Saturday, 22 December 2012
Gulf Arab Sheiklets Are Bank Accounts With Flags

With idle populations of the terminally spoiled and frequently vicious local Arabs who depend on armies of foreign wage-slaves (from the Americans and Europeans at the top, to the South Korean contractors, to the Indian and Pakistani day-laborers, to the housework-and-sex slaves of the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, at the bottom) , these sheiklets -- such as nasty little Qatar, trying to undo Syria because the non-Muslims there persist in holding down their Muslim would-be overlords, and dare to use force as well as guile in their suppression of the real -- both "moderate" and "immoderate" -Muslims who, given half a chance, would drive down, or out, the Alawites, the Christians, the Druse, the Muslim but non-Arab Kurds -- deserve to be described.

It was the late Egyptian diplomat Tahsin Basheer who described many Arab states, in contradistinction to his own Egypt, with its long history, as "tribes with flags."

But the tribes don't count as much in such city-states as Dubai and Qatar. It's the ruling family, and its courtiers, who count. And what they count is the undeserved wealth that comes rolling in, unearned and unmerited, from the accidents of geology that throw off the hundreds of billions in revenue every year, for these places.

So what should Qatar, the constituent sheikdoms of the Emirates, Kuwait, be called?

Not Tribes With Flags, but Bank Accounts With Flags.

Posted on 12/22/2012 10:16 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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