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Muslim Suburban Jihad in French Hill, Jerusalem; Just Part of the Story That Our Western Journalists Seldom Deign to Mention

The group of reports from the Israeli English-language press to which I now draw attention record individual incidents that are part of what must be called a Muslim war of attrition against Jews within Israel, and specifically, in this case, Jerusalem's French Hill neighbourhood.  

These incidents - arson, and a stabbing, and the daily smaller uglinesses that are described within the first account  by an exasperated Jewish resident of the neighbourhood - took place before Hamas began firing huge volleys of rockets at Israel and before Israel belatedly responded to that attack; and they will, I have no doubt, continue, growing steadily worse, unless and until real and harsh consequences are imposed upon the Muslim rock-throwers, arsonists and would-be murderers, than are being imposed at the present time.   This situation is not unique to Israel, either; I am sure that our Indian non-Muslim readers, and those from France, for example, will find the attitudes and actions here described to be all too wearily reminiscent of the kind of thing that they themselves are enduring from Muslims.

First, from Israel National News, Gil Ronen and Hezki Ezra reporting, earlier this month.

'Exclusive Video: Arabs Torch Jewish Neighbors' Cars'

Alternatively: 'Muslims Torch Jewish Neighbors' Cars' - CM

'Security camera captures Arab terror act (that is, 'Arab Muslim terror act' - CM) in Jerusalem's French Hill.

'A security camera installed by Victor Chernovsky, a resident of French Hill in Jerusalem, captured three Arabs (that is, three Arab Muslims; I'd bet money they were Muslims, not Christians, though they could be from deeply-dhimmified Islamochristian families, currying favour with their Muslim masters by hating on the Jews - CM) in the act of setting fire to the Chernovsky family's cars, Tuesday night.

"Last night at 10:40, in the Tzameret neighbourhood, which is a part of French Hill, my wife and i had gone to sleep, and so had the kids", Chernovsky told Arutz Sheva.  "Suddenly I heard the dogs barking, and there was an explosion.  We already had something like this happen last year, and we installed a camera, and it transmits a picture that we can see on our iPhones."

'Chernovsky described daily harassment by Arab neighbours (that should probably read, 'by Arab Muslim neighbours' - CM).

"They constantly throw rocks at us in the wadi.  All the time. Children aged 8 or 9 pelt us with rocks and above them, the Border Police stand there; and they [the Muslim mini-bullies - CM] curse and laugh at them.

"They set off fireworks at 11 pm or 12 midnight.  It's impossible to live here.

"They threw a rock at my wife's car when she was inside with two grandmothers.  Then on March 8, international women's day, they gave her a 'gift' and burned her car".

"I have great appreciation for the police", he said earnestly.  "They come and they do what they can, which is not much.  These guys are maybe 18 or 20 and they escape into the village.  And if police try to go into the village, it is like Gaza.  Every police car that goes in is pelted with a hail of rocks.

"So the question is, is this a part of Jerusalem or not?

The answer to that, Mr Chernovsky, is that it is a part of the land of Israel that the local Arab Muslims are working hard to turn into Dar al Islam. And if Israeli law enforcement does not come down on this Muslim mayhem soon, and hard, like a ton of bricks, then Israel will lose this piece of ground, and it will be difficult to get back. - CM

"Are we being slowly driven out of here?

Yes, Mr Chernovsky, you are; unless you and the other Jews, and Israeli law enforcement, fight back.  Driving you out is precisely the intention of the Muslims, just as it was the intention of the Muslims who took over large areas of the western suburbs of Sydney, in Australia, and drove out little old ladies from their homes and forced them to sell up cheap (to Muslims) and flee, by bullying them in exactly the way that the Muslims in French Hill are bullying you.   As described in the classic Sydney Morning Herald article by Paul Sheehan, on 13 August 2006:

Sheehan's friend Judith,  who "managed an agency helping war widows...encountered 'dozens' of cases where people were harassed by Muslim neighbours who wanted them gone.  'It was common', she told me. 'A lot of these ladies couldn't take it, and moved out.  It happened in Campsie, Belmore, Lakemba, Bankstown, Punchbowl...

"It was everything...throwing rubbish over the fence, screaming abuse, blocking the driveways, knocking fences down.  One guy would throw coffee grains on the window and bottles on the roof late at night...I confronted some of them, and the men would call me a lot of names, mostly in Arabic." 

And so, back to Mr Chernovsky, in French Hill, Jerusalem. - CM

"My neighbours have left.  And we feel like we are hostages of the [Arab/ Muslim - CM] village.  They can walk around freely and receive employment and we can't enter their village".

And that is the fundamental problem.  Muslim non-reciprocity, and people being afraid to 'call' them out on it.  Muslims go into a place inhabited by Jews, and throw rocks, and burn cars; but woe betide an ordinary Jew who dares set foot in the Arab Muslim village!   It seems to be taken for granted by so many who push for a '2 state solution' that any future Arab (and, therefore, Islamic, there is no way it won't be) State of 'Palestine', that such a state will be pristinely Judenrein, like most other Arab Islamic states have become by the expedient of killing or driving out all the ancient Jewish communities that once lived within them; yet those same proponents of the 2 state solution would be horrified by the idea of an Israel that did not have lots of Muslims living inside its borders,  and would be even more horrified by the very idea that any non-Muslim state, anywhere in the world, might try to hinder or halt Muslim immigration or even - driven to distraction by the ceaselessly pullulating jihad plots that every Muslim colony throughout the world is throwing up, and by all the other misconduct of the kind Sheehan's friend saw Muslims getting up to in Sydney, and that Chernovsky and his Jewish neighbours are suffering from Muslims in Jerusalem - consider the expulsion of some or all of those Muslims already present. - CM

'Chernovsky said that other news outlets were not interested in the story.

'French Hill is a mostly Jewish neighbourhood in the northeast part of Jerusalem, and is home to many students fromt he nearby Hebrew University campus, who rent apartments in the neighbourhood.

'In recent years, several Arab (sic: probably, more accurately, 'Arab Muslim' - CM) families have bought homes in the neighbourhood, often to the chagrin of residents, who fear that even if the homeowners are law-abiding, Arab terrorists from nearby villages could use the French Hill Arab residents as a 'cover' to get into the neighbourhood and carry out terror attacks.

Their fear is entirely reasonable. The Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, is the sheltering sea within which the jihadists, the sharia assassins, swim, and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge.  Each occurrence of 'Arab' in the above paragraph, should probably be mentally retranslated as 'Arab Muslim'. - CM

'The situation in French Hill is symptomatic of Israel in the current generation.  Arab (that is, Arab Muslim - CM) violence toward Jews is increasingly commonplace and brazen, yet police and the military are hamstrung by ultra-leftists in the press, in the judicial system, in political positions, and within the security forces themselves.'

And that is not only the case in Israel.  A de facto dhimmi mindset - and not only among 'ultra -leftists' - has taken hold among far too many, in too many of the lands of the non-Muslims.

Now to the follow-up report, from David Lev, also in Israel National News.

'Two vehicles were set fire [to] in the French Hill neighbourhood of Jerusalem, for 'nationalistic motives', police said.

'Nationalistic motives'.  No: the attack was Islamically motivated. - CM

'Two vehicles were set [on] fire wednesday night in the French Hill neighbourhood of Jerusalem.  Police said that all evidence points to "nationalistic motives" in the incident.  Police have opened an investigation and are pursuing numerous leads.

"The cars were badly damaged. There were no injuries in the attack.

'Police have established that arsonists threw flammable material at the vehicles and set them on fire...

'The arson attack joined other recent instances of Arab rioting and vandalism..".

It was followed, not long after, by an assault  - in the same neighbourhood - that should probably be seen as an attempted murder. The initial report:

'Terrorist stabs Mother in Face in Jerusalem'.

'An Arab terrorist (that is, an Arab Muslim assassin - CM) attacked a Jewish woman on Sunday afternoon in Jerusalem's French Hill neighbourhood, residents of the area have reported.  The attacker struck as the woman sat in a car with her two young children, opening the car door and stabbing her in the face.  The woman was taken to hospital in light condition..".

Then more detail:


'Arab Stabs Israeli Woman in French Hill Incident'.

That is: 'Muslim Man Stabs Jewish Woman in French Hill Incident' - CM

'An Arab terrorist attacked and stabbed an Israeli woman in her 30s during an attempted carjacking in the French Hill neighbourhood of Jerusalem [on] Sunday afternoon.

"Attempted carjacking"?  Since he stabbed her in the face,  I would call it "attempted murder". - CM

'The woman was taken to Hadassah Mt Scopus Hospital for treatment.  Doctors said she suffered light wounds and would likely be released later Sunday.

'The incident occurred outside the Jinogli school in French Hill.

'Witnesses told Arutz Sheva that the woman was sitting in a vehicle with two children, waiting for her husband, who was finishing up a meeting inside the building.

'A man who appeared to be an Arab forcibly wrenched open the driver's side door and stabbed the woman in the face, in an apparent effort to steal the car.

'Police opened an investigation and are searching for the culprit....".

The woman describes what happened:

"I Started Screaming and Struggling With Him'.

'The woman who was attacked by a knife-wielding Arab as she sat in her car in Jerusalem told her harrowing story to Arutz Sheva...She asked not to be identified.

"I sat in the car next tot he students' dormitories of the Hebrew University at French Hill", the woman said.  "I waited with my children for my husband who was in a meeting in the school when an Arab with a box cutter entered the car".

"I started screaming and we wrestled with the terrorist", she said, adding that her screams drove away the terrorist. "He was frightened by the screams (probably because it was daylight, and there were other non-Jewish persons about who might hear the woman and come to her aid - CM) and after he passed the knife over my face, he escaped.

She is lucky. - CM

'She said that police told her the attack was motivated by nationalist terrorism, and was not just a criminal attempt to steal her car.

"It is not nice to undergo such an experience", she summed up...'.

Understatement of the year. 

Among the comments, one 'don' remarked acidly, "Attack motivated by nationalist terrorism"...NOT!!!  How utterly idiotic!!   It is not nation against nation, it is the MUSLIM against the Jew.  TRUTH MATTERS!!!".  

'don' is spot on. - CM

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21 Nov 2012
Christina McIntosh

 By way of post-script to the above, I will add something else that happened near Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem, on Tuesday 13th November.

Arab Muslims attacked a Jewish woman driver.

'Woman Badly Wounded in Beitar Illit Terror Attack'.

'An Israeli woman believed to be in her late 50s was wounded Tuesday evening [13 November] in what appears to have been a terrorist attack.

'The incident took place near the city of Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem..

'The victim reached an IDF checkpoint, where soldiers called for help.  Paramedics said the woman had suffered head and neck wounds, and was semiconscious.

'Doctors said the woman is in moderate-to-serious condition.

'A second female driver attacked in the area is in light condition.

'The first woman's injuries appear to have been caused by both rocks thrown at her car, and a molotov cocktail.  It was initially believed that she had been hit by gunfire".

Just another day on the roads in Israel, another episode of Street Jihad; Muslims in the hills of Judea and Samaria, lurking beside the roads and lobbing rocks and fire-bombs at those cars passing by that they can tell, from the Israeli licence-plates, probably have Jews inside...