Friday, 21 December 2012
On the Waterfront, and At the Airport; Existing Organised Crime in Australia Has Acquired a Menacing Muslim Dimension

As you will see from the names of some of the Mr Bigs who appear in the course of these two reports on a major investigation recently undertaken by the Australian ABC's '7.30 Report' in conjunction with Fairfax journalists.

It is not the drugs and other sorts of common contraband, nor even the guns, that are getting in (though it is well-known that organisations such as Hezbollah and the Taliban have been financed by every imaginable kind of organised crime, for decades), that worry me the most, but the other kinds of things - and people - that might wafted through into Australia by Muslim organised criminals who, along with those acting in conjunction with them or else at their behest, are now, it seems, massively embedded among our gatekeepers.

'Customs Officers suspected in airport smuggling ring'

'A joint investigation by ABC's 7.30 and Fairfax has revealed that a cell of suspected corrupt Customs officers has allegedly helped smuggle drugs through Australia's biggest airport.

'Up to 15 Customs staff at Sydney Airport are believed to have engaged in serious misconduct or corruption.

'From that group, a core group of up to 10 officials have been involved in drug trafficking and bribery.

'Well-placed sources say the cell has allegedly helped smuggle suitcases and backpacks filled with drugs past screening points, an activity suspected to have occurred every few months for several years.

And where they are letting through suitcases full of drugs, what's to stop them bringing in... or passing out, onto outward-bound aeroplanes, suitcases filled with...bombs? - CM

'The Australian Federal Police is refusing to comment, saying that a media event later today will address the allegations.

'In early March, the New South Wales police drug squad staged a raid at an apartment block in Woolooware in south Sydney.

'Inside one of the apartments they found five kilograms of pseudoephedrine tablets as well as steroids and 14 grams of cocaine.

'The apartment belonged to Colombian-born Sydney man Diego Refojus, a drug trafficker with prior convictions for aggravated burglary.

Colombia-born?  Something to think about: Hezbollah is doing deals with the drug cartels in South America; Hezbollah is based in Lebanon; a large part of Sydney's Mohammedan colony are from Lebanon.  I would advise the AFP, and other investigators, to not rule out the possibility of a Hezbollah connection. - CM

'But 7.30 and Fairfax have revealed the drugs passed through Sydney Airport, allegedly with the help of corrupt Customs officers.

'Neil Fergus, a former top government intelligence official and head of the Sydney Olympics security centre, says Customs officers know the airport's drug detection system back to front.

"If we have corrupt Customs officers, they know how the system're undermining everything that Customs stands for", he said.  "The capacity for a corrupt insider to find ways through the system is actually quite strong and probably always will be.

"So it is of paramount importance that corrupt insiders are detected and dealt with".

And that is also why, I would also argue, that as a measure of simple harm reduction Muslims should not be hired to work anywhere within our ports or airports, period.  Because over and above the usual, simple motives - basic greed - of the common-or-garden non-Muslim criminal, Muslims (including Muslims who may not necessarily have a formal 'criminal record') have a very strong ideological motive to do harm to Infidels whenever and wherever they can get away with it.  The ordinary non-Muslim crook is out to make money and get a 'rush'.  The Muslim is waging war, consciously seeking to weaken and damage the Infidel society within which he is a Fifth Columnist and advance scout of the Ummah.  And in so doing, he may well make use of, and temporarily ally with, the non-Muslim criminal.  We had organised crime aplenty in Australia in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s; we had Italo-Australian and Anglo-Celt-Australian crime 'families'; but we did not have Muslims in any sort of numbers, until the 1970s. When the Muslims arrived on the scene, and immediately started infiltrating and in some cases taking over the crime families and the outlaw bikie gangs, things got much darker and more dangerous. - CM

'7.30 and Fairfax can reveal that over the past two years, figures in the underworld began to talk of some inside help at Sydney airport.

'One of those availing himself of that help was underworld figure Alex Taouil.

I would like to know whether the 'Alex' should be in quotes, and whether it is his real name or a 'camouflage' anglicisation of something like 'Ali' or 'Iskander'; the surname suggests North Africa, and of late I have seen Muslims in Australia with Anglicised forenames, as 'Mahmoud' becomes 'Mick' and 'Hasan' becomes 'Sam'. - CM

'Taouil's alleged contact inside Customs, Adrian Lamella, this week became the second Customs officer arrested and remanded into custody to face serious corruption charges.

'Lamella has an interesting history for a man whose job involves detecting drug traffickers.

'Publicly available records show that in 2008, NSW police alleged they found Lamella and two other men in a car with five small bags of cocaine, some of which Lamella later admitted to using.

'Two years after that, Lamella was involved in a property deal with a man called Joseph Harb (or should that be 'Yusuf Harb'? - CM), who would later be arrested for drug trafficking.

'Harb and Taouil are not Lamella's only alleged questionable associates, nor is Lamella the only Customs officer with suspected links to the criminal underworld.

'According to intelligence obtained by 7.30 and Fairfax, several policing and anti-corruption agencies suspect that Lamella is part of an allegedly corrupt cell of customs officers at Sydney Airport.

'It is understood that around 12 months ago, the cameras at Sydney Airport were secretly turned on the suspected Customs Officers by Australia's secretive and powerful anti-corruption agency, the Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity.

I hope and pray that this Commission does not include any Muslims within its ranks. - CM

'Soon after, Customs officers' phone conversations were being tapped.

'It was the tapped phone calls that led NSW police to Refojus's apartment in March.

'Refojus is allegedly linked to two members of the corrupt Customs cell, who are believed to have been at his apartment in the hours before the drug squad burst through.

'Until this week, only one Customs officer had been arrested and accused in court of drug trafficking.

'Arrested with him in August was Harb, who is accused of smuggling drugs through Sydney Airport.

'Several other Customs staff remain under investigation but are still working at Sydney Airport or other locations.

'Security concerns at Sydney Airport have persisted for years.

'In 2005 a leaked Customs report revealed organised crime had infiltrated the airport, and the Federal Government ordered an inquiry.

And where some of those organised criminals are Muslims, then we may find ourselves dealing not only with organised crime, but with...Jihad. - CM

'Mr Fergus helped Sir John Wheeler conduct his inquiry, which revealed massive shortcomings and highly dysfunctional relationships between Customs, state and federal police, and private airport security.

"There were weaknesses with the CCTV technologies, the sharing of that, there were issues with intelligence sharing.  There was a whole raft of issues", Mr Fergus said.

'The Howard government moved quickly to reform airport security and policing, but Mr Fergus says the security reforms he called for were never fully realized...

'In late 2007, in a report that was kept secret, a top-ranking Customs official urged a doubling in the numbers of anti-corruption staff and warned the agency was terribly exposed without major reforms.

'Among the reforms called for were "drug and alcohol testing" of Customs officers, and "mandatory reporting of fraud, corruption, and serious misconduct".

'But those calls would go mostly unheeded (why? on whose orders, precisely? - CM) for the next five years, leaving Customs without vital anti-corruption safeguards, a fact that shocks Mr Fergus.

"I didn't realize that was the situation.  An agency like Customs must have proper background screening, must have internal affairs, must have alcohol and drug testing", he said.

And, I would add, they shouldn't hire Muslims at all, no matter how apparently squeaky-clean the criminal record and the blood test results for any smiling, clean-shaven, neatly-besuited Muslim applicant for a position in Customs...- CM

"It almost defies belief that those things are only being addressed now".

'In March 2009, the still unplugged gaps in airport security were dramatically illustrated with the fatal bashing of a Hells Angels bikie associate at the Qantas domestic check-in terminal.

It should be noted, by the by, that the man who was bashed to death was of Greco-Australian extraction, nominally of Orthodox faith; all but one of the men who attacked him and killed him in front of a large crowd of horrified bystanders were Muslims who had joined and essentially taken over a rival gang. - CM

'Airport security failed to stop the attack, and the CCTV cameras failed to capture vision that could be used effectively in court.

Who, precisely, was 'on shift' in airport security in that part of the airport, that day?  And who, precisely, had access to or control of those cameras, either at the time of the attack, or afterward? - CM

'Clive Small, a former detective and Assistant Commissioner of the NSW Police, says that was a let-down to investigators.

"Given the seriousness of the problem of drugs being smuggled through the airport, I would have thought the cameras would have worked", he said.

Yes.  So why did they not work?  Had someone with prior knowledge of the planned attack turned them off or away from the planned location of the attack; or else did someone get at those cameras after the attack, to remove  incriminating footage? - CM

'In 2009, the AFP's new airport policing squad zeroed in on Wayne Cleveland, a member of the infamous surf gang the Bra Boys.

'Police believed Cleveland's drug syndicate had been for more than a decade using corrupt plane cleaners and caterers at Sydney Airport to smuggle cocaine.

'In August 2009, Cleveland was filmed meeting one of his corrupt airline catering and cleaning contacts to organise another importation.

'Cleveland was arrested and later convicted along with two corrupt airline cleaners who both had been granted Federal Government Aviation Security identity cards, even though they had prior criminal convictions.

'Last year, Steven Hutchins led a federal parliamentary committee that toured major airports, examining gaps in border security.

"If you work at the airport, you know exactly where the black spots are.  You know where to smuggle gear in and where to get it out as well", he said.

And that is why Muslims should not be hired as cleaners, as caterers, as baggage handlers, as Customers officers, as security guards, or as anything else at all within our ports and airports. For in their case, it is not just about the possibility of their being part of a crime gang and letting drugs through (which is also done by many a non-Muslim corrupt employee); a cleaner or caterer who is a Muslim (and who may even have, up to the day they Go Jihad, possess a squeaky-clean criminal record) may one day assist a jihad plotter to place a bomb, or plant a weapon or poisons on board a plane for someone else to pick up and use. - CM

'Law enforcement officials told Mr Hutchins that dozens, or even hundreds, of airport and waterfront staff had links to organised crime.

"For some time the ACC and the AFP have been highlighting the amount of infiltration in some areas of the port and airport", Mr Hutchins said.

"They's about 3 percent that may be involved in serious and organised crime".

Question: what proportion of that suspect 3 percent are recognisably Muslims?  And then: what percentage of the other 97 percent - those who have no obvious criminal involvement as such - are Muslims, and ought therefore - because of the Jihad doctrine of Islam - also to be regarded warily? - CM

'Mr Hutchins was warned privately by police of the challenges they faced, including a rise in cocaine smuggling through Australia's airports.

'So his committee recommended new and sweeping overhauls of airport security.

"When Qantas started a direct flight from Buenos Aires, police thought it would be a significant encouragement to criminals to bring in cocaine on direct flights from South America, which inevitably that has occurred", he said.

'Incredibly, it is only now that Customs is starting to implement common anti-corruption measures, such as drug testing and the mandatory reporting of corruption.

'Unsurprisingly, the recent scandal is sparking calls for a full inquiry.

"I would call for a royal commission", Mr Hutchins said.  "We are not talking about small goods being knocked off any more, we are talking about the importation of drugs"...

And continuing the account of the potentially-lethal meeting and melding of criminal Muslims with ordinary Infidel criminality:

'Customs corruption extends to waterfront'.

'Corruption within the Customs service extends to Australia's waterfront, where underworld figures are using corrupt dock workers to import drugs and possibly even guns.

And where, since there are Muslims included in this highly unpleasant milieu,  jihadis sooner or later are likely to use their associates or catspaws to bring in, or to detonate, bombs. - CM

'On Thursday, a 7.30 and Fairfax investigation revealed that a cell of suspected corrupt Customs officers allegedly helped smuggle drugs through Sydney Airport.

'It has since been announced that eight people have been charged in connection to the alleged drug ring.

'And it can be revealed that it seems corruption has also reached Port Botany, where authorities have identified at least a dozen Customs staff involved in suspected corruption or serious misconduct.

'It is feared this activity is not only allowing drugs and illegal tobacco past the border, but guns as well.

'New South Wales police are searching for illegal pistols, some of which may be behind some of Sydney's recent shootings.

'Some of the pistols are suspected to have been smuggled in shipping containers which Customs officers claimed they had X-rayed when they had not.

'Sources say Customs paperwork has been fraudulently filled out, giving the all clear to containers that may have been filled with illegal handguns.

'But insiders say security breaches on the waterfront highlight how vulnerable the system is and different authorities are grappling with the best way to confront it.

'Smuggling Syndicate

'One of those arrested over alleged drug importation involving corrupt dock workers is crime boss Mohammed Jomaa.

That is, "Muslim crime boss Mohammed Jomaa".  These days, so many of these sorts of outfits seem to have a Mohammed involved in them somewhere...- CM

'Just after midnight on September 22, 2010, Jomaa and another man collected a sports bag filled with 50 kilograms of cocaine from a car outside a house in southern Sydney.

'The pair moved the bag into their own car, not knowing they were being watched.  A few minutes later, Federal Police moved in.

'Jomaa is tied to a smuggling syndicate with tentacles reaching not only Port Botany but, most disturbingly, inside Customs, where police suspect his syndicate has two officers on its payroll.

'Clive Small, a former detective and Assistant Commissioner of the NSW Police, says Jomaa has a well-established reputation and has been operating for a long time.

And does he have Australian citizenship and when and where and how did he acquire it? Before, or after, he became a known criminal Mr Big?  - CM

"He also has those close-knit connections, the middlemen at the wharves and Customs and in other places", he said.

'Jomaa called on outlaw bikie Brian Blackman and a corrupt maritime industry worker to help to smuggle the 50 kilograms from a  container sitting in a supposedly secure storage yard.

'Jomaaa and Blackman have both been convicted of drug trafficking, but many of the corrupt players in the Jomaa network still remain a threat to Australia's border security.

'It is a common story.  Police sources and leaked reports say the docks and the airports are hosting many corrupt insiders, including government officials.

'Waterfront corruption is not a new phenomenon - as former Melbourne detective Brian Murphy knows well.

'Mr Murphy, an infamous hard man of the Victorian Police Force, helped expose the notoriously corrupt Painters and Dockers Union in the 1970s.

'Many of the union's extortion, bookmaking and theft rackets were run out of Mr Murphy's local patch of South and Port Melbourne.

"The tougher you were, the more prior convictions you had for assaults or murder, the more chance you had of getting picked up for a job, and most of the men with violent pasts got picked up as painters and dockers", he said.

And now we have been adding Muslims - raised within a cult that explicitly prescribes and condones violence against and robbery of the Infidel, the Designated Prey - to that already unpleasant mixture...- CM

'In the 1980s, Mr Murphy's investigations helped trigger the Costigan Royal Commission, which exposed much of the murder and corruption on Melbourne's waterfront.

'But as the headlines died down, many of the younger painters and dockers and their proteges turned to a new way of making money.

"They've already been credited with violence in the painters and dockers when they were young, and they had that name, and they've gone from there into the drug scene", he said.

And I would very much like to know how much prison da'wa, and da'wa of other kinds, has been targeting these sorts of people...- CM

'In 2004, fellow Victorian-based policeman and AFP officer Ross Fusca launched a new task-force to take on corruption on the docks.

"The intelligence indicated that there were a number of people that worked on the waterfront that could assist criminal groups remove shipping containers holding drugs", he said.

And it isn't only the bringing in of drugs we should be worrying about, in this age of Global Jihad. - CM

'His taskforce pulled off several major drug busts...

'But in 2005, when Mr Fusca called for his joint-agency waterfront task-force to keep on running, his request was denied because it would cost too much.

Penny-wise, pound foolish. - CM

'While police were winding down, one of Australia's most prolific drug importers, Hakan "Big Hux" Ayik (who is of Turkish Muslim extraction - CM), was gearing up and finding ways to corrupt waterfront workers.

'By 2008, Ayik had an impressive smuggling network, including a work-out junkie and influential Port Botany stevedore who, for legal reasons, will be referred to as Mr X.

'Police observed Mr X driving a Porsche, making huge cash withdrawals, and mixing with the who's who of the criminal underworld.

'At the same time he was using his Federal Government-issued Maritime Security Identity Pass to access restricted areas at Port Botany.

'Mr Fusca says Mr X was leading an extravagant lifestyle for a dock worker.  "We were aware of dock workers living beyond their means, and clearly Mr X was", he said...

'In fact, as far back as 2004, NSW authorities had intelligence that Mr X was "involved in drug supply", and that "Mr X or his contacts in the ports may be facilitating importations".  But he was not investigated.

'Mr Fusca says the fact Mr X was given such access highlights the vulnerability of the system.

'By late 2009, fresh police intelligence warned that Ayik was working with Mr X and that the dock worker "may be facilitating importations on behalf of Ayik."

'Ayik was targeted for investigation, but yet again, Mr Ayik was not.  He was free to keep aiding drug importers.  It was only this year that Mr X was finally arrested.

'As concern about waterfront corruption grew, the NSW Police Force and the AFP launched a new task-force, code-named Polaris.

'In September 2010 it swooped on Jomaa and Blackman.

'A year later, Polaris moved on another crime syndicate with suspected links to its own corrupt Customs officials.

'Almost everywhere Polaris turned it found corruption, as this secret 2012 report reveals:

"Polaris investigations have identified employees of law enforcement and regulatory bodies providing assistance to criminal groups.

"The employees have included members of customs and employees of AQIS [Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service]".

'While much of the focus has been on Port Botany, police are still working out how bad things are across the rest of the nation.

'Law enforcement officers like Mr Fusca say corruption on the docks needs to be exposed.

"If there is an issue with law enforcement at points of entry into this country that are allowing criminals to become stronger and more powerful, the Australian Government has got no option but to throw a commission of inquiry or royal commission behind it and get to the bottom of it", he said.

And to repeat: now that we have Muslims infiltrating the outlaw bikie gangs (and in some cases taking them over), and Muslims engaging in organised crime (on such a scale as to have led to the creation of a special arm of the police, 'The Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad', to deal with them specifically), this rampant corruption of our gatekeepers -  and we already see the Muslim likes of Mr Ayik and Mr Jomaa and 'Joseph' (Yusuf?) Harb making use of the corrupted - may enable not only the drug and gun smuggling that is already going on but, in future, violent mass-murderous attacks by the jihad-minded. - CM


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