Friday, 4 January 2013
More On The Deeply Unpleasant Muslim Mehanna Family of Western Sydney, And Their Attempts to Claim Victimhood After Attacking Police Who Sought To Prevent Them Disturbing The Peace

Sydney's Daily Telegraph has much, much more than the ABC chose to tell its readers about the nature of this little affaire, previously remarked upon by me, and the aftermath.  If you click on the link you will see be-hijabbed mama.

'Dad, triplets granted bail after brawl in Bankstown'

'A father and his four children involved in a brawl with police which allegedly included a mother throwing punches, malfunctioning tasers and "hammer blows to the face" have been granted bail.

'Five members of the Mehanna family faced court yesterday charged with a fight with at least 13 police on the driveway of their Bankstown home after midnight on Wednesday.

'Three police were hospitalised and four others injured in the wild brawl on Ogmore Court.

'Police were initially called to the home to investigate a "domestic dispute" the court heard.

'A sixth family member, the m other, Rafah, 41, was arrested following the fight but was taken to Bankstown Hospital before being ordered to front court on January 13.

'The father, Mohamed, 46, and his three 18 year old triplets - sons Ali and Hussain, and daughter Zainab - were granted bail in Parramatta Local Court yesterday.

'They are all charged with affray, assaulting police, hindering police and resisting arrest.

'Ali was also charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

'The four were released after police prosecutors did not oppose them being granted strict conditional bail.

'Another child, Adel, 21, was granted $5000 bail after police opposed him being released.

'All were ordered to face Bankstown Local Court on January 24.

'Police prosecutor Karlo Haralovic told the court that Adel was already on bail for separate charges including drug possession, assaulting and resisting police and had two good behaviour bonds "hanging over him" at the time of the incident.

Bear those details in mind, when we get to the stories in which we hear the Mehanna family whining and crying 'victim' and trying to pretend to be sweet little innocent lambs. - CM

'Adel's barrister Greg Heathcote told the court there were "two sides to the story" and said there was "excessive force by police".

There were more and worse injuries among the police than among the arrestees. That settles it for me; the police did what they had to do, having been set upon by a bunch of Mohammedans running amok. - CM

'Magistrate John McIntosh granted bail but said police had "an obligation" to go to the house once a domestic dispute complaint was made.  "If they don't carry out their duties, they will be criticised.  If they do carry out their duties, they will be criticised", Mr McIntosh said.

'According to police documents tendered to the court, three of the children yelled at police who arrived at the house: "f*** off you dogs.  ('Dogs', eh?  Infidel dogs? This is one of the standard Muslim insults hurled at any non-Muslim qua non-Muslim. - CM).  "We don't need youse.  Get the f*** off our property".

'Police entered the house where they saw the mother and the teenage daughter "yelling at each other", the fact sheet said.

Hmmm.  What if the arrival of the police averted an 'honor' murder?  What if the neighbour/s - non-Muslim neighbours? - who called the police, were afraid that something of that kind might have been going to happen?  In one of the photos I saw, the mother was  wearing the Slave Hood but the daughters were not. - CM

'When more police arrived, Ali allegedly punched one in the eye "unprovoked" before he jumped on another officer and drove his head into the ground, knocking him out briefly, the fact sheet said.

'When more family members joined in, a lengthy brawl broke out (that is, the entire family shelved their original violent internecine dispute and turned their rage outward upon the Infidels to hand - CM) where police tasers malfunctioned at least three times, the fact sheet said.

'At least 13 officers rushed to the scene and some used "torch strikes" and OC spray in an attempt to control the situation, the fact sheet said.

'Another officer "issued two hammer strikes" to the mother's face after being "overpowered and repeatedly assaulted" by the 41 year old, the fact sheet said.

'The family have accused police of being heavy handed in the brawl.

Rubbish.  Given the outcome - three members of this charming bunch of Mohammedthugs very lightly injured, seven police injured of whom three needed to be seen to in hospital - I think the police should probably be commended for exercising extraordinary restraint, all things considered. And it is quite, quite plain that the Muslims attacked first in what amounted to an ambush. - CM

'The five spent the night in holding cells at Penrith Police Station before being released yesterday.  Outside court the family's lawyer Gus Dib (Who wants to bet that that innocuous sounding 'Gus' was adopted in place of a resoundingly Mohammedan forename? - CM) said that the mother sustained a 'black eye' during the brawl. 

Your hellcat attacked police, mate.  If she had not attacked police, she would be fine. - CM

"It's been a long 48 hours for them, and they're quite drained and looking forward to coming home", Mr Dib said.

Cue the world's smallest violin...Me, I have no sympathy for them whatsoever; the only people I feel sorry for are the policemen who got bitten, jumped on and king-hit.  And I am also sorry for any non-Muslim neighbours that these Mohammedans may have

The AAP report, in The Australian, has a bit more, which makes it quite, quite plain that the Muslims started it.  Click on the link to see mama in her hijab.

'Family Accused of Police Assault' 

Sic: 'Muslim Family Accused of Assaulting Police', would make more sense. - CM


'Mohammed Mehanna and his 18 year old triplets Ali and Zainab Mehanna and Hussain Mehanna are charged with affray, assaulting police and resisting police.

'Police allege the four and another two family members assaulted officers after they responded to a domestic incident at a Bankstown home, in the city's southwest, about 12.30 am yesterday.

'As police were in the driveway preparing to leave, a family member allegedly punched a probationary constable, giving him a black eye, police said.

'The remaining family members allegedly joined the assault on the officer before other officers came to his aid.

'Appearing via audio visual link from Penrith jail in Parramatta bail court yesterday, the father and triplets were granted strict conditional bail.  The four are required to report to police twice a week, and must reside in their Bankstown address...".

And now for what one Rashida Yusufzai, writing for the reliably Islamophile Sydney Morning Herald, chose to report. - CM

'Police used 'excessive force': NSW family'.

'A Western Sydney family accused of assaulting police say "excessive force" was used against them by officers responding to a domestic dispute.

'Five members of the Mehanna family appeared in court on Thursday charged in relation to a brawl with police who were responding to reports of a domestic dispute.

'Police allege one family member punched a probationary constable in the face before others joined in at the family's home in Bankstown...

'A further six officers called to the scene were also injured.  Two, along with the constable, were later taken to hospital.

'On Thursday, 46 year old father Mohamad Mehanna and his 18 year old triplets Ali and Zainab Mehanna and Hussain Mehanni were granted bail...

'Another sibling, 21 year old Adel Mehanna, who is charged with affray and resisting police, was granted bail in a separate hearing.

'Appearing for Adel Mehanna, defence lawyer Greg Heathcote told the court there were "two sides to the story" and police had reacted "excessively" in dealing with the matter.

"The case of the defence in all matters is excessive force by police", he told the court.

The impression that I have got is exactly the reverse.  I, of course, knowing what I do about the all-pervasiveness of deceit in  Muslim culture and ideology, am far more inclined to trust the word of the police than of the Mohammedans involved. - CM

'He said Mehanna had pushed an officer after seeing police "assaulting" his family, but did not cause any injuries.

'Prosecutors opposed bail, arguing Mehanna had prior police assault charges, and five for breach of bail conditions.

"He is no stranger to the criminal justice system.  Police were simply doing their job", police prosecutor Carlos Haralovic told the court.

'Appearing agitated, Mehanna interjected as the prosecution put forward its case.

"You are going to make things worse.  It was a family argument between two girls

Actually, according to the police, it was the mother and one of the daughters.  And it was loud and violent enough that it frightened the neighbour/s into calling the police. - CM

"and police pepper-sprayed my f***ing family.  That's my whole f***ing family."

Observe that he mentions only the argument and the pepper-spray, trying to give the impression that the police simply charged in and sprayed everyone; when they were, in fact, about to leave when unexpectedly the Muslims.  The pepper-spray, according to the police account, was deployed only toward the end, when police were being attacked by everybody at once. - CM

'Relatives of the family were visibly upset, with some crying as magistrate John McIntosh asked Mehanna to stop interrupting proceedings.

Muslim theatre of victimhood. - CM

"Police have to attend the scene of disputes.  They are simply doing their duty to prevent crimes from happening", Mr McIntosh told the court.

'Outside the court solicitor Gus Dib, acting for the Mehanna family, said the family felt hard done by police.

Cry me a river. - CM

"It's a very sad day for them.  A domestic disturbance attended by police has turned into a very sad day for both parties."..

But for the full-length Muslim whine from the unpleasant Mehannas, see this item from Robert Ovadia of 7 News, Sydney.


'Brawl Family Say 'Police Started It'.

Of course they would.  But I don't believe them. I believe our Aussie Infidel police. - CM

'A Sydney father and his four children (that is, a Muslim man from Sydney and his four children - CM) have been freed on bail, during a court appearance, over Tuesday's Bankstown brawl.

'Along with his wife, they are all charged with bashing police, but they've told Seven News the officers started it.

'As son, Hussein Mehanna, walked free on bail he said police hit his mother and took her scarf off.

That all happened after she had jumped all over a police officer, overpowering him; go up to the top of this posting and re-read the reports I've already reproduced and you'll see it there. - CM

'"This is racism, discrimination, everything," Mehanna said.

No it isn't, you snivelling thug. Your dear mama attacked a police officer and had in fact overpowered him; she appears to have been continuing to try to hurt him.  She was not hit until after she did that. If any other woman of any ethnicity or religion attacked a police officer like that, she would get what your mother got; she would be subjected to as much force as was necessary to get her off her victim and prevent her from doing any more damage.  If her Slave Hood came off in the process, who cares?  Not me.  - CM

"Too much aggressive force.  They shouldn't be doing this.  They bashed me and my family for no f***ing reason.  No reason at all."

Tell that to thecop who got hit in the face, out of the blue, as he and his colleagues were preparing to leave. And then got jumped on by the rest of your violent family.  It was that cop who got bashed for no reason, no reason except that he was an Infidel and, to boot, represented the law enforcement arm of a non-Muslim polity. - CM

'Hussein's father says the family is being victimized.

"We don't do nothing wrong, okay? That's what. Thank you very much. Please", Mohammed Mehanna said.

'Nothing'?  To recap, from one of the other reports above, "Police prosecutor Karlo Haralovic told the court that Adel [Mohammed Mehanna's son] was alredy on bail for separate charges including drug possession, assaulting and resisting police, and had two good behaviour bonds "hanging over him" at the time of the incident".   Adel also had, according to another of the reports,  'prior police assault charges, and five [charges] for breach of bail conditions'. - CM

'All of them claim a brawl at their home on Tuesday night, in which seven police officers were injured, was started by police.

'Officers allege the fight erupted only when an officer was king-hit. 

'They had been called to an argument so volatile that neighbours were scared someone would get hurt...".

I would like to know whether the neighbours who called the police were Muslim or non-Muslim.  My money is on their being non-Muslim.

There may, of course, be another possibility: that the whole thing was a setup and the police were ambushed.  

Whether the 000 call was made by a neighbour genuinely frightened by a genuine (non-staged) argument, or whether it was made by someone helping draw police into a trap, I would not be at all surprised if this case is parlayed into a massive Muslim lawfare suit against NSW police, with a view to intimidating police into a total 'hands-off' policy toward Muslims.   Watch this space. - CM


Posted on 01/04/2013 8:20 PM by Christina McIntosh
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