Saturday, 22 December 2012
U.S. on alert for Islamist ire to ‘Zero Dark Thirty’
My prediction: there will be no buildings burned, people beaten and/or trampled to death, looting, rioting, killing our soldiers and ambassadors or otherwise violent backlash against this movie. There are no cartoons of Muhammad, no truthful depictions of Muhammad, no pages of the Koran burned, nobody saying Muhammad was a false prophet or that the Koran is no stairway to heaven. No need to have the Secretary of Defense or the President call the filmakers and plead with them to pull the movie. Everybody can relax. If the movie depicts the torture of Muslims by Americans, then Muslims will want it shown far and wide. Good grief, don't you all know the routine by now?
Posted on 12/22/2012 6:24 AM by Rebecca Bynum
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