Tuesday, 15 January 2013
What's the point of the Gay Games?

Whatever they are, they may be coming to London. From UK Eurosport, although I originally saw the story behind the Apartheid Paywall of the Sunday Times:

Some of the sporting venues which became familiar during the sporting summer could be re-used – including Horse Guards Parade for beach volleyball – according to reports.

The Sunday Times story specified Lesbian Beach Volleyball, which sounds like a peep show.

London would be up against Paris, Orlando, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam and Limerick in the race to host the event, but if reports that Johnson has secured key venues such as the Olympic Stadium for the bid prove true London would have a strong advantage.

The Games, which are held every four years, would be expected to attract around 12,000 participants from 70 nations. Having begun in San Francisco in 1982, its next staging in 2014 will be in Cleveland, Ohio.

“There should be no limit to London’s legacy ambitions,” the Mayor said. “The capital’s bid to host the Gay Games in 2018 is another example of that drive. 2012 has given us the belief to build a positive cornucopia of world-class sporting events.”

“The UK is currently bidding for the Gay Games in 2018 in London,” added David Cameron, “which could give us something to cheer on that year, and I wish them every luck.”

David Cameron will say anything to make the Tories look modern, but Boris? The same Boris who once said he liked homosexuals because it left more rampant totty for real men like himself. Well, something like that:

“I don’t understand homophobia myself,” he tells attitude, the gay magazine. “Mathematically, in the great race of life, homosexual people have ruled themselves out of women, so what’s not to like?”

According to The Sunday Times (limited quoting):

Jo Swinson, the equalities minister, said: “I have always been a passionate supporter of sport being open to everyone and I am wholeheartedly behind the bid to host the Gay Games in London in 2018.

But they are not open to everyone, only to gays. Why, and indeed how? How do you throw a discus or a javelin in a gay way? And who can be in them? Are you allowed if you once had a schoolgirl crush on the games mistress? Is the Fosbury Flop compulsory? Must you bat for the other side?

The best sportsmen and women seem to have got by without Gay Games. Indeed Martina Navratilova used to win in straight sets.

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15 Jan 2013
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We find the post above as offensive as "Billie-Jean King eaten in straight sets."
On The Playing Fields Of Eatin',
Angus "Tailor Swift"* Podgorny & "Randy" Andy Murray,
The Home of the World's Worst Tennis Players,
* Geddit? Mr. Podgorny received "an order for 48 million kilts"
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15 Jan 2013
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Jane & Jayne
Singles & Doubles
Double Entendres & Internments
Taking a "Hazy View"* of things, one could leave the world of singles and doubles and lament that even in this day and age, an actress dared only to come out as "single" at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, to wit Jodie, the Foster-child of the silence of the lambs and slow time and star of Taxi Driver (see also, Occupation: none, starlet or harlot), who as much as uttered, "I talk in a daze, I walk in a maze. I cannot get out of the closet, said the agent, Starling."
The Eidetic Reader may or might recall that the scene in which Special Agent Starling finds the head of Jean Raspail (no, not the one who all but lost his head on account of Camp of the Saints) on the seat of an automobile in a storage locker was lifted from Jane Austen's Jayne Mansfield Car Park (see also the urban legend of her two tombs entitled "Here Lies The Body" and "Here Lies The Head").
Oscar delenda est!
Crossing The Alps Of The Golden Globe,
Hannibal Lecter  While US companies are in a daze while stumbling through the maze of over-zealous regulations promulgated by Obama's EPA and the Mexican People's Republic of California, the bureaucrats so beloved by Thomas Friedman will probably get around to lowering the level of actual pollutants without being foolish enough to seriously damage their economy by doing much to limit CO2 emissions.
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15 Jan 2013
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15 Jan 2013
Augustus Carp Esq.

 What are the criteria for a mixed doubles pairing?

15 Jan 2013
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Whatever happened to the 50's and early 60's, when anthropologists and zoologists all agreed that homosexuality was natural, from men to fish, that possible some 2-3% of the species was thus afflicted. Another unanimous conclusion, one that seems to have deeply burried since, was that this never effects the alpha males. In Wildebeest for example where only the top male in herd breeds, some of the losers turn to each other for solace.

15 Jan 2013
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The criteria are different from that of the identical doubles pairing of Yuri and Nikolai Pimenov of the Olympics coxless pairs.  Which should not be confused with the book ordered by a "Preppie" in Love-40 Story, to wit, Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen's The Coxswaining of the MIddle-Aged.
And yes, Martina Navratolova and Billie-Jean King, you had the grace of a boy and gaily you won.
Furnished & Burnished Is My Escutcheon,
Bone Hunter Dunn
PS My associate producer, Dr. R., has offered a measly $25 donation to NER if anyone provides the looked-for commonality of Yuri & Nikolai and Balthazar Klossowski de Rola aka Balthus.
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