Monday, 26 November 2012
Why Should The West Be Bailing Out A Muslim Brotherhood Regime?

The American government has given Egypt more than $70 billion dollars in aid over the past 30 years. This has resulted only in encouraging corruption -- there's more to be corrupt about -- in the army and in the courtier class, and has not made an ally of Egypt, a country which, throughout this period, failed to fulfill a single one of its solemn commitments, under the Camp David Accords, to encourage friendly relations with Israel and its people. But what about maintaining the peace, someone will object? Didn't the Egyptian military keep the peace by refusing to go to war? Yes, but that happened for the same reason that Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, and Libya, and Iran, and Syria, and other Muslim Arab states, did not conduct Jihad through the instrument of battlefield violence, though they continued to so using all other conceivable instruments (propaganda, diplomacy, economics, and so on) -- the desire to avoid another crushing defeat at the hands of the Israelis. In other words, it was Israeli military superiority, and nothing else, that "kept the peace" that is being ascribed, foolishly, to all that quite unnecessary aid to Egypt.

Now Egypt is, without Western aid, bankrupt. So what? Let it be bankrupt, or let it be supplied with billions from Qatar, the Emriates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, countires which are drowning in accumulated surpluses that are fantastic. Qatar alone, with a native population of less than 200,000, has about $500-700 billion in its own accumulated surpluse. Can't Qatar spare ten billion for the most populous Arab state? Of course it can.

Why should the Western world, why should the United States of America, keep sending aid to Muslim states, when the rich Muslim states have been the beneficiaries of the largest (and completely unearned) transfer of wealth in human history, an amount that, since 1973 alone, amounts to about seventeen trillion dollars? Does that make sense?

Given the confusion and naivete of an administration that just a year ago was prating confidently about everyone getting on the Juggernaut of the Right Side of History (the kind of remark no one schooled in the study of history would ever make), it is likely up to Congress to refuse to go along with supplying Egypt, under Morsi or someone else, with the wherewithal to continue to 1) militarily threaten Israel and 2) continue to be rescued from the consequences of Islam itself, for it is Islam itself, not only its tenets and teachings, but the attitudes and atmospherics of societies suffused with Islam, that explain the many failures, political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral, of such societies. The Western world keeps rescuing Muslim countries -- those that do not have vast amounts of oil and gas -- , through its transfusions of aid, aid that need not be given because there are many rich Muslim nations quite capable of supplying fellow members of the Umma, and in any case should not be given because the Western world should not be propping up Muslim states and societies, and allowing their elites, and their masses, to put off the day of recognition of how Islam itself holds them back.

How much aid, economic and military, should come from the United States, and Europe, and the American-and-European financed World Bank?


Posted on 11/26/2012 7:30 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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