Monday, 31 December 2012
Irish Pizza

by G. Murphy Donovan  (January 2012)

The devil came and asked what I wanted for my soul. I can’t believe I said pizza. – Marc Ostroff

Frances O’Grady was, if we can mix a metaphor, lovely lace curtain Irish gone to seed. She was born in Mount Vernon, New York; one of four pretty girls.  Her parents died while she was a teen, leaving the O’Grady girls to fend for themselves. Her sisters married well; and in some cases, often. As young women, the O’Grady four were long distance telephone operators for Ma Bell, a tribute to vanished skills like good diction and legible penmanship. Frances O’Grady married, unfortunately, a conscientious Irish stereotype; a handsome bounder who never missed a day of work or a night at the pub.  more>>>

Posted on 12/31/2012 10:20 AM by NER
31 Dec 2012

 Thank you for the slice o' life, and the receipt.

31 Dec 2012

 Carolan's Receipt for Drinking

4 Jan 2013
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"Never insult an herb with fire". Mr Donovan, you are a rarity-a culinary humorist.

28 Feb 2013
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A gem! - speaks to hungry drunks everywhere. I thought I was there

19 Mar 2013
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Yes, FD; I too sometimes yearn for thoes joints that used to smell like bar rags.