Sunday, 16 December 2012
Col Tem(p)o Tutto Si Scopre

Memories of a 17th-century drawing by Pier Francesco Mola, once seen in a book of Italian drawings at the Louvre -- a book possibly published by Braziller or Abrams but I can't recall.

That drawing:

On the left, seated, is Chronos, Father Time, holding his identifying hourglass.

On the right, two figures: one being, I recall, The Artist,  and the other, possibly representing History, who is leaning next to a block on which is written "Col Temo Tutto Si Scopre." "Temo" was a lapidary lapse for "Tempo" (for even stone-cutters nod, or those who do the drawings depicting those stone-cutters).

The phrase means: With time, with Time, everything is revealed.

Now look around at the ruins of that "Arab Spring." You don't even hear that phrase any more. Look at  Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria. Forget all the vaporings, from assorted government officials, and from the tom-friedmans and suchlike. It's already clear, isn't it?  Islam Will Out. The refusal to compromise, the aggression, the violence that erupts when there is no despotism to monopolize that violence. And it hasn't taken all that much time for the discerning to put themselves not on the Right Side of History, --for there is no Right Side of History  -- but, rather, on the Right Path to Understanding History, in this case the history, past, present, and somewhat future, of Muslim lands. And that understanding is a different thing.

Col Tempo Tutto Si Scopre.

Ain't it the truth?

Posted on 12/16/2012 10:39 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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