Thursday, 17 January 2013
Another Video Surfaces: Take A Good Look At Mohamed Morsi, And Ask If He, And The Country He Rules, Merit More American Aid
Watch him proclaim here  the need to inculcate in future generations -- children, grandchildren -- hatred of Jews, a hatred that, to a member of the Ikhwan, is sacred. For who told Morsi Jews are "the sons of apes and pigs"? The Qur'an did, in three places. The Hadith do, and the Sira. Why can't anyone in the mass press dare to say this? Why can't a single Congressman make this point publicly, and dare anyone to challenge him? Why can't we all face the melancholy facts about Islam, and about the adherents of Islam?
Posted on 01/17/2013 1:00 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
17 Jan 2013
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 A very good question.

Is there a committee that convenes whenever a public figure appears to be about to 'out' Islam as the religion of hatred and terror?

Do they sit down with that public figure, swear her to solemn silence on the grounds that... well, that to reveal the awful truth would risk radicalising many moderate Muslims? would be interpreted as a declaration of war on Islam?  and would be exploited by terrorists who would use it to recruit many more to the claimed 'defensive' war, which requires no state authority, but is the duty of every Muslim (Jihad, that is). And so on and so bloody on.

I expect that many would argue along those lines. Better by far, they would say, to support the moderates by keeping them onside with reassuring compliments and affirmation.

All religion must fall away eventually, they may say; until then we must keep our criticisms of Islam couched in legal terms. Which is to say we should not get into arguments about who said or did what 1400 years ago, but simply try to uphold  the laws of here and now.

I think we need to anathematize the whole ideology, and to hell with it.

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