Thursday, 17 January 2013
The Primitive Morsi Grossly Inflates His Resume, Then Denies It All
Watch, and listen, here.
Posted on 01/17/2013 12:56 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
17 Jan 2013
Send an emailMary Jackson

I like the word "primitive". It's underused, being replaced by the ghastly "authentic".

17 Jan 2013
Sheik yer Booty

I don't know why you think his claim that he worked for NASA, and even conducted research for them, is so far-fetched.  After all, didn't Barack Hussein give NASA the new mission of reaching out to the Muslim world?  I ask you which is more absurd:  That a U.S. president should assign such a preposterous mission to NASA, or that an opportunistic thug like morsi would be able to talk his way into a position -- any position -- with NASA, who was probably desperately looking for a muslim, any muslim, to hire in some capacity?

17 Jan 2013

 "Primitive" is just politically-correct for "savage" or "barbarous," implying that the passage of time will inevitably transform these savages and barbarians into perfect quasi English gentlemen.

18 Jan 2013
Christina McIntosh

 Terms like 'savage', 'barbarian', 'primitive' are all still beatings around the bush.  After all, our savage ancestors had more art and music and sheer human inventiveness than dar al Islam has ever had, or will have.  There are primitive peoples the world over whose company would be far preferable to that of, say, Tariq Ramadan...or Mohammed Morsi; peoples who do understand and practise the principle of reciprocity.  

Few and far between - and very miserable - have been those tribes - even in the remotest deserts and jungles -  that, upon hearing the story of the betrayal of Jesus, have not, for example, been able to recognise and condemn the betrayal of a friend and teacher as wrong (and even the tribe in deepest darkest Papua New Guinea that had an elaborate code of treachery and lying to equal that of Islam, and whose members when first told the story of Judas and Jesus, did think Judas no end of a clever fellow, and admire his treachery, subsequently revised this opinion when they discovered that Jesus could be understood as analogous to something - the 'Peace Child' - that they - wiser than the Muslims - had come up with to enable themselves to periodically escape from the logical consequence of a culture of almost total distrust;; for more, see the book 'Peace Child' and what happened to that tribe, far wiser in the end than any bunch of Muslims).

Let's just use a simple two-letter word: EVIL.

Morsi is an evil man.  Be-suited or be-robed, bearded or shaven, he and others like him are, simply, evil.  

Wicked, evil, bad.

Those are the words we need to start using.

Tariq Ramadan is evil.  Morsi is evil.  Hassan Nasrallah is evil.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is evil.  Mahmoud Abbas is evil.  The Abominable House of Saud, whose spoilt and pampered princelings engage behind closed doors, and sometimes not behind closed doors but in full view of cctv cameras in a lift in London, in monstrous cruelties upon helpless victims, is...evil.  Let us start saying this, and mean it.

And that is because Islam, in which they are steeped, is...evil.  Muslims are in thrall to an evil religion, an evil cult, an evil belief-system.

It prescribes, encourages, channels, harnesses, enables and legitimates and sacralises a whole bunch of attitudes and behaviours that can be found among both the savage and the civilised, things that have to do with the darkest aspects of the human soul (let us not forget it is possible to be at once exquisitely sophisticated, terribly clever and charming, and ...monstrously, murderously cruel).  In one of his books David Bently Hart referred to 'the frank brutality of the barbarian, the cold cruelty of the civilised'.  Islam unlooses both, often simultaneously, in its adherents.

19 Jan 2013
Christina McIntosh


A small correction to part of the comment I made above.

I wrote - 'a simple two-letter word: evil'.

I should have written either, 'a simple two-syllable word: evil', or, 'a simple four-letter word: evil'.

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