Wednesday, 12 December 2012
Ramses The Car
Watch the Dreams Of Industrial Glory documentary here.
Posted on 12/12/2012 9:02 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
13 Dec 2012
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He Doesn't Like Green Flags & Hamites
"Ramses The Car"? The Trabant of the Levant? My Muslim Brotherhood the Car*?
Anywho, take me to your Leda. She's sure dam fine lookin', man; she's somethin' else.** Be sure to tell her that I'm bigger than any BMOC (Big Man On Cairo) as well as the once and future Deity of the Delta. And with respect to the Tri Deltas -I tried 'em and I liked 'em.
By Jove, I'm Your Dr. Zeus,
** Also see Edward "Sid" Said sings:
Tags: Cleopatra sez, "Egypt? It was all Greek to me, but the end of me was the end of Ptolemy."  the history of the world might have been different if Cleopatra had not the nose of Nasser, "To humble oneself before God is to place a Pascal's wager," said Modesty Blaise, "That opera by Modest Mussorgsky was godunov, but Die Fliedermaus had much to be modest about," said the members of Modest Mouse (for name of band, see a work by Ms. Woolf), Who's afraid of a Virginia mouse? Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa and he's afraid of Hanta (virus), Jose Feliciano sings to the Copts, "Nariz Navidad"

13 Dec 2012
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What's sad is, that the Egyptian people could have built their own world class industries themselves if it weren't for the stupid unimaginative communist pendants sitting on their heads like the ones speaking in the documentery about their five year plans. Oh, but wait, there was still that islam thing wasn't there?


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