Thursday, 22 November 2012
Rotherham election: Labour complain about Yvonne Ridley's Respect party 'closet racists' claim.

From The Guardian

The Labour party has complained to the police over an election leaflet purporting to come from George Galloway's Respect party, which refers to Labour as a "party of closet racists" who are prone to "anti-Islamic bigotry".

The leaflet, entitled "Respect Yourself", was allegedly sent to a number of Asian households in Rotherham, where a byelection will be held at the end of the month following the resignation of Denis MacShane over his expenses.

"Dear residents," the single sheet of A4 began, "On Thursday the 29th November every voter and most importantly every Muslim and Asian family in Rotherham will have the opportunity to send a message to the sickening racism, Islamophobia and corruption of the Labour party here in this town."

It went on to claim Respect is the only UK political party to openly embrace Islam. It says the party has "twice elected MPs to stand against the corrupt practices of the Conservatives and Labour's Savile Row socialism." And it suggests Labour is guilty of "'If they are brown or black send them back' racism not seen since National Front campaigns of the 1970s."

A Labour spokesman said the party had written to Rotherham's returning officer and the police. They believe the leaflet, which did not bear Respect's official logo, violates election law.

But on Thursday (Press Officer Ron) McKay said the Rotherham leaflet was "most certainly not from Respect" or the party's candidate, journalist Yvonne Ridley, who converted to Islam after being captured by the Taliban.

 . . . former home secretary David Blunkett said the leaflet was a disgrace. He added: "It's time Respect are exposed for these kinds of claims – they used them in previous elections and now they are trying to fool the people of Rotherham with them. I am setting out a clear challenge to George Galloway and Yvonne Ridley – they must withdraw these claims or face action by the Labour party, including taking this up with the Electoral Commission. If Respect claim this is not something they have produced they must immediately distance themselves from it and make this clear in their leaflets."

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22 Nov 2012

  Just thought I'd copy my letter from

Land is the key

Sir, – Michael Sussman (“Hamas’s political wartime gains,” Comment & Features, November 20) explains that Hamas is in a win-win situation because it is willing to demonstrate its credibility by attacking usurping Zionists, whatever the cost. In a sense, Gaza under Hamas has become a collective suicide bomber.

How to defeat it? A core belief in Islamic theology is the idea that the world is divided between dar-el-Harb, or the land of war, and dar-el-Islam, the land of Islam. It is the duty of a jihadist to wage war against darel- Harb until all land is dar-el- Islam.

To a Muslim, victory means taking land from the infidel, and defeat means losing it to the infidel. It is therefore essential that Israel lower Hamas’s status in the eyes of fellow Muslims.

The way to do that is to take away land.

Whether Israel replants the former settlements or carves out a buffer zone, it must do something with the land to achieve victory and demoralize this evil aggressor. Every square inch taken from Hamas is one more reclaimed for civilization.

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