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Wednesday, 2 January 2013
It Appears That, Thanks to the Mayhem In Syria, Australia Now Has Two Fewer Jihad-Minded Muslims Than It Otherwise Would Have

From Australia's ABC.

First, from 31 December, a report on the demise of one Roger ('Roger'? is this an Anglicised forename taken to camouflage an Islamic name?)  Abbas.

'Australian Man Killed in Syrian Crossfire'.

'Australian man'.  No: 'Muslim from Australia'.  Or, 'Australian passport-holding Muslim'. - CM

'Victoria's Muslim community is paying tribute to a Melbourne man ( a Muslim formerly resident in Melbourne - CM) killed in Syria.

'The Islamic Society of Victoria says Roger Abbas, 23, from Meadow Heights was killed while working in a refugee camp.

'Secretary Baha Yehia has praised Mr Abbas's courage.

"He's a top person", he said.

"We see these horrible pictures of what's happening in the refugee camps and what's happening in Syria and one sometimes gets motivated to go and try to help out in whatever capacity they can and in terms of our friend Roger he went there to do some aid work and got caught in the crossfire."

'Aid work'.  Hmmmm. - CM

'Mr Yehia says members of the Preston Mosque are rallying behind Mr Abbas's family.

The Preston Mosque, eh?   I think I've heard of that mosque before.   Like here, for example:

'Justice King said the men had planned an armed attack on Sydney's Holsworthy army base by up to six men, who would shoot dead as many people as they could before they were killed.  She said they all had a connection to the Preston  mosque, support for a Somalian terrorist group, and were driven by extremist Muslim views...".

So why is the Preston Mosque still open for business?  O well, back to the story of 'Roger' Abbas. - CM

 'Considering the situation they're in, they're actually holding up reasonably well", he said.

"They're holding onto the fact that he departed doing something that he loves doing which is helping people.

That is, helping Sunni Muslims overthrow the hated Alawite heretics? - CM

"There have been people going over to Syria to help with aid since the war broke out.  They're very courageous.  They're doing very dangerous work in a very hostile environment but these people need help and we can't sit back and watch".

The deceased Mr Abbas is being represented as if he had been providing food and/ or first aid to civilian victims of the fighting.  But I have to say that there is a nasty cynical side of me that wishes the reporter had thought to ask who, precisely, were the  recipients of Mr Abbas's 'help': whether he had been , for example, risking his life to provide food and/ or first aid to any and all sufferers without distinction: to Christians, to Alawites, and to Shiites as well as to his fellow Sunni Muslims; or whether he was only helping Sunni civilians; or whether in fact his primary purpose was to support the Sunni jihadists, and even to participate in the fighting as a jihadist himself.  The phrase 'dangerous work in a very hostile environment' is capable of being read in more than one way. - CM

'The Department of Foreign Affairs says it is having difficulty investigating the case, because it does not have a diplomatic presence in Syria.

'It says its warnings to Australians not to travel to Syria remain current...

 Australian non-Muslims - unless perhaps they had very good reason to think that they were in a position to assist Syrian Christians to escape from Syria to somewhere else a bit safer - should heed that warning.  As for Muslims with Australian passports or residency: I must say that I would be inclined to waft them on their way, if I only knew that once they were gone they would not be coming back  - as this fellow is not coming back - or that, if so be they managed to survive the fighting, our Authorities would refuse to re-admit them to this country, because of being a clear and significant security risk due to their demonstrated jihad-mindedness and combat jihad experience

And so to our second 'Australian', believed deceased in the course of waging, or assisting to wage, Jihad in Syria.

'Syrian rebels eulogise 'Australian martyr'

'The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) says consular officials in Cairo are investigating reports that an Australian man (sic: that is, 'a Muslim from Australia' - CM) has been killed in Syria.

'A video posted on the internet shows Syrian rebels (that is, Syrian Sunni jihadists - CM) hailing a man identified as Abu Walid "The Australian" as a martyr.

'The man is shown with heavily armed rebel fighters, and in one section of the video he appears to be preparing makeshift explosives.

'A Google translation of the video ('google translation'??? - Has no-one thought to run this video past the experts at MEMRI? - CM) says the man was killed on December 30 by "sniper gangs".

'The Australian newspaper says the man is believed to be Melbourne-based Turkish-Australian Yusuf Toprakkaya.

Another one from Melbourne?  The Preston mosque is in Melbourne.  I wonder whether this fellow, too, attended the Preston Mosque?  And - 'Turkish-Australian'.  He's not an Australian.  He may have been born here, to Turkish Muslim parents, but his actions show that his primary and probably sole real loyalty is (or was, if he is indeed deceased) to the Sunni Muslim portion of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob. - CM

'A DFAT spokeswoman says the department is not able to confirm the reports, but is making inquiries'.

I would like to know whether he really is dead.  And if he's not...I'd like to see DFAT hurry up and figure out a way to keep him, and others like him, from ever getting back into Australia.  I don't want some combat-hardened jihadist, fresh from terrorising Alawites, Christians and Shiites, moving in up the road and biding his time till he can put his experience into practice against Australian infidels. - CM

Posted on 01/02/2013 4:46 AM by Christina McIntosh
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