Thursday, 13 December 2012
Hagel, Whose Want Of Sympathy And Understanding For Israel Is Palpable, Is Favored To Become Secretary Of Defense

"Hagel said to be Obama's choice to be next Secretary of Defense"   -- news headline

What is the most important task the next Secretary of Defense will have to deal with? It will be to prevent Iran, which has been allowed to proceed steadily, and now pell-mell, with its vast effort to attain nuclear weapons. And the stated goal of the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not to protect Shi'a Iran from its Sunni Muslim enemies, but to (crazily) win the allegiance of those permanent Sunni Muslim enemies by acquiring those weapons and using them to annihilate the Infidel -- Jewish -- nation-state of israel. It will not win for Iran its desired position as Top Muslim Nation. Such an achievement would not stop Sunnis from attacking Shi'a in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon, or in attempting to suppress them elsewhere, as in Kuwait. But no doubt the Sunni Arabs would be pleased with the mass-murder of Israelis, and wouldn't mind if, in a nuclear exchange, the two kinds of local Infidels -- Jews and Shi'a -- inflicted great damage on one another.

Which brings us to the matter of whom should be selected to be the next Secretary of Defense. For that person has to be someone the Israeli government can trust, for if it mistrusts him, the likelihood of Israel going it alone, and less effectively, against Iran increases. Hagel has decades of history behind him, and those who are unaware of his attitude toward Israel had better inform themselves now, and point out that for the year 2013, and its likely main military event, he's exactly the wrong man.

Posted on 12/13/2012 2:50 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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