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Wednesday, 21 November 2012
A Small Glimmer of Light in the City of Light (Now Increasingly Darkened by Islam); 1000+ Jews, and Some Righteous Gentiles, Rally To Support Israel

As reported by Nadav Shemer for Jerusalem Post.

'Parisians Rally In Solidarity With Israel'

'Over a thousand people gathered outside Israeli Embassy in a peaceful demonstration supporting Operation Pillar of Defense.

'PARIS - A couple of thousand people gathered outside the Israeli Embassy in Paris, Tuesday evening, in a peaceful demonstration supporting the country during Operation Pillar of Defense.

'As dozens of policemen in riot gear patrolled the adjacent Champs Elysees (and since the Jews and those Righteous Gentiles who had stepped forward to stand with them, were not likely to riot, why, pray, did the French authorities need those riot police? - we all know the answer...the fear that the Mohammedan mobs who swarm in Paris might riot, and attack those who were defying the Jihad by standing up for Israel. - CM), Jewish community leaders, local politicians and representatives of pro-Israel groups took to the stage to denounce Hamas rocket attacks and call for the French government to back the Jewish state.

'the demonstration was organized by the French Jewish umbrella organization, CRIF, and several other community groups, including B'nai Brith.

'French Chief Rabbi Gilles Bernheim came to the microphone first, delivering a poetic speech about "friends and family living for years to the rhythm of missiles and sirens."

'Addressing all of France's rabbis and imams, he said that if they chose to invoke the situation in the Middle East during their sermons, they must do so with respect for the gravity of the situation.

Nonsensical moral equivalence, alas.  There is not the remotest possibility that any rabbi in France would tell young Jewish men to rise up and attack Muslims on the street, or burn or bomb mosques; but there is every possibility  that there are imams and other Muslim 'clerics' in France who are - behind closed doors - openly and explicitly egging on Muslim men, resident within France, to emulate Mohammed Merah and attack Jews, any Jews, anywhere. - CM

'Claude Goasguen, mayor of the 16th arrondissement - an area of Paris with a large Jewish population - was one of several speakers to criticize French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius for his alleged failure to back Israel unequivocally.  Each mention of Fabius's name elicited jeers from a large proportion of the crowd.

'Other speakers included the president of the Society of Armenian Support for Israel, who declared that "Israel is not a terrorist state", before shouting, "Am Yisrael Hai!" (the people of Israel live) into the microphone.

'The crowd, which numbered around 2,000 according to a local television crew, contained a diverse mix of young and old.

'Many waved Israeli and French flags, or held placards with the message that France and other Western nations must support Israel and confront terrorism.

It's a start, I guess.  But we will know we are getting somewhere when a rally like this is a sea of posters proclaiming that France and other Western nations must support Israel and resist the Jihad. - CM

'Annabelle Timsit, a recent high school graduate who works at the Paris Holocaust Memorial, told The Jerusalem Post that she hoped people of all religions would come to show their support for the fact that Israel was defending itself and not attacking poor civilians, "as the media would lilke us to believe".

'Meir Djeb was there along with several other members of the Federation of Black Jews, an organization representing Paris's approximately 250 black Jewish families.  The group's members come mainly from Israel (where they would be Falasha from Ethiopia; one of the young yeshiva students massacred by a Muslim jihad terror raider in Jerusalem some years ago, was of Ethiopian extraction - CM), Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cote d'Ivoire and Nigeria.  

The last-four named countries of origin are somewhat surprising.  It is possible that rather than being Falasha, the 'black Jews' of Africa with roots going back over a millennium, these people may be recent African converts to Judaism.  A much braver and more imaginative choice, than converting to Islam, the religion of the Arab and Arabised slave-lords who have terrorised and ruined black Africa for 1200 years and counting. - CM

"We are united behind the Israeli people and Tzahal [the Israel Defense Force]" Djeb told the Post.  "It is very important that all of Europe knows that the real terrorists are Hamas".

Let us hope that this rally is a harbinger of better and bigger things to come; and in particular, let us hope that non-Muslim black immigrants may pay attention to what the 'black Jews' are saying, and that Annabelle Timsit's call for persons of all faiths (she had better, rather, have summoned all non-Muslims) to come and stand with Israel, and to recognise that Israel is simply defending itself, will be heeded.  It would be good to see Catholic Antilleans, and ex-Muslim Berbers, and Hindus from French Guiana and Mauritius and Buddhists from among France's Indochinese community, and the large Coptic emigre community, and native French Catholics and Reformed Protestants, turning out in force, together with nonreligious French who have done their homework  - as Robert Redeker did - and recognised the meaning and menace of Islam.  When we see on the Champs Elysees a rally not of some two thousand, but of tens of thousands, Jews protectively surrounded by ten or twenty times their number of non-Jews, holding up banners that say, 'Support Israel. Defeat Jihad', or 'Support Israel.  Resist Jihad', or 'Je suis un arbre Gharkad',, or 'Nous sommes toute Israel', then we will know that there is hope for France and for the soul of France.

Posted on 11/21/2012 6:29 PM by Christina McIntosh
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