Monday, 7 January 2013
Border Incident: Pakistan Fires On Village in Indian Kashmir, India Responds, Pakistan Cries Victim

As reported by Australian ABC's South Asia correspondent, Michael Edwards, with additional information from AFP.

'Pakistani Soldier Killed in Kashmir Border Flare-Up'.

'Pakistan says Indian troops have killed one of its soldiers in a cross-border raid in the disputed province of Kashmir.

'Pakistan claims Indian troops raided a military post in the Haji Pir section of Pakistani-administered Kashmir, killing one soldier and wounding another.

'India says the Pakistani military fired on one of its positions and it was responding to the provocation.

'But India denies any of its forces crossed the Line of Control that divides Kashmir between the two countries.

That is: that divides majority-Hindu India, part of what Muslims regard as Dar al Harb, the Zone of War (where non-Muslims dwell and rule themselves by their own non-Muslim laws and practise their own non-Muslim faiths) from Muslim Pakistan, which forms part of what Muslims see as Dar al Islam (the region where Muslims rule, dominating and domineering over any surviving non-Muslims, and where sharia is supposed to trump all other law and custom, and which region is ultimately supposed to expand to engulf the entirety of the planet). - CM

'An Indian army spokesman in Srinagar, the summer capital of the Indian-administered part of Kashmir, accused the Pakistani military of firing mortar bombs into a village in the Uri district in Indian Kashmir, which faces Haji Pir in the Pakistani sector of the territory.

"At 3.51 am today Pakistani troops resorted to heavy mortar firing, targeting a village in Uri sector", Colonel Brijesh Pandey said, adding that the homes of some villagers were damaged.

Sounds rather like some of the reports from southern Israel, late last year.  Muslims fire across a border at civilian targets in a non-Muslim country; the non-Muslim country responds to this fire; Muslims then proceed to howl, squeal and pretend that they are the innocent victims and that the other party started it.  I'm not buying the Muslim story, because of the all-pervasiveness of deceit within Islam, and because in many other incidents I know of, where Muslims told one story and the Infidel side told another, and there was a third-party record of what happened, the Muslims turned out to be lying through their teeth.  I'll trust the Indian version of events. - CM

"We retaliated with small arms and the exchange continued for over an hour".

'He said no Indian troops were hurt but had no information about any Pakistani casualties.

The Muslim Pakistanis started it.  They fired over the border into another country's sovereign territory, damaging property; they were probably hoping to kill people, though it appears they did not manage to do so.   That sounds like an Act of War, to me.   They are lucky that a burst of small arms fire was, it seems, all that they suffered in return. - CM

'All of Kashmir is claimed by both India and Pakistan and the region has been a flashpoint between them for more than 60 years.

A little research here and there will soon show one that the Muslims - of Pakistan, and elsewhere in the Ummah - don't just want Kashmir.  They want all of India, in order to rule it as they once ruled most of  it after invading it, pillaging it, and butchering vast numbers - tens of millions, scores of millions - of its Buddhist and Hindu inhabitants, and enslaving millions upon millions more, between the 8th and the 18th centuries.   For more on what Muslims did to India, and Indians, in the process of invasion and during their rule, and the horrendous system of oppression they presided over, that pious Muslims would very much like to reimpose there by main force, see the books of K S Lal. - CM  

'A ceasefire has been in place since 2003.  Exchanges between the two sides are not uncommon, but rarely result in fatalities.

In other words: Muslim Pakistan - which has been badly burnt in a couple of previous wars it initiated against its powerful Hindu neighbour - keeps on pushing, pushing, pushing, testing India's resolution and responses, looking for the least sign of weakness or yielding; precisely as Muslims push, push, push against the boundaries everywhere else that the Ummah comes up against a non-Muslim entity. - CM

Posted on 01/07/2013 12:18 AM by Christina McIntosh
7 Jan 2013

I wonder at what point India will finally wipe Pakistan off the map?  Nothing there any intelligent conqueror would want, anyway.  (Afghanistan in ye olden times merely saddled Alexander the Great with a nasty wife; nothing much changes in that part of the world.)  e

Hindustan has suffered more from the islamic hordes than any culture/people on earth.  When they decide "enough", I, for one, will shed no tears.