Wednesday, 2 January 2013
Venice, Italy: Arab Muslim Gang Attacks American Jewish Tourist

As reported by Tzvi ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News.  Yet another demonstration of the ugly fact that the vast influx of Muslims into Europe has made life more and more dangerous for everybody else there - indigene, immigrant, visitor - who is visibly non-Muslim;  and perhaps most especially for Jews, whether resident or visiting.

'Arabs Brutally Attack US Yeshiva Student in Italy'.

'Arabs'.  Please, Israel National News, call things by their right names.  They did not mob him and bash him because they were Arabs; they did it because they were Muslims.  If they had been Pakistani or Turkish or any other kind of non-Arab Muslim, they would most likely have done exactly the same.  Whereas if they had been Arabs who had left Islam and become fervently evangelical Christians (like Walid Shoebat) or intelligent Catholics (like Magdi Cristiano Allam) this young Jew would have been perfectly safe.  This is not about ethnicity but about ideology. - CM

'A gang of Arabs (that is, a gang of Arab Muslims - CM) brutally attacked an American yeshiva student visiting with his family in Venice, Italy, in what local community leaders said was a rare instance of anti-Semitism.

'Rare'.  Maybe for now...though I recall a similar attack, by a group of Muslims upon a Jew, that took place in an Italian university campus, not so very long ago.  And if the flood of Muslims into Italy continues unabated, violent attacks like this - upon Jews in Italy, or upon any other kind of non-Muslim - will cease to be 'rare' and become commonplace. - CM

'The student was knocked unconscious on Tuesday when he strolled late at night in the centre of the city.  A band of 15 Arab youths (and I am sure they would have been Muslims, since the vast majority of Muslims entering Italy of late, illegally, have been North African Arab Muslims - CM) pounced on him, dragged him into a dark corner, and pummelled him, using sharp weapons.

'The student lost consciousness, and the attackers fled when a passerby spotted them and called police and medics.

Cowardly thugs, prepared to attack when there are 15 of them against 1, but fleeing like rabbits when one more Infidel comes on the scene and raises the alarm. - CM

'The police are investigating, but have not caught the attackers.

'The Milan-based Centre for Jewish Documentation's Observatory on Anti-Jewish Prejudice reported last month that the number of anti-Semitic episodes in the country soared last year.

I wonder how much bigger the Muslim population in Italy became during 2012?  - CM

'The incidents ranged from street insults and swastika graffiti to physical aggression.

It would be interesting to try to work out what proportion of these 'incidents' - especially the street insults and the acts of physical aggression -  have been carried out by native non-Muslim Jew-haters (though these, not merely in Italy but all over Europe and the wider Western world,  have been emboldened and incited by and frequently team up with the Muslims) and what proportion by Arab - and non-Arab - Muslims. - CM

"We observed approximately 70 cases so far this year, most of them graffiti and online attacks, over 40 % more than last year", said Observatory researcher Stefano Gatti.  "The boom might be due partly to more efficient data-gathering, but the episodes have undeniably increased," he added.

'Gatti also pointed out that Italian pundits and politicians "such as Silvio Berlusconi, Beppe Grillo or Piergiorgio Odifreddi" are now writing discriminatory posts and telling racist jokes.

"Making certain issues seem normal, even funny, is one of the root causes of the rise in anti-Semitic episodes in Italy", Gatti said.

And it is, perhaps, a symptom not merely of the emboldening of indigenous Jew-haters as they observe the open display of Jew-hatred by Muslims and continue to lap up the Muslim propaganda about the Plight of the Poor Palestinians [TM], but of the continuing process of dhimmification, whereby fearful non-Muslims, trying to curry favor with Muslims, mimic Muslim attitudes and serve a Muslim agenda, such as the ongoing Muslim jihad against the Jews.  - CM

Posted on 01/02/2013 2:21 PM by Christina McIntosh
2 Jan 2013
Hugh Fitzgerald

The news about this did not appear first in the Italian press, but in Israel. Why? 

As for those who are mentioned as contributing to, or encouraging, a spirit of tolerance toward antisemitism, the most shocking case has been that of the vulgarizing mathematician Odifreddi (possibly a case, akin to that of the Russian mathematician Shafarevich, owhere the antisemitism originates in jealousy of Jewish colleagues). The incredible viciousness of Odifreddi, accusing the Israelis in their recent attempt to end missiles being shot at their towns and villages from Gaza, of being "worse than the Nazis." Fortunately, his column in La Repubblica has ended, but his poison will no doubt continue to drip.

3 Jan 2013
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A Near Death In Venice
Or: Another Zimmermann Telegram
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Arthur Zimmermann
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Stop Muslim immigration, especially that of their clerics. Like the Roman, I seem to see Venice foaming with much blood.
Foaming At The Mouth Of The Thames,
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Stop all the clerics. Even the Christian ones are preoccupied with the "occupation" of Israel by Israelis and blind to the occupation of Europe by Muslims.
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