Thursday, 22 November 2012
Israel: Shin Bet, Police Arrest Suspects - One An Arab Muslim With Israeli Citizenship - in Tel Aviv Bus Bombing

That was quick...

As reported by the Jerusalem Post.

'Shin Bet, police arrest suspects in Tel Aviv bus bombing'.

'Israel Security Agency reveals suspects were arrested hours after the terror attack that wounded 29 Israelis; cell's members mostly from Beit Lakia, near Ramallah; interrogation incomplete, further arrests expected.

'Shin Bet officers and police arrested the terrorists who bombed a bus in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, several hours after the device exploded, the agency revealed on Thursday evening.

'The cell's members mostly came from Beit Lakia, near Ramallah, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced in a statement, without saying how many were under arrest.

'During their preliminary interrogation, the cell's members identified with Hamas and Islamic Jihad and said they had agreed to commit an act of terrorism, prepared the bomb and purchased cellular phones to detonate it by remote control.

Looks as though they were not quite convinced enough of the 72 heavenly virgins, to be prepared to go all out to obey the 'and are slain' part of the 'they fight in allah's cause and slay and are slain' Quran verse...- CM

'They also said one of the cell's members was from Taiba in Israel.  He originally came from Beit Lakia, and acquired Israeli citizenship after marrying an Israeli Arab.

It is a safe bet that this creature, and the female by whom he gained entry to Israel, are Muslims.  I wonder how many of these sorts of marriages-to-import-future-jihad-assassins are going on?  The authorities in Israel would be advised to go back through the past ten years and check every such registration and citizenship application, and check up on what the couples involved are currently up to....Maybe they are.  I hope so. - CM

'The cell is said to have reached Tel Aviv in a car belonging to an Arab from east Jerusalem who employed the man from Taiba.

'The latter was in charge of putting the device on the bus, and after he notified his Beit Lakia commander by phone, the bomb was detonated from Beit Lakia.

'The Shin Bet said the interrogation was still not complete and that further arrests were expected.

'Of the 28 Israelis wounded in the bombing, five remained hospitalized on Thursday, one in serious condition."

The Fifth Column - Arab Muslims resident within Israel -  is at least as dangerous as and perhaps more dangerous (because of where it is) than the openly declared and readily identifiable enemy that inhabits the sprawling military base of the Ummah that is Jihad Fortress Gaza.  It is also at least as dangerous as, and probably more dangerous than, those Muslims who currently squat and plot and throw rocks and molotov cocktails and sometimes riot  in  Judea and Samaria.   For the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, is the sea within which the Jihadists, the sharia assassins, swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge.  Wherever there are Muslims living among or next door to Infidels, sooner or later there is Jihad.  - CM

Posted on 11/22/2012 8:11 PM by Christina McIntosh
22 Nov 2012
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  Yes, Muslims are a 5th column is Israel, or anywhere. We need to treat Muslims according to the principle of reciprocity, which is essentially the Golden Rule without a conditional: Do unto others as they do to you.

  That would mean no mosques, no Muslims, and looking at  the world from a counter-jihad perspective, as being divided between Dar al Islam and Dar al Civilized, it being the duty of the counter-jihadist to wage war against the former until it becomes the latter. Nasty, but fair.

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