Sunday, 2 December 2012
Sydney, Australia: Naive Jewish Schoolgirls Being Groomed For Dhimmitude

This article by one Michelle Favero, which appeared on November 2 2012 in Jwire, a clearinghouse of news for Jewish Australians, has got to be read to be believed.  I reproduce it here because it forms such a perfect companion-piece to the article just posted here at NER by our friend Jerry Gordon, 'Deciphering Muslim Taqiyya'.

 Read it, and weep.  Read it, and wince.  Read it, and then click on the link to see the picture of (bare-headed) Jewish girls sunnily smiling alongside two cute little heavily-be-hijabbed mini-Muslimahs,  and remember Sol Hachuel, of Morocco, and her sweetly-smiling Muslim 'friend', and  feel nauseated.

'Forging New Friendships'

'Throughout this year 24 Year 7 students from Sydney's Emanuel School have met with Year 7 students from Iqra Islamic College to learn about each other's cultures and beliefs, as well as to forge friendships.

'Friendships'.  Somehow I suspect the Jewish girls were not told about Surah 3: 28, or about Surah 48: 29.  And I doubt that anyone told them about Safiyyah, Jewish teenager of the Khaybar Oasis, aged 17, taken to Mohammed's bed by force on the night of the day that Mohammed had ordered and overseen the torture-murder of her husband Kinana. - CM

'The students met in a variety of places, including Emanuel Synagogue, The Big Kitchen, and Iqra College in Minto.

'As the year progressed, the students were able to break down the barriers to their initial shyness and to build meaningful friendships with each other.

Query: I wonder what happened to those "friendships", when the rockets started flying in vollies from Gaza, and when Israel finally, goaded beyond endurance, responded in an attempt to protect its civilian population from the genocidal Jew-hatred of the Arab Muslims of Gaza?  Did any of those sweet little hijabettes, or their brothers, or cousins, or parents, or teachers, take part in the rallies where people could be heard screaming 'Kill the Jews!'  'Death to Israel!'?- CM

'Year 7 Emanuel School student, Mikayla Sacks, said, "The Interfaith experience was really interesting and educational.  It taught my friends and me about Muslim people and how they are actually quite similar to us Jews."

AAARGH! This poor, deceived child. - CM

"The project was meaningful to me because now, when I see Muslim people, I won't see them as 'different' anymore, because I have learnt that, in fact, we are all human beings, and we should all be friends".

Oh, Mikayla.  Did they tell you that in the Quran, surah 48: 29, it says: "Muhammad is allah's apostle, and those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers (that's you, Mikayla, and all of us who are not Muslims ) but merciful to one another." ?- CM

'Both groups have asked for additional meetings in 2013, and have vowed to stay in touch through email and Facebook.

'Emanuel students were warmly welcomed by an Iqra College teacher, Mr Ahmad Sari, who stated that although the two faiths have differences, they actually have more similarities.

Franz Rosenzweig didn't think so. He classified Islam as a subspecies of 'paganism', that is: as an entirely non-biblical faith, based on fundamentally different and indeed antithetical presuppositions.  And will Emanuel College encourage these Jewish girls to research what the great Moses ben Maimon said about Islam, and Muslims, and the very differing - indeed radically contrasting - conceptions of God the Creator, that are found in Judaism and in Islam?  Will it allow them to read his 'letter to the Jews of Yemen'?- CM

'He noted that both Jews and Muslims were 'peoples of the book' and added that he hopes that this generation will find a pathway to peace.

'Peace', in Islamspeak, being that state of affairs which obtains when Muslims rule, everywhere, and non-Muslims (those who have not converted to Islam or been killed) are ruled, as near-slave dhimmis, and pay the jizya tax to their Muslim overlords (as the price of being - sometimes, grudgingly - permitted to remain alive), and when the sharia of Islam - complete with stoning for adulterers and death for apostates and 'blasphemers' and the cutting off of hands of those accused of theft - is the sole law of the land. - CM

'Anne Hastings, Principal of Emanuel School, commented, "Our teachers and school ethos encourage students to explore their beliefs and develop a set of personal values based on experience and understanding.  This Together For Humanity project has provided our students with a unique opportunity to open their minds and broaden their experiences, helping them to understand other peoples and religions".

They would have been better off pairing the girls with Christians, or with Hindus, or with Buddhists, than with Muslims. - CM

'This is the second year that Emanuel School has participated in the program that was created by Together For Humanity.  The organisation is dedicated to bringing disparate groups together for the purpose of understanding and harmony.

'Together For Humanity'.   Read about them here...

Without Muslims, these terribly well-meaning and high-minded people would probably cause no particular harm and might even do a small measure of good.  With Muslims on board, alas, this organisation becomes dangerous, and a means (as we see here) by which non-Muslims - in particular, young children - can  have the wool well and truly pulled over their eyes, and be 'groomed' for dhimmitude.- CM

Posted on 12/02/2012 1:34 AM by Christina McIntosh
2 Dec 2012

" And will Emanuel College encourage these Jewish girls to research what the great Moses ben Maimon said about Islam, and Muslims, and the very differing - indeed radically contrasting - conceptions of God the Creator, that are found in Judaism and in Islam?  Will it allow them to read his 'letter to the Jews of Yemen'?"

Sure but while they're at it they should also  include his insistence that Christianity, unlike Islam, is idolatry.

3 Dec 2012
Christina McIntosh

 And your point, Gavroche?

Moses ben Maimon regarded the Arabs, that is, the Muslims, as the worst persecutors of Jews, ever.

And he has some very interesting remarks about the difference between the Muslim approach to the Jewish scripture (Torah, Prophets, Writings, what Christians call the 'Old Testament') and the Christian approach; he is more critical of the former approach, than of the latter.  He notes, correctly, that whereas Muslims claim that the Jews falsified or altered the scriptures, the Christians accept that the text of the Old Testament, as preserved by Jews, has been preserved unaltered, that it is what it is.  Muslims argue about the content; Christians argue about the interpretation.

I - a Christian - can disagree with what Maimonides thought of the person and work of Jesus, and with his perception of Christianity as 'idolatry', while at the same time finding his critique of Islam illuminating..a critique which goes right to the bone, when he puts his finger on the fundamental irrationality or antirationality of the Islamic concept of god.

And when, in his Letter, he describes the misery of Jews on the receiving end of Muslim oppression, his account also chimes with the experience of other victims of Islam, including Christians.  Everything he says about the misery endured by Jewish dhimmis - and about the way in which no matter how much one submits, no matter how patient and peaceful you are, you are 'rewarded' by even greater cruelty, contempt and viiolence on the part of the domineering Muslims -  could have been said by Christian dhimmis also!

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