Tuesday, 1 January 2013
Seven aid workers murdered in Pakistan

From The Telegraph

Gunmen on motorbikes ambushed and killed six Pakistani women charity workers and a male colleague in the latest attack on the country's humanitarian groups.

Police officers said their vehicle was riddled with bullets after they had left a community centre in north-western Pakistan. Their driver was also seriously wounded.

The centre is used for girls education and for child vaccinations — providing two possible motives for an attack in a conservative area where Islamic extremists have a record in bombing girls’ schools and killing polio immunisation volunteers.

Abdur Rashid, a senior police officer in Swabi district, about 45 miles north-west of the capital Islamabad, said four gunmen were waiting for the vehicle carrying staff from the charity Ujala, which means “light” in Urdu. “They were in a remote location and the gunmen ambushed them, killing six lady health workers and teachers, one man and injuring their driver,” he said. But he added that the motive was unclear as the charity had not received any threats.

Militants have singled out female aid workers in the past as punishment for taking jobs that mean they are seen in public.

Posted on 01/01/2013 1:26 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
2 Jan 2013

hello i just cancelled a comment because i noticed that i hadn't ticked the privacy box,if i didnt cancel in time and you are going to publish my comment,could you please note that i do want my email add to remain private ta.

2 Jan 2013

(2) nothing is o.t. where "dawa" is concerned.

yesterday on "eastenders"two storylines concerning an arranged marriage the other a christening, were "wrapped up". towards the end of the episode the" action" switched back and forth from one to the other,the muslim characters lines involved ,the issue of parental shame, arranged marriage et al and were, ...., the very epitome of harmony and sense! [oh masood you are so wise!] and the "christening?"all that was missing were slashing violin chords and demonic les dawsonesque piano! whilst the baby projectile vomited green barf over everyone present. the "christian " characters spoke their lines like characters in a zombie film as they lied their way thro' the responses in the litany,i say lies because we who watch the programme are fully aware that the characters are being hypocritical...... am i being "paranoid here?ask yourself this.. can you imagine ever hearing the koran being used in a derogatry way as part of the script in any soap at anytime?the bbc will say they don't because they don't want to cause offense,[if you happen to be a christian thier raison dettre would seem to be offence] or some such nonsense, when we all know its because they are cowards and shit scared of the adherents of the "religion of peace"adherents such as have murdered the aid workers in pakistan, adherents such as the "moderates"that live in our midst and say nothing,probably because just like the bbc they too are scared of islam ......................................................................................... happy new year to my fellow "islamophobes" everywhere!

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