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Thursday, 29 November 2012
Why That U.N. Vote Will Not Further Peace, But Is One More Step In The Propaganda Jihad Of Arabs And Muslims

The Arab-Islamic bloc, the only bloc left at the U.N., has managed to do several things:

1) it has, thanks to Israeli negligence and inattention to words, been allowed to invent, out of the local shock troops of the endless Jihad against Israel, a "Palestinian people."

2) it has, thanks to the laziness of many of the world's journalists and diplomats and parliamentarians, been allowed to pretend that the Mandate for Palestine did not mean what it said, and that it had some purpose other than what it so clearly did have: the establishment of the Jewish National Home, on the territorty assigned to it by the League of Nations.

3) it has, thanks to the confusion and fear over Islam and its adherents, managed to make even some representatives of Western countries that should know better either abstain (Australia, Great Britain, Germany) or, even more intolerable, to vote for such a resolution.

4) the resolution simply ignores the history of the Mandates system, and the reason for the Mandate for Palestine, ignores the legal, moral, and historic claims of the Jews to the land which was assigned to them under the Mandate, ignores the fact that the acceptance, by the Zionist delegation, at a moment of great desperation and worry over the hundreds of thousands of Jews still in D.P. camps and without anywhere to go, of a proposal to divide Mandatory Palestine between a Jewish and an Arab state was rejected unanimously by the Arab states then voting, which rejection was then followed by the attack of the armies of five Arab states, does not mean that the November 1947 "acceptance" of such a division which was, in Anglo-American contractual terms, an "offer" that required, in timely fashion, an "acceptance" by the Arabs, not the rejection they gave, both verbally and through violence, and so that "offer" did not remain open for another sixty-five years, but was indeed extinguished by Arab behavior.

5) to understand this better, suppose the Israelis in sufficient numbers had grasped the nature of Islam, and understood, back in June 1967, that there was no "peace treaty" with the Arabs that could ever be anything more than a "truce treaty," that such a "truce treaty" would necessarily be breached by the Arabs, whenever they could breach one or more of its provisions, and that this would always be the rule because the Muslim Arabs dutifully took as their model of agreement-making with Infidels the agreement reached at Hudaibiyya in 628 A.D. between Muhammad and the Meccans.

And suppose that in June 1967, when the Western world was still governed by people with a better knowledge of history, including that of the Mandate for Palestine and the 1948-49 War, Israel had said it was now annexing that territory to which it had a superior claim -- that is, Judea and Samaria (or "the West Bank") but would be prepared to make an exception of Gaza (which, amusingly, retained its Biblical toponym, and indeed that toponym is used without attracting any of the reporters' sneers about "Israeli use of a Biblical term" as if that were illegitimate), following negotiations, and might also be willing to discuss the future of the Sinai -- a useful buffer against Egyptian military aggression that only became part of Egypt in the 1920s --  but woudl do so only after the Egyptians exhibited, over a long term, a change in attitude toward the Jewish state, as reflected in, inter alia, textbooks, newspapers, the press, television, and statements by influential Egyptians.

6) the rewriting of history -- that "Palestinian people," that "West Bank," and so on -- that helps to explain the U.N. vote, and suchlike insults to history and the truth,  has been astonishing. More astonishg still has been the failure of Israeli leaders to recognize how important it is to regain the mental territory they have lost, to correct the record.

At the very least, they can signal that the gloves are off by starting to speak openly about Jihad, by describing the Arab effort at the U.N. as an example of the Jihad of "pen, speech," and beginning to talk about other instruments of Jihad other than qital, violence.

And the Israeli government should stop using the phrase "Palestinian people" and instead make it a point for all of its spokesmen to use only the phrase "Palestinian Arabs." Others will get the idea that the Israelis have stopped being patsies when it comes to propaganda on the world stage.

That's a start. A tiny doable start.

Posted on 11/29/2012 1:05 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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