Wednesday, 2 January 2013
How Al Jazeera Reports On That Woman Who Was Completely Bonkers
Sen was pushed to death by a woman who "hated Muslims", as anti-Muslim bigotry in the US sinks to violent new depths.
Her long history of mental illness, as well as her confused remark about hating "Hindus and Muslims" ever since the World Trade Center attack, is ignored.
Still, the Al Jazeera story has its points. If it makes Muslims believe that "anti-Muslim bigotry in the US" has sunk "to violent new depths" that may keep them from coming, and that would be highly desirable. Would that they thought it accurately described the entire Western world.
Posted on 01/02/2013 4:10 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
2 Jan 2013
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  I doubt that either the reporters at Al Jazeera or the Umma at large really believe all this hype. It's just a lot of self-serving paranoia to help them hate infidels with a clear conscience. Call it Islamic Yoga - very therapeutic.

3 Jan 2013
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Still doesn't approach the totals of Muslims murdered by Muslims in Muslim countries for religious reason though.