Monday, 10 December 2012
When A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss
When it is a nose-nuzzle more suitable for camels and camelopards.
Posted on 12/10/2012 7:43 PM by Hugh Fitzerald
10 Dec 2012
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To B25B Or Not To B25B?
It looks like a case of "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" and "Just Kuwait, 'enry 'iggins Boson's mate, just Kuwait."
Bombing The Bejesus Outta' The Bedouin,
Dhimmi Doolittle
Tags: bomb, bomb, bomb, Qom before I die, there's a hole in the bucket list, dear Liza, dear Eliza, love grows where my Tokyo Rose goes, Arabs dissing Moses, touching hoses and rubbing noses, far more dangerous and disgusting than the Esquimaux, global warming melts arctic ice, who pays the carbon taxes and who benefits? Kyoto, Kto, Kogo? Piblokto, "Madness! Madness!" Bridge of Fools On The River Why Bother? The West is doomed, doomed, doomed anyway by genocide - oops, I mean "demographic change" - which is happening a helluva lot faster than "climate change," aircraft carrier of disease, camel jockey itch, underwear bomber

10 Dec 2012
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"Anything Goes"*

oops - "goes" goes not with "Esquimaux," but with "Eskimos"

* hat tip to Dr. Dalyrmple

11 Dec 2012
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oops - "goes" goes not with "Esquimaux," but with "Eskimos" - react
Differrent dreams and different awakenings betoken a different consciousness. When wandering in Australia, do we look for help to the Esquimaux in their snow huts?        Mary Baker Eddy, Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures: 82: 27-30