Friday, 30 November 2012
"Not the Time to Conquer Gaza": Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense

by Jerry Gordon (December 2012)

Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense was basically a rocket war against Iran and Hamas that did not achieve the objective of destroying the military capabilities of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and the Palestine Resistance Committee. It demonstrated the superb technical capabilities of Israel’s Iron Dome system that intercepted a virtual onslaught of rockets from Gaza. Rockets supplied by Iran had expanded their reach to cover Southern and Central Israel and over half of the country’s population of 3.5 million people who had to seek shelter in less than 20 seconds given a red alert.  more>>>

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12 Dec 2012
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 Just an idea - Build lots of border settlements, reserving 20% of the homes for non-Jews, which, I think, reflects Israel's overall demographics. If there is Jewish, Arab, Kurdish, and Druze receptivity, there would be a show of inner strength equal to the strength of military forces. The Israelis learn to succeed at everything, so why not try this?