the Israelis who is treated by IDF ambulance team for his injuries.

Tuesday October 30 2012:

'Between Kiryat Arba and Hevron: An Israeli school bus with children on board comes under rock attack by Arabs.

In other words: Arab Muslims threw rocks at Jewish children who were passing by in a school bus.- CM

'Jerusalem: Two young female tourists aged 18 are injured by rocks hurled at their bus  (the famous Jerusalem Line No 99, designated for tourists and other sightseers) as they pass the Dung Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.   They are rushed to Sha'are Zedek Medical Center for treatment.

Translation (isn't it interesting to see what happens when one puts the missing M-word into these accounts, and transposes them from the passive into the active voice?):  "Arab Muslims threw rocks at non-Muslims who were riding in a tour bus...The Muslim attackers managed to hit and hurt two young female tourists who had to be rushed to Sha'are Zedek Medical Centre for treatment." - CM

Wednesday October 31, 2012.

'Communities surrounding Gaza: During the night, rocket fire from Gaza into communities in the Eshkol Region (that is, 'during the night, Gazan Muslims fired rockets at non-Muslims, Jewish and non-Jewish, who live in the Eshkol Region - CM);  by miracle no injuries.

'Arabs attacked Israeli truck with rocks (that is: 'Arab Muslims threw rocks at a Jewish Israeli truck driver' - CM) near Abud, northwest of Ramallah.  IDF investigating.

'El Fuar, an Arab (Arab Muslim - CM) village located south-west of Hebron: Another Israeli bus comes under rock attack.  Property damage results. 

That is, 'Muslims threw rocks at Jews in a passing bus, damaging the bus but failing to hit the passengers.'- CM.

'Husan Bypass, close to Beitar Ilit: One more time, Israeli vehicles are attacked by rock-hurling Arabs causing damage.

That is: Muslims threw rocks at Jews who were driving past; they managed to damage the vehicles but failed to hurt the people inside. - CM

'Benjamin Region: Molotov cocktail attacks by Arabs (that is: 'Arab Muslims throwing Molotov cocktails at Jewish persons and property - CM), reported between Nili and Na'ale (adjacent communities located close to the city of Modi'in.  IDF investigating.

'Thursday November 1 2012

'Vicinity of Beitar Ilit, located just west of Gush Etziion: the IDF reports that several Israeli vehicles once again have come under rock attack by roadside Arabs (that is, 'Arab Muslims have been throwing rocks from the road-side at Jews driving past' - CM) near the village of Husan...".

And that is happening day after day after day in the Islamised districts of Judea and Samaria; Muslims lying in wait by the roads, throwing rocks whenever they see a vehicle with Jews in it passing by. 

It isn't only rocks, though, or molotov cocktails, in this non-stop war of attrition waged by the Ummah against the Jews of Israel.  It isn't only the rockets, from Jihad Armed Camp Gaza.  It's also knives, in sneak attacks on a Friday evening in Jerusalem, as we see in my second item, from Israel National News, Elad Benari reporting.

'Arabs Stab 35 Year Old Man in Jerusalem'.

Translation: 'Muslims Stab 35 Year Old Jew in Jerusalem'. - CM

'Two Arabs (two Arab Muslims; I would bet on it, that they are Muslims - CM)  stab and wound a 35 year old Jewish man as he makes his way towards his home in Jerusalem.

'A 35 year old Jeiwsh man was stabbed and moderately wounded on Friday evening at the Ras al-Amud Square in eastern Jerusalem.

'On Friday evening'.  In any Islamised portion of the globe, Friday evening is one of the most dangerous times for non-Muslims  for the Muslims have been attending 'Friday prayers' at the mosque and are all fired up. - CM

'An initial investigation found that the man was making his way with a friend from the Western Wall to his house, when suddenly two Arabs attacked them and stabbed the man in the back.  (I'll bet it was two Arab Muslims: the modus operandi - ambush, a back-stabbing - is very typical of Muslim mobsters, all over the world  - CM) His friend managed to escape

'Magen David Adom paramedics who were called to the scene gave the man medical treatment and then took him to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in the city.

'Police are searching for the two suspects and said that the incident is nationalistically motivated.

'Nationalistically?'.  No.  I'd say, Islamically motivated.  Just one more skirmish in the Jihad Against the Jews. - CM

'Arab stabbing attacks (that is, Muslim stabbing attacks on Jews - CM) in Jerusalem are not new.  In September a terrorist (would-be jihadist - CM) was arrested at the Hizme checkpoint in northern Jerusalem, after Border Police found a large kitchen knife in the man's possession.  

'The man admitted that he had planned to stab hitchhikers (Jewish hitchhikers - CM) at the Hizme station.  When he failed to find any hitchhikers there, he decided to try and stab a policeman (sic: a Jewish policeman was what he was after, betcha - CM).

'In another incident in June, an Arab (probably Arab Muslim - CM) man tried to stab a security guard at the Jerusalem Light Rail station in the French HIll neighbourhood.  The man took out a pair of scissors and tried to stab one of the guards, but his colleagues drew their guns and managed to overtake the Arab (Muslim - CM).  No-one was hurt....'.

There were Comments to this article.  Comment number 3 remarked sarcastically, re. the bit about 'nationalistically motivated' - "Horse pucky!!  It was RELIGIOUSLY perpetrated. Good MUSLIMS kill Jews.  It's not good arabs, it's RELIGIOUS MUSLIMS.  When can we all start dealing with the truth???".  

When, indeed?

And so to our final item, a Muslim riot in Jerusalem, in which the Muslims stabbed one police officer and wounded nine others with rocks.  Our source is again the Israel National News online. - CM

'Border Guard Stabbed, 9 Cops Injured in Jerusalem Riot'.

Translation: 'Jerusalem: Muslims Riot, Stab Border Guard, Injure 9 Cops With Rocks'. - CM

'A Border Guards officer was stabbed Tuesday night when Arabs (Arab Muslims - CM) in the Shuafat area of Jerusalem rioted.

When and where do Muslims not riot? It seems to be something they do at a moment's notice.  Want to put google into overdrive?  Enter 'Muslim riot' or 'Muslims riot' as your search term...- CM

'A Border Guards officer was wounded Tuesday night when Arabs in the Shuafat area of Jerusalem rioted.  

'The officer was stabbed by one of the rioters.

Let's put that in the active voice, shall we? "One of the Muslim rioters stabbed the officer." - CM

'At least seven other officers were injured by rocks thrown by the rioters.

Again, I'm done with the passive voice. Rewrite.  'The rioters also threw rocks at police officers, injuring at least seven'. - CM

'Two of the officers, including the stabbing victim, were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, as was the attacker who allegedly stabbed the officer.

Injured resisting arrest, eh?  Serves him right. - CM

'Police and Border Guards were attempting to quell the riot.  Police arrested a 17 year old Arab rioter (I'll bet he's an Arab Muslim - CM) in connection with the stabbing.  At least one rock thrower was arrested as well.

Curiously enough, this Muslim riot in Jerusalem kicked off on the same day as two attacks on the border with jihad armed camp Gaza, as this same report proceeds to tell us:

'Earlier Tuesday, three IDF soldiers were moderately injured when an explosive device went off near the Gaza border fence as they were on patrol...

'Reports said that there was heavy gunfire between IDF soldiers and terrorists (sic: 'Muslim jihad terror raiders' - CM) on the Gaza side of the fence [on] Tuesday".

Ynet, Noam (Dabul) Dvir reporting, provided a few more details on the Shuafat riot, here:,7340,L-4301995,00.html

'10 Border Guard officers injured in Shufat'.

'Two officers sustain moderate wounds, eight sustain light injuries while arresting suspects in Palestinian refugee camp [in local Arab Muslim settlement - CM]; teen who stabbed one of the officers injured during arrest'.

'A Border Guard officer was moderately injured on Tuesday after being stabbed at the Shufat refugee camp (sic: Arab Muslim settlement - CM) in northern Jerusalem.

'Another officer who was hit by an object hurled at him sustained moderate wounds and eight others were lightly injured by stones.

Translation: the Arab Muslims hurled objects, including rocks, at the officers, moderately wounding one and lightly injuring eight others. - CM

'All 10 were taken to hospitals in Jerusalem.  According to the Border Guard, the victims are undercover officers who were injured while making arrests inside the refugee camp.

It's not a 'refugee camp' in any meaningful sense of the word.  It's an Arab Muslim settlement, or suburb.- CM

'An initial investigation suggests that the stabbed officer was assaulted while arresting a 17 year old Palestinian (sic: a 17 year old 'Palestinian' Arab Muslim - CM) who was later taken to hospital for injuries he sustained during the event.  Another Palestinian (sic: i.e.  ''another 'Palestinian' Arab Muslim' - CM) was arrested for hurling stones.

'The Border Guard's spokesman said that, "A force was making an arrest inside the refugee camp.  As the officers left the camp they were pelted with stones.  (This is the sort of thing that Muslims tend to do to non-Muslim law enforcement officers, all over the world, when they enter what Muslims regard as 'Muslim' turf in pursuit of Muslim suspects/ perpetrators.  Police in Australia, France and Scandinavia have all had the same bitter experience of the Muslim insta-mob, when engaged in pursuing and/ or arresting Muslim suspects. - CM)

"At the same time a Palestinian suspect approached the force and stabbed one of the officers in his back.

Always with the back stabbing, as well as the rock throwing.  It's a Muslim thing. - CM

"He was arrested and taken in for questioning."...

There were Comments to this article, also.  Comment # 6 remarked:

"And now they are rioting in Ein Kerem.  Now some relatives of this breed have broken into the Ein Kerem Hospital to continue rioting there...".  

And that, too, is not the first time, whether in Israel or in other countries, that the Muslim mob has invaded a hospital and behaved in a disruptive, threatening and violent manner, after their own - and/ or the victim/s of same - have been admitted there. 

One of my reasons for crossposting and discussing these items about the jihad-by-attrition in Israel, is so that readers from other parts of the world - from as far away as Scandinavia, or France, or India, or Thailand, or Australia - may see that the way they have seen Muslims behaving more and more within their (the non-Muslim readers') own lands, is very similar to the way that many Muslims tend to behave in Israel. - CM

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