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Iran Pursues Development of Deadly Bio-Toxins

Iran's Shahid Bahonur Secret Bio-Warfare facility

Source: Digital Globe, May 2012

Reza Kahlili, ex-CIA agent, in a new WorldNetDaily article, has exposed Iran’s development of weaponized bio-toxins for use in missile warheads that could be a lethal threat to Israel, “Iran Making Anthrax at Secret Plant”.  This program has been developed with the assistance of Russian scientists in violation of the Biological Weapons Conventions of which Iran is a signatory. These Russian scientists may have been trained in the secret Soviet era Biopreparat  program that created some of the more lethal “crown jewels” of Category A bio-toxins.

Kahlili said:

Russian scientists have helped Iran master four microbial agents for bombs, which the Islamic regime has used to arm 37 launch-ready missiles so far, sources have revealed.

The secret work is being done at a plant named Shahid Bahonar on a mountaintop by the city of Marzanabad off the mountainous Chalus road to the Iranian Caspian Sea.
    [ . . . ]
The plant, under the supervision of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, is headed by Dr. Esmaeil Namazi, who oversees 28 Iranian and 12 Russian scientists, according to a source in the Revolutionary Guards intelligence division with access to the site.
There are several underground facilities at two levels with elevators reaching the lower level some 40 feet underground and where more than 100 personnel work on the microbial bomb project, the source said.
    [ . . .]
The arming of warheads with microbial agents takes place at this site and, according to the source, those warheads, which do not create an explosion but spray a large area, can kill tens of thousands of people quickly.

Kahlili notes the range of Iran’s bio-warfare development efforts:

The scientists are working on 18 agents but so far they have developed four for weaponization, according to the source, who provided particulars on three of them:

 •Bacillus anthracis (anthrax). This bacteria was developed by the United States during World War II and through espionage was obtained by the Soviet Union, which has long mastered the production. Russian scientists have helped the Iranians to produce anthrax.

 •Encephalitis. The blueprint of this virus, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, was [allegedly] provided by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in an agreement two years ago with the Islamic regime.

 •Yellow rain [T-2 mycotoxin]. This third agent, [said to be] developed with the help of North Korea has no smell and upon impact will destroy the body’s nervous system . . . likely followed by death within 48 hours.Venezeuelan Equine encephalitis, Yellow rain T-2 mycotoxin

 “Yellow rain,” which the then-Soviet Union allegedly provided to North Vietnam and Laos to use against U.S.-backed rebels.

The source said Iran has provided this agent to the terrorist group Hezbollah to use in artillery shells and rockets, and has armed cluster bombs with it for any confrontation with Israel or America.

Clare Lopez , a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy, in an email to this author, discussed the importance of the anthrax development:

The anthrax is probably the scariest part of all of this....understanding that it's been genetically-modified for enhanced infectiousness, lethality, persistence, ways no Western vaccine can counter.

Kahlili quotes Lopez’s overall assessment of Iran’s secret bio-weapons program:

 Lopez . . .  said that, “From research published by Dr. Jill Bellamy – Van Aalst of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Dr. Anthony Cordesman at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and others, we know that Iran, although a signatory to the Biological Weapons Convention, is reported to have weaponized anthrax, mycotoxins and smallpox. Iran possesses a sophisticated technological infrastructure, including university laboratories, within which it conceals its (biological weapons) program.

“The use or even threat of use of biological weapons by Iran – whether a bacterium like anthrax, a virus like Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis or a mycotoxin like yellow rain – would cross a red line, certainly for Israel and for the international community as well,” Lopez said. “Iran must know that even the threatened deployment of such biological weapons would invite an overwhelming military response that could devastate the country.”

We will be publishing an update of our groundbreaking 2007 interview  with Dr. Bellamy – Van Alst on the Syrian Bio-Warfare Threat in the upcoming January 2013 edition of The New English Review.

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17 Dec 2012
CHristina McIntosh


The death wish.

Death. The worship of death.  

That numbers of human beings, mere mortals who themselves can expect, at most, to live 90 years, and will then die, could be so enamoured of raw power and so obsessed with dominating and domineering over others, and pursuing mere temporal dominance for their own tribe, or criminal gang (the Ummah; North Korea) that they can calmly or gleefully contemplate a festival of death, death, and more hideous death enveloping thousands upon thousands, millions upon millions of their fellow creatures, and - so they imagine - leaving themselves sitting unscathed, like a rooster on a dung hill,  on top of an Himalaya - multiple Himalayas - of human corpses.  The Muslims, of course, are intending to sacrifice 5 or 6 billion hated non-Muslims as one enormous human sacrifice to their infernal 'allah - who is nothing more than the depraved human id, at its worst, apotheosised.

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