Thursday, 17 January 2013
What The Western Press Has Left Out About The Algerian Terrorists

According to the French news reports  which I have been watching on teleivision, the terrorists who seized hostages the natural gas plant asked each of them whether he was "Muslim or non-Muslim" and then freed all those, and only those, who could be identified as Muslims.

Why was this not in the account in the New York Times? In The Washington Post? Anywhere in the non-French press? Who decided that this was not important enough to report, and why did so many choose not to report it?

Posted on 01/17/2013 11:18 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
18 Jan 2013
Christina McIntosh

 If I recall correctly, this also happened during the November 2008 Pakistani Muslim jihad assault upon Mumbai.  Once the raiders began taking hostages, inside the hotels, there were instances of Muslims being released, once they identified themselves as Muslims, while non-Muslims were kept prisoner.

And there is a further point to be made.

When Muslims seized a plane, that plane that was held at Entebbe, the hijackers there - because we were at an earlier stage of the global Jihad - made a distinction between Jewish and non-Jewish prisoners, with the latter grudgingly permitted to leave.  But, if I recall correctly, at least some of the French, non-Jewish, crew and flight attendants refused to desert their Jewish passengers; they could have left, but chose to remain, as prisoners.  They showed solidarity with their fellow kuffar from whom, at that point, they were being distinguished.  

I do not hear that any of those Muslims, either in Mumbai or in Algeria, whom the jihadi hostage takers told they were free to go because of their Muslimness, even considered doing for their non-Muslim fellow hotel guests, or their non-Muslim co-workers what those French Gentile airline workers did for the Jewish passengers.  I do not hear that even one of these captured-but-released Muslims, in Mumbai or in Algeria, said, 'No, if the other people here are not going to be released, I will not go either; you release all of us, or none'.

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