Monday, 10 December 2012
'Vulture spying for Israel' caught in Sudan

From The Telegraph

Officials in Sudan say they have captured an electronically-tagged vulture suspected of being dispatched by Israel on a spying mission.

The avian discovery was made in Kereinek, a town in the Darfur region of western Sudan, Sudanese officials are said to have concluded that the bird was a secret agent after discovering it was fitted with GPS and solar-powered equipment . . . The vulture also had a tag attached to its leg with "Israel Nature Service" and "Hebrew University, Jerusalem", leading to accusations that it was on an Israeli surveillance mission.

Israeli officials have acknowledged that the bird, which can fly up to 375 miles a day, had been tagged with Israeli equipment but insisted it was being used to study migration patterns.

Ohad Hazofe, an ecologist with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, told the website, Ynet, that it was one of 100 vultures fitted in October with a GPS system equipped to take distance and altitude readings but not surveillance images. "That's the only way we knew something had happened to the bird – all of a sudden it stopped flying and started travelling on the ground," he said.

I have a news letter from Magen David Adom UK (Israels emergency medical service) who have been asked to help the new country of South Sudan (the Christian bit which separated from the persecution of the Muslim north earlier this year after years of civil war) with medical aid. I wish both the South Sudanese and the Israelis all the best.

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11 Dec 2012
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Look Ma, No Hans!
Or: Nothing Vultured, Nothing Bained
The Gentile Reader might recall the role of Donny Donowitz, aka "The Bear Jew," in Inglorious Bustards.
Brad "Apache" Pitt The Elder
After the messy Shosanna Dreyfus affair, I asked myself if a Jewess could pass herself off as a French lieutenant's (so sorry -my mistake - Frederick Zoller's rank was that of a Oberschutze) woman, why could I, after emigrating to the US, not pass myself off as a Jew?  The task of finding a decent plastic surgeon of Aryan descent for some work on my forehead and foreskin was difficult, but not insurmountable and given my command of several languages, I soon prospered as a "Jewish" comedian performing before audiences heavy with displaced persons of the diaspora.  Alas, my career recently took a turn for the wurst (many kosher kicks to the kishkas) when, while tipsy mit schnapps in the Catskills, I blurted out that the only thing worse than the business associates of Mitt Romney were the "Jewish Cain Capital vulture capitalists."
Heil Herzl!
Col. Hans Landa (Ret.)
Tags: bustards, vultures, birds of a feather, Hans Landa surrenders and gets a get of jail free card and a white feather to jackboot for helping to make buzzard bait out of the top Nazi command, Kaffe mit Schlag, Kaffee mit Romney, Nazi uniform B&D fetish, cream of the riding crop, in spite of aid to Muslims given by Nazis before and after WWII, "Palestinians" might be expected to claim that the "Zionist Entity" is the true heir of the Condor Legion, also see from the immortal To Autumn In Big Sur:  To fend off munchies go not without your Pez/ Cast stones at condors, beak in carrion/ And be with stout Cortez/ Stoned/ Silent upon a peak in Darien, Romney's moronic 47% final solution, the Bain of his non-existence, how dry I am, look, Mama Loshen, no dry Hans! 

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