Sunday, 9 December 2012
Jihad Jane Explains Why She Converted To Islam

She certainly fits the Hugh's unofficial profile of Muslim converts as the "socially and psychically marginal." The Daily Mail:

The white Islamic militant who christened herself as 'Jihad Jane' has explained the some of the reasons for her conversion to violent radicalism.

Colleen LaRose, 49, of Pennsberg, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to several charges, including planning a jihad and conspiring to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, in February 2011.

But in her media first interview since being arrested and charged with a series of terrorism-related crimes, LaRose explained her journey to jihad. She was raped as a child, ran away from home to become a prostitute at 13 and fell into militant Islam for a 'sense of belonging.'

In an extended report by Reuters, when asked why militant Islam was so attractive to her, LaRose replied:

'That I was finally going to be some place where I belonged. I've survived through a lot of things that rightfully should have killed me.

'I always thought there was a purpose for me to be alive.

'And when I found out about Islam I thought this is what I have to do, this is why I've lived so long.'

LaRose explained the difficulties of her early life in Detroit, Michigan, leaving her as emotionally vulnerable adult.

At around eight years old LaRose, and her older sister Pat, was raped by her father Richard LaRose.

The sexual abuse continued until LaRose ran away from at 13. The girl then worked in prostitution and developed heroin and cocaine addictions.

At 16, LaRose married a man twice her age, but just a year later she turned up at a shelter for teens in Memphis and was committed to a psychiatric facility for several months.

While at this shelter she worked with counselor Ollie Avery Mannino. When Mannino rang Richard LaRose to check Colleen's story, her father answered with hesitation: 'Yeah. I raped her.'

As Reuters journalist John Shiffman, who spent six months investigating the case, wrote: 'He said it sharply, without remorse, and in such a prideful, guttural tone that Mannino snapped her head, stunned.'

Richard LaRose died in 2010, having never been prosecuted for his crimes.

Collen LaRose continued to drift, split from her first husband, and married again at 23. This relationship ended in divorce 11 years later.

LaRose claims that her father's abuse ruined her life: 'I have done all kinds of bad things. I was rebelling because of what he did and because my mother did nothing to help us.'

Posted on 12/09/2012 5:22 AM by Rebecca Bynum
9 Dec 2012
Christina McIntosh

 There are two things that can happen to someone who is repeatedly and severely sexually and otherwise abused - by a parent, other close kin, or someone else in the immediate circle - at a young age.

One is that that person is basically 'primed' to suffer further abuse (and quite often to also become an abuser).  Their 'boundaries' are destroyed; they do not know that they have boundaries, that they can say 'no' to others who wish to harm, or to their own impulses.  They are drawn to Abusers...and Abusers are drawn to them, as predators to prey.  In a society where Islam the Uber-Abuser (both Mohammed and 'allah' fit the profile perfectly, all one has to do to see this is to read Mark Durie, 'The Third Choice, on the psycho-dynamics of the Dhimma) is present, those whose boundaries have been shattered in this way will often be drawn to Islam...and Muslims will be actively on the watch for such people, those giving off 'Prey' signals. 

What this wretched woman could not see or refused to see is that  joining Islam - the Mohammedan Mob - was not an escape from or cure for the other forms of abuse she had embraced: prostitution, cocaine, heroin, two abusive husbands - but just more of the dismal same old, same old. That far from escaping or taking revenge upon her rapist father she was submitting to him yet again.

I wonder just how many of those who are voluntarily converting to Islam, within the western world, are people with this kind of profile?

And yet: not all who suffer Abuse of the kind that Jihad Jane endured go on to become either Abusers or serial Abusees.  There are others: I call them the Intelligent Survivors.  They are the ones who somehow, by the grace of God, manage to truly break free: not only do they cut and run from the original Abuser, but they vow to themselves to never go near anyone like that ever again, nor ever to do to anyone else what was done to them, and they keep the vow.  Somehow, somewhere, they seek out and find the help they need to repair their damaged souls, rebuild their boundaries, avoid - or wean themselves from - self-destructive patterns of behaviour.  Warily they assess other people, learning how to find the non-abusive.  They can spot an Abuser a mile away...and they run like hell when they do.  No way are they going to get 'sucked in'.

Interestingly, I have come across a number of people like this - people who have escaped from and survived and recovered from severely  abusive childhoods - in the Resistance to Islamisation.   They are those who found that in the presence of the Ummah all their personal alarm bells went off at once.

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