Tuesday, 13 November 2012
Muslim gang 'white rape' claim prompts row

From the BBC

Tory MP Kris Hopkins has sparked a row in the Commons by claiming gangs of Muslim men are raping white "kids". The Keighley MP claimed police had felt they needed "permission" to go after abusers due to "political correctness".

He said MPs should not avoid talking about the issue or the BNP and others will hijack it. Mr Hopkins insisted he had been right to raise the issue, telling MPs: "Time and time again it's a white girl being raped by Muslim men and if we deny that fact in this House then the BNP and everybody else climbs on board . . . We shouldn't get away from the fact that there are gangs of Muslim men going round and raping white kids".

He said the previous MP in his constituency - Labour's Ann Cryer - was right to raise similar concerns.

But Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi warned about "playing into the hands" of far right groups with such accusations. She said the fact that the victims of abuse were white - in the cases Mr Hopkins was referring to - was "coincidental not deliberate . . . the common factors in all cases of abuse was the vulnerability of the victims and the fact that the perpetrators were 'nearly all men'. . . They (the victims) are always young girls, or young boys, or children and... the victims in these cases are always the vulnerable ones. It's never the child who has got a secure happy family life,"

Last year, Ann Cryer said she had been made aware of a problem in her constituency in 2003 after she was approached by about six mothers who said their daughters were being groomed for sex by Pakistani men. She said she tried to intercede with the community by asking a councillor to speak to Muslim elders, but they said it was not their affair.

Posted on 11/13/2012 3:42 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
14 Nov 2012
Christina McIntosh

 Add Mr Kris Hopkins to The List: the small and select list of the Potentially Educable.

All Islamoleery British who may read this: write to him. Commend him. Thank him.  And when you write, commend him for raising awareness of the unpleasant fact that Muslim men are targeting underage and vulnerable non-Muslim, or kuffar, girls.  For that is the terminology he needs to start using: 'Muslim men' and 'non-Muslim girls'. For that is what is relevant to this phenomenon: the Muslimness of the men, the nonmuslimness of the girls. 

And tell MP Hopkins that the same thing has been happening in the Netherlands: Muslim men (there, Moroccan and Turkish Msulims), called (ironically) 'loverboys', 'grooming' and sexually abusing vulnerable non-Muslim Dutch girls.  

And for an even wider perspective, tell MP Hopkins what  Muslims have been doing for decades to Coptic Christian girls - not only 'vulnerable' girls from broken families, but girls and women from stable church-going families - in Egypt, and what Muslims have been doing to Christian and Hindu girls and women, both minors and even married women - in Islamic Pakistan, and what Muslims have been doing to vulnerable Jewish girls in Israel; and the 'marriage jihad' in India.  All of it involving Muslim male sexual targeting and abuse of non-Muslim females.  Some of it involves out and out rape (the gang rapes of Aussie girls by Lebanese Muslim and Pakistani Muslim gangs in Australia some years ago) and the simple discarding of the victim afterwards; some involves 'grooming' of the female for her subsequent use as a sex slave/ prostitute; and sometimes there is seduction into 'marriage' (after which the woman  finds herself trapped in a hell of severe mental and physical abuse - see Chesler's 'My Afghan Captivity' and Betty Mahmoudy's 'Not Without My Daughter' for that particular paradigm).  In majority-Muslim countries - e.g. Pakistan, Egypt - the girls and women are often simply snatched off the street or even out of the family home at gunpoint and later gloatingly paraded as 'converts' to Islam, usually 'married' to their kidnapper-rapists.  You might mention Anila and Saba Masih (look them up; the British Pakistani Christian Association could surely supply a long, dismal list of names of kidnapped-and-abused girls, both Christian and Hindu).

19 Nov 2012
Send an emailanon

Ordinary folk are not fools they know exactly what is going on. 

First: while there are rapists/pedophiles in every community, they generally do not discriminate with respect to their choice of victim or target any group in particular. Secondly: the authorities do not use the anti-discrimination laws to cover for them..This is what makes this Rochdale rape crime & Co particularly disturbing.

There is a pattern of  serial crime backed up by similar fact evidence. All the girls were Non Muslim, mostly indigenous. The criminals were overwhelmingly all from the same background or ethnic group and of same religion.They were all adult men with an age range of between the twenties right up to sixty or more. Some were married with children of their own!!! Others were running businesses and there was even a cleric. As such, the crimes were well Organized.

This alleged fear of BNP or racism is neither here nor there and is quite frankly, spineless and a major cause for concern. The targeting of Non Muslim underage girls and young women by Muslim criminal gangs is not just happening in the UK it is happening all over Europe! This trend is not a  coincidence! .

The most scandalous part was the cover up by the state which meant it was allowed to continue unabated for years longer than it should with the number of victims growing.  Either the state were incompetent or complicit. Either way they are liable as it is them who have the duty to protect the  young and vulnerable against hostile predatory forces. Any nation that is unable or unwilling to do that will soon perish!

Organized rape is an act of war and has been defined as such by the Geneva Convention, in addition to being a crime against humanity!

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