Wednesday, 14 November 2012
Paul Keating, Former Aussie PM Now Posing As Elder Statesman, Who Has Not, Seemingly, Read Quran, Sira or Hadith, nor V S Naipaul nor C S Hurgronje, Urges Australia to Become Muslim Indonesia's Dhimmi Client

As reported this morning by Australia's ABC.

'Keating Urges Australia To Focus On Indonesia'

If he was merely warning us to keep a wary weather eye on what we are so often told is 'the world's most populous Muslim country' and to deploy a long spoon and a taqiyya-tuned ear when engaging in unavoidable dealings with same, that would be one thing.  But he is not. - CM

'Former prime minister Paul Keating says Australia needs to dramatically improve its relationship with Indonesia and stop being subservient to the United States'.

Really?  So we should distance ourselves from our largest non-Muslim ally, and instead start being subservient to a dangerous, corrupt, majority-Muslim, Muslim-dominated and steadily-sharia-izing entity within which Christians, Hindus and Buddhists have been and are being relentlessly marginalized and persecuted and (in terrifying pogroms in various parts during the 1960s, 1970s and 1990s) mass-murdered?  - CM

'Mr Keating delivered the Keith Murdoch Oration in Melbourne last night, with a speech titled "Asia in the new order: Australia's diminishing sphere of influence'.

We never had much of a sphere of influence, because we are and will remain - being the driest inhabited continent - a small to middle rank country in terms of population.  And: I would like to know precisely what he means by 'new order'. - CM

'Before making the speech, he spoke to Lateline, and said Indonesia should become Australia's most important strategic relationship.

They are dominated by Islam.  Any 'relationship' with them should be conducted at arm's length, watchful for the knife under the cloak; for we are kuffar and they are Muslim.  

Read the Quran, Mr Keating; read the Sira, and take a look at some of the Hadiths, and at Al-Tabari.  And then read Bassam Tibi, and Majid Khadduri, 'War and Peace in the Law of Islam'.  

Then, Mr Keating, read C S Hurgronje, 'The Acehnese', especially the discussion of Jihad.  And read Mark Durie, 'The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom'; for it is either de facto dhimmitude that you, Mr Keating, appear to be urging upon us or, if not dhimmitude, the assumption de facto of a role approximating dar al sulh, 'house of treaty', which can describe a non-Muslim-populated area 'ruled and administered by its local political structure, but [that] acknowledged itself as a subject [of Muslims/ some Muslim entity - CM] through the payment of tribute', or else can describe 'non-Muslim territory that had concluded an armistice with Muslims and had agreed to protect Muslims and their interest within its borders' (these definitions provided, respectively, by  Bernard Lewis in 'The political language of Islam' and by sly apologist for Islam John Esposito in an entry in ' The Oxford Dictionary of Islam').

Personally I think Julia Gillard is showing more sense, by making strong overtures to Mother India...who still has a terrible problem with a massive Muslim Fifth Column, and needs to lose a dangerously dhimmified frame of mind, but is infinitely preferable as a friend and ally and trading partner - being a relatively-free majority non-Muslim secular state and sister Commonwealth country -  to either sinister Muslim Indonesia, or to deeply-unfree post-Mao China.  And I would like to see our good friend the USA freed of its dangerous all-too-dhimmi-like entanglements with Muslim Pakistan, and Muslim Indonesia, and developing a better relationship with majority non-Muslim India, as well. - CM

'He said the current relationship had no structure or coherence and was full of transactional issues like live cattle exports and refugee management.

Muslim Indonesia will never seriously lift a finger to prevent the hegira of Muslim 'refugees', mostly males of military age, passing on by into Infidel Australia.  Any more than Muslim Turkey has any interest in preventing floods of fellow Muslims - mostly males of military age - from entering, or more correctly, invading and colonising, Greece, and so, Europe.   That's why there is a problem with refugee management . As for the viciously cruel treatment meted out to the live cattle we foolishly and greedily sell them: obscene cruelty, both to animals and to humans, especially non-Muslim humans, is one of the constants and defining marks of dar al Islam, and we should stop selling the live cattle, because there is no way that the Indonesian Muslims, or any other Muslims whom we currently allow to buy our livestock, will stop doing what they do to them.- CM

"Our natural stamping ground is South East Asia", he told Latelilne.

Really? One might just as easily look east to the Christian island nations of the Pacific - and to our old friend the USA.  Or west / northwest, across the Indian Ocean, to non-Muslim Sri Lanka and India, or to the majority-Christian nations of East Africa, three of them our Commonwealth sisters.  But as for south-east Asia: discernment is necessary.  There are the relatively-free and non-Muslim (Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and tiny East Timor, but lately freed from Muslim domination and ruination, to whom we owe a debt of honour for their sheltering of our servicemen during World War II) and the non-Muslim and unfree (Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar); there is fragile little Cambodia; and then there are the sinister Muslim entities - Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia.  The Muslim entities should never be viewed as potential friends or allies, for - from their own side, from the ideology that suffuses them - they cannot and will not be any sort of friend or ally to a non-Muslim nation. -  CM

"The effort we should be making is with the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).  In fact, I'm suggesting in the speech we should be a member of ASEAN."

If we did join ASEAN, our policy should be to always side with the non-Muslim nations among them; to befriend and encourage those who are both (relatively) free and non-Muslim; and to avoid entanglements with the unfree, especially those that are Muslim. - CM

"We should be redoubling our efforts on the bilateral relationship with Indonesia.  Where Indonesia goes strategically, so go we, in which case the rise of that great state is centrally important.  Our strategic bread is entirely buttered on the Indonesian archipelago."

And if they Go Sharia and Go Jihad, as is entirely possible and probable, what then, Mr Keating?  How much time has Mr Keating been spending, lately, with Indonesian Muslim taqiyya-masters?  - CM

"This is at our neighbourhood, this is at our doorstep - rather than simply trying to second guess the Americans and the Chinese about the South China Sea or North Asia".

'Mr Keating says Australia will always be friends with the United States, but the strategic power of the west is diminishing.

Due largely to self-inflicted wounds.  And so Mr Keating, rather Muslim-like, is looking about for the next 'strong horse' to back?  One could always, of course, instead, seek rather to identify and activate the formidable powers of regeneration that can be discerned within the civilisational genetic code of 'the west', but that - it seems - would be too much like hard work. - CM

'He argues that Australian acquiescence to US foreign policy demands during the governments of former prime ministers John Howard, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard has damaged Australian independence and hurt relations with Asia.

Define 'Asia', Mr Keating.  Who precisely do you mean by 'Asia'? For Buddhist and free Japan and South Korea and Taiwan are different from and deeply wary of communist and unfree and aggressive China and North Korea, and different from  those other unfree communist states Vietnam and Laos; Buddhist Cambodia is different again, and then free and non-Muslim Singapore and the Philippines and Thailand are different again, and then there is the slightly-starting-to-unbend non-Muslim military dictatorship in Buddhist Myanmar within which a Muslim Jihad appears to be kicking off...And then there are the wholly-not-to-be-trusted-by-any-Infidel Muslim entities, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia.  That is how I parse eastern and south-eastern 'Asia'.  Our primary interest, being free and non-Muslim, is therefore or should be with those that are also free and non-Muslim. - CM

"I think that we are far too deferential to what we see as the proclivities of US foreign policy vis a vis our own", he said.

But ironically enough, our cozying up to our nearest large Muslim neighbour (within which, it so happens, the current US president spent his earliest childhood, and of which it seems his fondest memory is the sound of the muezzin's wail) is, at the moment, given Obama's record of fawning appeasement of the dar al Islam, just as unthinking a replication of  US foreign policy as anything else we have ever engaged in..And because of the nature of Islam, deadly dangerous, more dangerous than anything else we have ever done. - CM

"Not knowing when to strike out on your own, not knowing when to map out your prerogatives and where the lines are all blurred with their own.  Howard described himself as a deputy sheriff, remember this, in Asia.

"In the WikiLeaks cables, the Chinese discovered that Kevin Rudd was urging the Americans to keep the military option open against them. This is hardly a friendly gesture.

WikiLeaks seems to me to be a classic case of 'loose lips sink ships'.  But knowing that Mr Rudd said that, gives me a higher, not a lower, estimation of him.  It seems that Mr Rudd possesses a glimmering of commonsense and that, during his time of study under the scholar who wrote 'Chinese Shadows', he may actually have learned something.  As for 'friendly gestures': what sort of friendly gesture to a large, totalitarian, corrupt and basically unfree society, that is still periodically putting its indigenous Christians in prison, will be interpreted as anything but craven appeasement?   - CM

'And of course we had President Obama make an aggressive anti-Chinese speech fundamentally in our parliamentary chamber, the so-called pivot speech."

Mr Keating: one can suck up to China - which is barely keeping a lid on its 'restive' Muslim minority in Sinkiang/ Xinjiang - or to the local manifestation of the OIC in the person of Muslim Indonesia.  But not both simultaneously (and the impossibility of doing both, is perhaps indicated by the fact that an eagerly-Muslim-appeasing President Obama could, seemingly, make an 'aggressive anti-Chinese speech').  Myself, I do not fancy doing either. - CM

"We're in the lee of the great whoosh of American policy making for good or for bad - we have been.  Now, we're entitled to pick the eyes out of it, but we should not expect to be taken for bunnies".

So you are proposing that we attach ourselves to post-Mao China and/ or to Muslim Indonesia, instead?. I tell you, Mr Keating, if we get ourselves even more entangled with and appeasing of Muslim Indonesia than we already - foolishly - are, then the word for us will not be 'bunnies', but...dhimmis. We will end up as de facto or (in time, if things do not change) de jure dhimmis, and that is a fate worse than death

I wonder whether Mr Keating has even heard of the word 'dhimmi'; or of other words, like 'jihad', 'sharia', 'jizya', and 'sulh'.  If he knew anything at all about Islam, and what it teaches about fhe general impermissibility of friendships, alliances and agreements between Muslim and non-Muslim entities - and that such agreements may only be entered into temporarily and for Muslim advantage, and may be broken as and when the Muslim side sees greater advantage from breaking them than from keeping them, the ultimate aim always being the achievement and maintenance of permanent and total Muslim dominance over non-Muslims - he would not be saying any of this.  Or if he does know, and is still saying it, then he is dangerous.  Either way, I would say to today's Australian politicians, whether incumbent or aspiring: ignore him.  We cannot be allies with Muslim Indonesia.  We cannot be friends.  As and when they feel able, they will do us down: for they are Muslims, and we are Infidels.

There is another book that Mr Keating should have read, but seemingly has not. Two books, both of which have very illuminating and disturbing chapters on Muslim Indonesia, and Muslim Malaysia, as well as on Muslim Iran and Muslim Pakistan.  V S Naipaul's 'Among the Believers', and its sequel, written ten years later, a sort of 'where have they got to now?', 'Beyond Belief'.

In 'Among the Believers', V S Naipaul visited a pesantren, the Indonesian version of a madrasa, or Islamic 'school'/ indoctrination centre, in Pabelan, in Java, Indonesia.  In Java, I stress, the pivotal island politically and economically; not in Aceh which is the most obviously fanatically Muslim of the various islands of the East Indies.  In the late 1970s.  There he recorded this exchange, initiated after someone observed, of one of the students, 'He's from Timor'.

"Prasojo was interested. 'Which one?' (i.e. from East or West Timor; this was during the mass-murderous Indonesian imperial occupation of East Timor - CM).

"Timor", said Taufiq, and laughed.  "Our newest colony.  Soon we'll be colonizing Australia".

Mr Keating may choose to ignore a throwaway line like that.  Knowing what  I know about the jIhad imperative within Islam, I do not. - CM

Posted on 11/14/2012 1:13 PM by Christina McIntosh
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