Wednesday, 9 January 2013
Syrian Muslim With Australian Passport Disappears in Syria

His Australian passport seems to have been a mere matter of convenience, for he has been living in Syria for the past five years.

His wife, of course, who has now brought their three children back to Australia - though she will never ask herself why it is that a non-Muslim country is a safer place for children than a Muslim country, and would probably react with fury to any suggestion that the rapidly swelling Muslim fifth column has already made Australia a good deal less safe and pleasant than it would be without their disruptive presence - expects the Australian government to move heaven and earth to rescue her be-bearded swivel-eyed husband - here's his picture, just take a look

from the consequences of Islam.  He's an 'Australian citizen'.  Except, of course, that his membership of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, among whom he chose to reside even after having acquired that convenient Australian passport, was clearly the only thing that mattered to him. 

Stephanie Small of the ABC's 'PM' program relates what we are supposed to see as a heart-rending story...

'Wife Fears For Australian Abducted in Syria'.

'The wife of an Australian man (that is: 'of a Sunni Muslim from Syria who holds an Australian passport' - CM) who was abducted in Syria last year has grave concerns for his safety.

'Muhammad Yusuf Al-Kalkuni disappeared in the country six months ago and his wife Saphia (Saphia? - was she named after Mohammed's Jewish 'wife', the 17 year old girl he raped on the same day that he had attacked the Jewish community of the Khaybar Oasis, killing many of them, among them that same girl's Jewish husband who was captured and tortured to death in the attempt to make him reveal where some 'treasure' was supposedly hidden? - CM)

says he has not been heard from since.

'The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) has confirmed a Syrian-Australian man was abducted in June.

I said it before and I'll say it again: A Sunni Muslim from Syria who holds an Australian passport. - CM

'Mr Al-Kalkuni's name has now appeared on a list of 108 foreigners arrested by the Syrian government for allegedly engaging in terrorist activities.

'Ms Al-Kalkuni says her husband was running a business in Syria when he disappeared.

"The Syrian police surround, say for example a suburb, they surround it and they just grab all the guys there, whoever they want to grab they just grab them and take them, and you don't know where they go", she told PM.

But, madam, if the jihad-minded Sunni Muslims, with whom your husband is aligned,  gain power in Syria they will do exactly the same to the Shiites and the Alawites and the Christians.   - CM

"I've tried his mobile number, I've tried asking people.  No-one seems to know at all for the past six months now.

"I [am] extremely worried.  The last piece of information I heard was...he's been injured in his legs.  There's some sort of injuries."

'Ms Al-Kalkuni and her husband are both Australian citizens, but they had been living in Syria for five years before the conflict started.

I would like to know whether either of them was born in Australia, and if not, when precisely they - together or individually - migrated to Australia, and how long it was before they acquired citizenship; and how long it was, after that, that they went straight back to Syria to live and do 'business', now carrying that handy escape-hatch, the Australian passport.  It has not been as useful to Mr Al-Kalkuni as he presumably thought it might, but it is allowing his wife to escape Syria in order to raise their three Muslim children in a country relatively undamaged by Islam but which Mr and Mrs Al-Kuni both doubtless devoutly hoped to see Islamoformed in due time. Which would of course mean that it would become something like Syria, or Egypt, or any number of other Mohammedan hell-pits, the same hell-pit she is now fleeing. - CM

'She says he returned to Australia briefly during that time for business.

I wonder what the business was, exactly? - CM

'Mr Al-kalkuni's name has now appeared on an Assad government list of 108 foreigners (that is, 'Muslims - including Muslims of Syrian background like Mr Al-Kalkuni - carrying foreign passports' - CM) it claims has been arrested for terrorism.

That is, for waging a jihad terror campaign in the name of Sunni Islam against the deemed-heretical Alawites and Shiites. - CM

'According to the Assad government's list of arrested foreigners, Mr Al-Kalkuni was associated with a terrorist group (that is, a Sunni jihad terror gang -  CM) in the city of Daara, where the couple lived.

'The list was sent to the United Nations general assembly in October.

'Dead or Alive?'

'Ms Al-Kalkuni says she has tried to get information from DFAT but has not had much luck.

"He's an Australian citizen (no, my dear lady, his decisions about where to live and his probable involvement in the Sunni jihad to topple the Alawites make it clear that his primary and sole loyalty  is and always was to the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, Sunni division; that dirty Infidel state, Australia, in the depths of Dar al Harb, was a mere temporary and tactical convenience for him, and for you - CM)...I actually spoke to the Department of Foreign Affairs today and they said we can't get any information from there", she said.

"It's like, two governments talking to each other, why isn't there any information being passed over, why can't we know if he's dead or alive?

"I mean that's the issue now.  We just want to know, is he alive, where is he, why can't we bring him back? He didn't do anything".

"He didn't do anything".  So she says.  She might be telling the truth.  He might be an innocuous businessman (why doesn't the report tell us what the business was?).  But again, he might not. - CM

'Foreign Minister Bob Carr says the Federal Government has made a number of attempts to track down Mr Al-Kalkuni.

"Our interests are being represented in Syria by the Hungarian embassy there and they've made representations on at least two occasions to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Syria, but they've provided no information", he said.

'He says he will follow up on Ms Al-Kalkuni's claims that she is not getting enough help to find her husband.

"I'm happy to check with the department that they're keeping her informed but I must say it's very difficult to get information in Syria", he said.

Understatement of the year.  I would add that getting hold of accurate information out of any part of the dar al Islam, or  for that matter, from any card-carrying Muslim or Muslim entity, is very difficult, because of the extent to which Islam permits deception. - CM

"We've been advising Australians since April 2011 that the situation there is extremely dangerous and that Australians should not stay there, should not go there".

I would second that advice for Australian non-Muslims, whether of Syrian background or not.  But as for Muslims who have managed to acquire and now hold Australian passports, my policy would be entirely different.   If they are already in Syria, as Mr Al-Kalkuni was and had been for five years, I would not be advising or encouraging them to come to Australia; and if they are leaving Australia to go to Syria, as some have already done (and at least one has met a sticky end) I would not lift a finger to stop them...I would, rather, concentrate on making sure that once they had gone - to immerse themselves in a maelstrom of murderous Jihad - they were not permitted back into Australia. - CM

'DFAT says there are 67 Australian passport-holders  (all Muslims? probably - CM) currently in Syria and they have been urged to leave on multiple occasions.

But it appears they have chosen to remain.  If they are Muslims, who have most likely stayed in order to engage in the Jihad from one side or the other of the Sunni-Shiite divide, then the proper response of any sensible Infidel government should be as follows: Bed. Made. Lie. - CM

'It is believed at least three Australians (that is, Aussie-passport-holding Sunni Muslims - CM) have died in the conflict, which the United Nations says has killed at least 60,000 people. 

That means that Australia is now well rid of at least three jihad-minded Sunni Muslims. - CM

'Ms Al-Kalkuni has now returned to Australia with her three children.

Whom she will, alas, most likely bring up as good little Muslims, to despise the najis kuffar and to dream of and work toward the absorption of Australia into the Ummah, into the Empire of Islam. - CM

"It's very, very stressful.  Sometimes you just don't know if you want to wake up in the morning and actually move on with your life", she said.  "But you've got to do something for these kids, because that's the most important thing now".

Post scriptum: according to this report

that appeared in 'The Age', Mr Al-Kalkuni's business supposedly was 'making dips'.

The same article in 'The Age' says that the Al-Kalkuni children comprise a 14 year old daughter and two sons aged 11 and 5.  I have not been able to find a picture of the mother and the children, to ascertain whether the two females wear the Slave Rag and if so, just how heavily covered-up they are.

The Age article also says that the ubiquitous 'Sydney Muslim community leader' Keysar Trad (whom an Australian judge once described as 'a disgraceful individual' because of, among other things, his virulent antisemitism, and who seems to have a finger in just about every Islamic pie in Australia)  'had known Mr Al-Kalkouni and has been trying to help his family since the arrest'.  And Mr Trad is quoted, lamenting:  "I'm shocked they [the Syrian government - CM] would do something like this to a person like him, such a good person..".   'Such a good person'.  They always are...these Muslims who vanish, as Mr Al-Kalkuni has done, in this or that theatre of Jihad; and, too, those Muslims who from time to time are caught by the Infidel police, plotting murderous mayhem inside the lands of the Infidels.  One must always, always remember, whenver one hears the likes of Keysar Trad lamenting the suffering of 'innocent people' or of 'such a good person', that the Muslim definitions of 'innocence' and 'goodness' are not the same as those used by us kuffar. - CM

Posted on 01/09/2013 2:58 PM by Christina McIntosh
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