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They’ve Got No Game

by Dexter Van Zile (January 2013)

By now, most people have come to accept a few obvious truths about Islamism and its negative impact on the human condition. You don’t need to be the next Hannah Arendt or George Orwell to see what is going on. You just need to read the papers, surf the internet, and connect the dots – if you dare.  more>>>

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7 Jan 2013
Kendra Malcyzk

I live in America and home school my three children.  I have taught my children the truths of the bible and Christ, after having spent extensive personal time with God myself, as well as have made them very aware of the Islamic and Jewish situation.  My son Courage, 19, is an up and coming theologian taught at home by the Holy Spirit and Truth of God's word and realities of history is full scope.  At least in this home school the truth will ring out.  We have done, and will continue to do what we can to support the Jews, and christians in muslim nations and elsewhere and will continue to speak out in as often as God provides opportunity sounding the alarm about the doctrines of hatred white washed in supposed religion.  God is the Lord of all the earth and no respector of persons.  He is love and if we do not abide in love we do not abide in Him.  Whether christian, muslim, jew, humanist or other if we have hateful and twisted thoughts in our hearts leading to sin against anyone we are in error before the Almighty.  We must be  full of the truth, full of love, decency and honesty and courageous enough to address these issues.  We must not share in the guilt of those in history who did not truly follow Jesus  and His Father, and we must also not stay silent because of those in history who erred.  Jesus is eternal and the Way, Truth and Life.  You will know a tree by its fruit.  God made all things to be wholesome. Satan and mans disobedience corrupt.   He loved us, but many have hated Him..  However, as His followers we are commanded to love our enemies.  Islamic leaders do not promote this when they encourage the oppression and murder of non islamic sharia adherents.  No religious group is truly following God if they promote senseless oppression and bloodshed.  Jesus came to serve, not be served, and gave His life as a ransom for many.  He did not kill, but was killed, yet forgave us as He was dying on the cross.  He set an example for us to follow.  Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights in whom there is no changing.  God rains down on the just and unjust and is longsuffering not willing that any should perish.  People's wrong knowledge, thinking and actions bring destruction upon themselves.  God wants to save as many muslims, jews, and all other people from every tribe, tongue and nation as will give ear to Him and heed His reproof, gospel and good counsel.  He came to seek and save that which was lost.  This is bible 101 and I could write forever.  God declared in Romans 12 that vengeance was His and we were to give our enemies help in His name if they needed it.  God does not need Islamic help to take vengeance to murder people who are not following Him.  Jesus rebuked His own disciples when they asked Him if they should call down fire on the people who wouldn't come to hear His message telling them they did not know what spirit they were of.   It is said elsewhere in scripture by Jesus that you do well if you love those that love you, but if you love your enemies you will be like Him.  There is a clear and distinct difference between the teachings of our Unseen, yet ever Eternal Father and Christ and the teachings of Islam.  Those leaders should know that and I did write to the Pakistani Ambassador to the US graciously pointing out the teachings of the Spirit of God, humbly exhorting Him to tell His people.  I don't think it had much effect, but we should keep trying.  I wrote on behalf of muslim convert to Christianity Asia Bibi, declaring that such a loving woman was not a criminal in the sight of God for testifying of the love of God demonstrated in Christ, and could not be as a true follower because we are admonished not to live like evil people.  I hope you will be encouraged that some of us get it and are making efforts to do as you have exhorted us.  I pray with you that those leaders around the world who are standing in the role of guardians and shepherds of God's people will more boldly do the same.  I weep and pray often for the body of Christ.  I am so desperately sorry for their afflictions.  I am disabled, but may God strengthen my hands, my feet and my mouth to declare His truth and glory to whomever He may appoint me to do so.  I know those persecuted are appointed this way also.  God grant them great peace, joy and boldness in their afflictions. Jesus is Lord.

8 Jan 2013
Send an emailDavid Hayden

 Dexter Van Zile,

I appreciate your essay and agree that Christians need to meet Islamic supremacy head on.  I recently published a book entitiled Muhammad and the Birth of Islamic Supremacism: The War With the Jews 622-628 A.D.  In researching the book I slowly began to understand that modern day jihadists/Islamists,etc. pattern their behavior on Allah's revelations and Muhammad's actions as the messenger of those revelations.  Check for more information on my book.  Muhammad's war with the Jews includes all the negative aspects of political Islam: supremacy, violence, terror, slavery, assassination, and more.  The institution of dhimmitude began with the subjugation of the Jews at Khaybar.  Christians and Jews today need to shake off the tendency to be submissive when confronted by Islamic supremacism.

David Hayden

11 Jan 2013
Send an emailNeil D. Chase

 Exposing and crushing Muslim degenerates is one thing. Denigrating an ancient religion and its founder is another. There can be an approach which recognizes the knowledge of  God which Muhammad brought to the savage Arabs while proclaiming the lack of enlightenment the Muslim clergy preaches today.