Friday, 21 December 2012
Speaking Strine, Rushing Off To Join Jihad In Syria

Australians rush to join war in Syria

The Australian-1 hour ago
AUSTRALIAN security agencies believe more than 100 Australians have joined the civil war in Syria, sparking fears the conflict could produce ...
Posted on 12/21/2012 8:10 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
21 Dec 2012
Christina McIntosh

 More than one hundred of them?  Good grief, that's waaay too many jihad-minded zealous Muslims to have been lurking within our borders.

 And now, possibly at their own expense, they have taken themselves off to Syria, from which - with any luck - they will not return, having met a sticky end at the hands of their own, or at the hands of either the Alawites (if they are joining the Sunni side) or the Sunnis (if they have gone to reinforce the Alawites and Shiites).

Good riddance.  We're better off without 'em.  

Only, memo to 'The Australian'; time to revise the style sheet.  They are NOT 'Australians'.  They are Australian-passport-carrying Muslims, whose first and only real loyalty is to whichever segment of the Mohammedan Mob - Sunni or Shiite - they were raised in.  

And our Foreign Affairs and Immigration Department, having ascertained that they have indeed left for Syria to take part in the Jihad there - the Sunni Jihad against the deemed-heretical Alawites and Shiites - should concern itself with two things only: 1/ cancelling their Australian residency  or their Australian citizenship, and thereby rendering their Australian passports invalid (I wonder how many oft hem have dual citizenship with this or that Islamic country from which they or their parents came?); and...2/ making damned sure that they will never be able to return to Australia. Because the last thing we want on our streets are Mohammedan males of military age, combat-hardened, and full of triumphant bloodlust after having engaged in and/ or witnessed and enjoyed the spectacle of multiple atrocities on and off the battlefield.

Let 'em go.  Just DO NOT let them come back, once they've gone. 

21 Dec 2012
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Rushing off to join Jihad in Syria Any of these returning to Australia should be kept under scrutiny. They never were and never will be loyal Australian citizens. Same with Lebanese so-called Australians. Only sponging off the system and loyal only to Islam.

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