Saturday, 22 December 2012
Steve Jobs, The Man Who Loved To Live Simply

After Steve Jobs, there were all sorts of reports about how he was essentially indifferent to wealth, lived in a house "modest" by the standards of his fellow billionaires, and was too possessed by his desire for perfection in his products to bother about unimportant things like luxury.

So the news this week should, but probably won't, unsettle some:

Jobs family yacht seized in Amsterdam over 3M euro dispute with designer

Apple Insider  - ‎Dec 21, 2012‎
The mega yacht commissioned by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has reportedly been sequestered by lawyers for designer Philippe Starck in Amsterdam over a payment dispute.
Posted on 12/22/2012 8:49 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
22 Dec 2012
Christina McIntosh

 G K Chesterton: "The Good Rich Man"..."Mr Mandragon the millionaire, he wouldn't have wine or wife/ He couldn't endure complexity; he lived the simple life...".

And again from G K Chesterton, see here:

And then there is this:

"If prosperity is regarded as the reward of virtue it will be regarded as the symptom of virtue".

23 Dec 2012
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The wealthy Leftist 1% have a different threshold for what constitutes "simple living".  To them, if they only have one LED TV in the hold of their third yacht in their fifth global home in the Virgin Islands (the others being in southern France, in northern England, on Long Island in New York, and in southern California), they think they are suffering privations.

And, of course, if they give to charities that help the Third World without having done sufficient research to determine whether their money is actually helping anyone, their white Western guilt at being rich is to some degree assuaged.

And finally, they can always fall back on the comfort of knowing that the mere state of Being Leftist ensures Salvation.

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