The University of Iowa is fighting criminal charges against two administrators filed by a fired professor in his native country of Jordan.

University spokesman Tom Moore says the charges against associate medical school dean Lois Geist and former dean Paul Rothman are baseless and part of a harassment campaign by fired radiology professor Malik Juweid.

Juweid claims Geist called him and said that she and Rothman could have him killed if he pursued a civil lawsuit. [look at the picture of Associate Medical School Dean Lois Geist above -- do you think she would have threatened Malik Juweid,would have said "we can have you killed"? How plausible is that?]

Moore says Geist hasn't initiated contact with Juweid since he left the U.S. in 2011. Geist and Rothman plan to skip a court hearing Sunday in Amman.

Moore says the university has retained a Jordanian lawyer, and questions how two Americans who've never been to Jordan can be subject to its courts.


Why was Malik Juweid dismissed? It must have been something serious, for he had tenure. This is what I have found:

"UI President Sally Mason in August fired Juweid, then a tenured radiology professor, after an internal UI panel found he compromised patient confidentiality and acted inappropriately toward co-workers. Juweid had been on paid leave since 2011."

Juweid's suit was dismissed in November -- seeing it was about to be thrown out anyway,  Juweid then apparently "asked" that it be dismissed -- and no doubt fooled the University of Iowa into thinking it had heard the last of him. But then Juweid sued the university, preposterously, in Jordan, where Juweid now lives and where he hoped to have Muslim v. Infidel justice done. The University of Iowa, of course, has nothing to do with Jordan, and all of the acts which led to Juweid's dismissal took place in Iowa. End of jurisdictional story, and no need to solemnly juggle in rem and in personam as one is compelled to, yaningly, in first-year courses in Civil Procedure.

Juweid can't believe it; he thought tenure meant he could get away with absolutely anything, and everything. And so he's run off to Jordan to try his luck.

Perhaps the University of Iowa should now sue -- in a court in Iowa -- Malik Juweid. Make him pay. He's still got his house, after all. Let him lose everything. Make of him an exemplary lesson. Then he can move back to Jordan.