Sunday, 9 December 2012
Labour Mosque Snub Threat

This isn't a threat of a 'snub' these are deeper threats and another good reason why this Mosque is undesireable. From the Sunday Star

MUSLIM leaders last night warned the Labour Party could face a backlash after planning permission for a controversial 9,000-seater mega-mosque was refused. Planners from Labour-led Newham Council in east London last week rejected the application from Islamist group Tablighi Jamaat, on the basis it was “too large”. 

That leaves Ed Miliband’s party potentially out of favour with more than a million UK-based followers of the movement, which runs its European headquarters from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Last night supporters of the Islamic sect vowed to punish the council in future elections for failing to listen to the estimated 90,000 Muslim residents in the borough. 

Meanwhile, things could get worse for Labour across the country if Muslims decide to defect to protest groups such as George Galloway’s Respect Party, as has happened in Bradford and Tower Hamlets. Currently, Britain’s Muslim population stands at ­2.8million, with more than 600 out of 1,350 mosques affiliated to Tablighi Jamaat. 

Speaking after the controversial mega-mosque decision last Wednesday, Abjol Miah (a former member of Tower Hamlets labour party), a leading activist for both the Respect Party  and the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe told us: “I think a lot of people tonight that weren’t political have become political. It is a shame we have Labour councillors and committee members here. You know we have the London council elections in 2014 and I think the residents are going to be thinking differently. They are going to get more active. It is a time for change for Labour. You watch how we get angry.”

Meanwhile, Tablighi Jamaat has vowed to seek a judicial review to challenge the council’s decision to prevent the building of the mosque.

Posted on 12/09/2012 6:02 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
9 Dec 2012

So, get angry - perhaps, finally, at last, H.M. Government will do something to end the rising reign of terror from those who "get angry" when required to obey the law.

9 Dec 2012
Hugh Fitzgerald

A million followers of Tablighi Al-Jamaat in the U.K.? They are threats to the wellbeing and security of all non-Muslims and of course, in a society led by the sensible, would be expelled, or rather, those who become such followers would never have been permitted entry in the first place.

Muslim immigration should end at once. The various ways to reverse the Muslim presence in the Western world, beginning with opposition to Muslim demands, and the foiling of Muslim wishes, in every respect -- not only in the building of mega-mosques -- will take more time, and more ingenuity.