Thursday, 15 November 2012
Turn Kensington into a war zone.

In the wake of Israel's efforts to defend herself against constant attacks from Gaza anti Israel and/or anti Jewish demonstrations have been called in many cities outside Israel and the Middle East. One such was called for this evening in West London near the site of the Israeli Embassy in West London. Another demonstration is due in Cardiff on Saturday and a vigil in Wrexham. Wrexham is a market town in North Wales notable for a cornflake factory and a football team which now plays in the Conference League. Quite how the local branch of Barclays Bank will compare with the Israeli Embassy in London I am sure the good people of the town will find out.

The call to demonstrate in the Kensington district of London was a violent one, which is why the publishers of Indymedia hid it quickly.

"Israel has just attacked Gaza so we are calling on everyone to get down to Kensington High street for 5:30pm tonight for a big riot. Bring petrol bombs rocks etc.Turn Kensington into a war zone!"

Plenty of demonstrators have turned up but there was also a good turn out of supporters of Israel. A friend of mine attended and filmed them. He caught a good humoured and stalwart group of people some with Israeli flags, some with Union Jacks.

 At the moment only the London Evening Standard has a official report, here. There are unconfirmed reports that there has been friction between the Muslim opponents of Israel and the left-wing opponents of Israel. Hopefully the authorities will deal tomorrow with whoever it was trying to incite violence - it certainly wasn't the Israel supporters.

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15 Nov 2012
Christina McIntosh

 Good to hear that the friends of Israel were out there taking a stand.

Time for every Islamoaware person within the West to make like a Gharqad Tree, and close ranks around the embassies, consulates, synagogues, schools, homes, businesses and other institutions of our Jewish neighbours.

Let the Jew-haters, whether Muslim or dhimmi, whenever they turn up, find that the Friends of Zion are there: standing in between the genocidal Jihad, and the Jews.

Something else that all of us can do, in all of our countries.

1/ telephone or email the Israeli diplomatic representative in our respective countries (I, for example, had better send off a quick email to the Israeli Ambassador in Australia) expressing wholehearted and unequivocal support of Israel's right to defend itself against the genocidally-Jew-hating jihad gangsters of Jihad Armed Camp Gaza.  If non-Jewish, identify as such.

Then, if the Jew-haters in our own governments haul the Israeli ambassador in to berate him or her about what is being done to those pooor, pooor lil 'Palestinians' in Gaza (cue the world's smallest violin), the Israeli ambassador will be able to smile sweetly and point out that in the past 24 hours, or whatever, the Israeli embassy in-tray has been simply *jammed* with expressions of support from individual Australian/ Canadian/ US/ British citizens, the vast majority of them non-Jewish..would you like to read a few of them, sir or madam?.

The Israeli embassies will already, I fear, have been inundated with Hate Mail.  They will be on high alert.

Let's see if we can't send them a flood of Love Mail that will drown out the Hate Mail.

2/ We should contact our heads of state and our foreign ministers to tell them exactly the same thing: that we view Israel's assault upon Jihad Armed Camp Gaza as wholly justified and justifiable, an act of long-overdue self-defence.

I will be writing forthwith to my Prime Minister, to the Head of the Opposition, and to the Foreign Minister and his Shadow on the Opposition Bench.

Since Australia has gained access to the UN Security Council, I will emphasise in my letters to Aussie politicians, that in that Council our representative should defy the Islamintern and unconditionally support Israel's right of self-defence against the Jihad.

And keep an eye open.

All over the West, those of us who are Friends of Zion should be on the alert;  if pro-Israel rallies are organised in our neighbourhoods, we should do our level best to attend.