Friday, 4 January 2013
Sydney, Australia: Infidel Police Intervene in Muslim 'Domestic'; Muslims Riot, Attack and Injure Police

As recounted in three successive stories in the ABC, the first of which I include because although it made no mention whatever of any names, thus obscuring the identity and ideological affiliation of the participants, there was something about the shape and flavour of the incident described that made me wonder; and my suspicions were amply confirmed by the two succeeding reports.

And so to item no. 1, sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop reporting:

'Police Officers Injured in Brawl With Family'

'New South Wales police have charged five members of a Sydney family over a brawl in which seven officers were injured.

'Police were called to a house in Bankstown (which is in Western Sydney, the part of Sydney most heavily colonised by Muslims - CM) overnight after reports of a loud argument between a couple, their 21 year old son and 18 year old triplets.

It looks as though one or more of the neighbours within earshot called the police for fear a 'domestic' was getting out of hand. - CM

'Officers say they were leaving when one of the sons king-hit a policeman in the face.

'Other family members allegedly set upon the officer.

'His colleagues came to his aid and a brawl broke out.

'Seven police were injured.

'Three were treated in hospital for bruises, concussion and a bite wound.

'Police say the mother was also taken to hospital with a concussion, along with one of her sons who was complaining of sore ribs.

'The father and children have now been charged with offences including affray, assault, and resisting arrest.

'The mother has been issued a Court Attendance Notice'.

Now for item no 2, Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop reporting once more, in which the telltale names of some of the members of this violent household are revealed.

'Family Members Bailed After Fight With Police'.

'A set of triplets and their father have been granted bail over a brawl with police (after attacking police - CM) in Sydney's south-west yesterday.

'Seven police were injured in the brawl with the Mehanna family outside their home at Bankstown early on Wednesday.

'Police say the officers were bitten, punched and concussed, and dozens of police had to be called in to break up the fight.

So: we have five Muslims, and seven non-Muslim Aussie police, who in order to subdue their berserker attackers have to summon massive reinforcements. - CM

'Two family members also suffered minor injuries.

This after causing significant - hospital-worthy - injury to seven policemen, and after being subdued and arrested by at least a dozen more cops.  But  - having gotten off extraordinarily lightly - they are nonetheless, as you will see, attempting to pose as innocent victims of police brutality. - CM

'About a dozen family and friends gathered in Parramatta Bail Court this morning, some of them wiping away tears (yup, cue the typical Mohammedan pantomime of victimhood - CM) as Mohammed Mehanna, his triplet sons and his daughter appeared on charges of assaulting police, affray, and resisting arrest.

'Police did not oppose bail and it was granted.

'Another son is yet to face court today.

'His mother has been ordered to appear in court on similar charges next month".

And, finally, in item no 3, a typically Mohammedan attempt at turnspeak, reversal of reality, and playing of the victim card.

"Police Accused of Excessive Force in Family Brawl".

'A Sydney family involved in a brawl with dozens of police (that is: who attacked police officers  investigating reports of a 'domestic', and who then required to be subdued by dozens of police - CM) say (that should be 'claim' - CM) the officers used excessive force.

I don't believe them.  Muslims lie, all the time; and especially when engaged in any kind of dispute with or aggression against Infidels.  As Mohammed said, "War is deceit".  It's always the other guy's fault.  Muslims are past masters at starting fights and then spinning round and trying to pretend the other guy started it: see Gaza, in 2009 and in 2011.  I hope that the police, from the moment they entered the Mehanna premises, had some kind of portable recording device turned on; if they didn't, they should make sure that small portable hidden recording devices are used in these sorts of operations in future.  - CM

'Hussain Mehanna was released from custody yesterday after he, his father and three siblings were granted bail at a Parramatta court.

'The 18 year old said police picked a fight with them outside their Bankstown home and used "too much aggressive force" on Wednesday.

But police documents have told a different story.

To repeat: I hope the police have audio and video recordings, since otherwise, gullible people in the courts and in the press may fall for voluble, detailed and entirely fabricated Muslim sob stories. - CM

'They allege the entire family punched, bit and jumped on several police officers.

'Police documents tendered to the court said one officer was allegedly forced to punch Mehanna's mother when she overpowered a senior constable.

'Another tried to use a Taser, but it did not work.

Memo to the NSW police: next time you are called to investigate and intervene in a possible 'domestic' in a heavily Islamised suburb, take along the dog squad. - CM

'Police used capsicum spray and called dozens of officers for back-up.

'The family were charged with assaulting police, affray and resisting arrest.

'Mehannah's mother Rafah, 41, attended court today with a black eye to support her family.

'The family's lawyer, Greg Heathcote, said her black eye was not her only injury.

"You can see how she's feeling a little bit, but she's got bruises that you can't see", Mr Heathcote said.

Let's just remind ourselves that seven police officers had to go to hospital to have concussions, bruising and a bite wound attended to. - CM

'Ms Mehannah's husband and children were granted conditional bail today and ordered to face court in three weeks.

'She will face court in February'.

I hope that the jury and the judge and the lawyer for the prosecution will have their wits about them. and that, as I do, they will take the Muslim version of events with a heaping tablespoon of salt. - CM

Posted on 01/04/2013 5:39 PM by Christina McIntosh
4 Jan 2013
Hugh Fitzgerald

"king-hit a policeman"

Good to learn a new word. "King-hit." Is it strictly strine, or used elsewhere?

4 Jan 2013
Christina McIntosh

 Hugh: re the expression 'king-hit'.

A quick google round turned up first an entry explaining that it is an Australian slang term, originating in the environs of the boxing ring, and originally meaning 'the winning blow in a fight' (i.e. the knockout punch), but as used nowadays it seems to mean any blow or punch that is sudden and very heavy.

wiktionary identifies it as a specifically Australian expression and says it is " a blow intended to incapacitate in one hit, often delivered without warning'.  It is also defined as 'a punch to the face intended to cause as much damage as possible, with the victim often taken by surprise', or any 'particularly vicious attack'; as a verb, it means 'to attack a victim and knock them unconscious with only one punch'.

It turns up in print in Australian sources in the early 20th century - in 1920, meaning 'a knock-out blow', [sporting, colloquial]; and then in 1940, with the more general meaning of  'a surprise punch, probably unfair'.

'Haymaker' is suggested as its synonym in other varieties of English' it also seems to mean much the same as 'sucker punch'.

Australian slang also contains another rather nasty term - 'a rabbit-killer'.  It does not mean a man who hunts rabbits but, rather "a chop across the back of the neck with the side of a hand" (which sounds eerily like the sort of blow that is described in accounts of the ritual humiliation of dhimmis when they delivered their jizya payments. In which case: depending on the degree of force with which it was administered, every time the dhimmi submitted to such a blow they ran a very real risk of being killed, for the 'rabbit-killer' blow can and does kill).

I found 'rabbit-killer' at this site (though oddly enough they don't include 'king hit').

You may find it amusing.  Some of the terms are now archaic or only used in a deliberately affected sort of way, but there are quite a few that I recognise and use or have used without thinking twice about it.

5 Jan 2013
Esmerelda Weatherwax

Re 'king'hit'

Recalling how much the Australian acent of the mid 20th century owed to my own Cockney accent I thought it might be a abbreviated form, come into polite(er) company, of a phrase that I would know as "an' then 'e f**king 'it 'im". 

The real explanation is much more interesting and effective. 

5 Jan 2013
Send an emailSue R

I believe that the 'rabbit-killer' is known as a'rabbit punch' among a certain type of Englishman.

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