Wednesday, 14 November 2012
Nabokov And Can Grande Della Scala

In the note I just posted on Petraeus and latinized last names -- Scaliger, Berzelius, Linnaeus -- I put "Can Grande Della Scala" and "Vladimir Nabokov" in among the tags.

Why? you ask.

Oh, because in an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk about forty years ago Vladimir Nabokov  noted that among his ancestors was Can Grande Dellla Scala, to whom Dante owed so much:

"My  grandmother's  paternal ancestors, the von Korffs, are
traceable to the fourteenth century,  while  on  their  distaff
side  there  is  a long line of von Tiesenhausens, one of whose
ancestors was Engelbrecht von Tiesenhausen of Liviand who  took
part,  around  1200,  in the Third and Fourth Crusades. Another
direct ancestor of mine was Can Grande della Scala,  Prince  of
Verona,  who  sheltered  the exiled Dante Alighieri, and whose
blazon (two big dogs holding a ladder)  adorns  Boccaccio's
Decameron (1353). Della Scala's granddaughter   Beatrice  
married, in  1370,  Wilhelm  Count Oettingen, grandson of fat 
Bolko the Third,  Duke  of  Silesia. Their daughter married a 
von Waldburg, and three Waldburgs, one Kittlitz,  two  Polenzes
and  ten Osten-Sackens later, Wilhelm Carl von Korff and Eleonor
von der Osten-Sacken  engendered  my paternal  grandmother's 
grandfather, Nicolaus, killed in battleon June 12, 1812. 
His wife, my grandmother's grandmother Antoinette Graun, was 
the granddaughter ofthe composer Carl Heinrich Graun (1701-1759).

That's why.

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14 Nov 2012
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