Monday, 31 December 2012
The Dangers of Syria’s Bio-Warfare Complex Should Assad Fall: An Interview with Dr. Jill Bellamy van Aalst

by Jerry Gordon with Dr. Jill Bellamy van Aalst (January 2013)

The control of Syria’s unconventional chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction are of vital concern in a troubled Middle East should the Assad regime fall to Sunni supremacist opposition forces. more>>>

Posted on 12/31/2012 9:59 AM by NER
7 Jan 2013
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 Is it likely that Syria and Iran can deliver deadly smallpox,plague,anthrax,influenza and other infectious germs in an attack against Israel,America,and Europe; as this article suggests-unfortunatly without giving actual scientific data or references,but rather presenting "views" "opinions",and "hearsay"? Most certainly Yes. This is based on varifyable "tradecraft" analysis of scientific articles,activities of scientists working in these fields,and the equipment available today,which could have been cited by the authors.

Is the United states ready to respond effectively to such an attack? Most certainly No. Say: "FEMA" without bursting into laughter. Say: "border control" with a straight face. Say "shit outa luck",and you will be close to the mark.Even releasing  the germs made by mother nature,and not the geneticlly "improved" ones,would likely cause mega deaths-plus, and crippling chaos. Just the thing to bring the Mahdi,if you are a mad Madhiite.Or to weaken and maybe destroy the Great and Little Satan,if you are just a run-of-the-mill terror supporter. See,for example: Dark Winter.

Why are we so far up the creek with no paddle? It could be just plain bumfumbling stupidity ,of the kind that built the Maginot line,or Court Martialed Billy Mitchell for the crime of being right about airplanes being able to sink Navy ships.Or, could it have anything to do with Islamic influence at the White House, at Homeland Security,at the Pentagon,at Fort Detrick bioresearch command,at the CDC,at the NIH,and at numerous scientific labs on university campuses in America?

What should(not necessarily could) be done now? Prepare quarantine facilities now, disperse the National Stratigic Stockpile of medicines to the local levels now, send DVDs and pamphlets on biowar diagnosis and treatment to all medical facilities in America now,tell the public the unvarnished truth about the threat-like was done at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis-Americans are not all sissy wimp children,they have demonstrated that they can take it and handle it. Then sterilize the sites of this evil,using enough small tactical nukes of sufficient size in order to prevent a global mega-and-more-epic disaster epidemic involving hundreds of millions. If this preventative action is blocked by the corruptocrates, you might as well check your vaccinatin records,antibiotic supply,and go fishing. Have a nice day.

9 Jan 2013
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 The famous scientist Martin Rees made a bet for $1000 back in 2003 or so.  He hopes to lose.  He bet that by 2023, at least one million people would die in a single event of bioterror or bioerror.  The problem, it seems, is that the advance of technology is making it too easy to make not just bioweapons -- but new and increasingly deadly bioweapons. 

I'd add that insofar as the accelerating advance of technology makes it possible to do more and more with less and less, it also makes it possible to kill more and more with less and less.  We will probably see not just ordinary proliferation, but proliferation in the sense of an ever growing smorgasbord of new kinds of WMD, becoming ever cheaper, ever more accessible, ever more deadly.  

So what happens after the first event in which, say, a million die?  

Perhaps the U.S. government, with broad support from citizens, would vastly increase surveillance of all aspects of our lives, so much so, that life then would be unrecognizable to us today.  

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